A New Model of Reality

The new paradigm implies an awareness of spiritual, ecological and holistic world views derived from the perception of connectedness and interdependence.

We need to bring consciousness back into the sphere of all human activity, in the same way as we need to integrate and bring together specialties in a university into an integrated whole. Universities were created initially as centres for education for life of the whole person. We need an integrative university which seeks to look at life in the widest possible sense and seeks to understand ourselves from the point of view of our place in the universe.

Although concentrating on the nature of mind and the brain, the purpose of the New Paradigm Journal is to see how we can benefit from a situation on this planet which is in a state of rapid transformation and globalisation. We have to understand how transformation works from the point of view of the human psyche.

Jung in the 'Undiscovered Self' stated that the structure and physiology of the brain poses no explanation of the psyche. The psyche has a peculiar nature which cannot be reduced to anything else. Consciousness is a pre-condition of being human plus the psyche is endowed with a dignity which philosophically gives it a position equal to physical being. We must re-establish the dignity and the quality of every human being.

The modern state with its industrial-military complex in the hands of a comparatively few people, has a tendency to dictate the course of society and suppress any full expression of individuality amongst the masses of the population.
The dangerous habit of our age is to think only in terms of large numbers, mass organisations, megadeaths and economic rationalism.

I believe we have to understand that faith is a key to the understanding of the unique self and not the prerogative of religious institutions but is a quality innate in humanity.

The deprived people on the planet, the majority of whom are in the developing world are exposed to shame and exploitation. As a result of this, particularly in the developing nations, there is a backlash of protectionism, nationalism, fanatacism, terrorism and increasing war. Centralization, consolidation of resources, building bigger transnational companies, consolidating free trade areas and unification among groups of nations, is the way the developed world is trying to protect itself against globalization, and the exponential growth of world populations, attempting to inure itself against possible misery and deprivation for its own population.

The principal adverse events which the global community has to deal with, in the next 100 years, are famine, global spread of disease, civil war, international wars, competing for scare resources, civil disorder amongst the haves and have nots, housing shortages, a highly materialistic ethos and the possibility of human extinction. Human beings, have already changed the environment of the planet radically, and caused many bio extinctions of other species. If current trends continue, the picture will get worse.

The projected extra 6 billion people in the next 100 years (predicted for 2020), will need more room to live and grow food. If there are more of us there is less room for plants and animals.

There is less room for the tropical forests and the planetary biodiversity of species. Human beings are causing extinctions at 100 to 10,000 times the natural rate - the greatest wave of extinctions since the end of the cretaceous period, 65 million years ago (when the dinosaurs were annihilated).

The Power of Biology & Belief

Dr Herbert Benson, specialist in mind body medicine at the Harvard Medical School, in his book, "The Power of Biology and Belief", states that our genetic blueprint has made believing in an Infinite Absolute part of our nature. By the process of natural selection, the genes deemed important enough for the survival of our forefathers and mothers endowed us with the same tendencies including the hardwiring of faith.

Nichiren Daishonin states that "To have faith is the basis of Buddhism that is why the fourth volume of the Maka Shikan states "Buddhism is a vast ocean but only those with faith can enter".

The tribal energies of the world where nation pits itself against nation and political and national agendas give rise to inter-racial, national and international strife take no account of collective human responsibility or an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. This paradox in human nature leads to our competitive global society and the irreversible destruction of living and non living resources.

World Scientists Warning to Humanity November 18, 1992

On November 18, 1992, 5 months after the largest gatherings of heads of state at the Earth Summit in Rio, a document titled "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity" was released. It was signed by more than 1600 senior scientists from 71 countries including over half of all Nobel Prize winners. The document began "human beings and the natural world are on a collision course." It continued, "fundamental changes are urgent if we are to avoid the collision our present course will bring about."…."no more than one or a few decades remain before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity immeasurably diminished….."a great change in our stewardship of the earth and life on it is required if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated".

Even in the early 20th century, Albert Einstein said "that there has to be a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive".

Vaclev Havel has said that, "we require a massive change in consciousness".

Australia and the Developed World

The situation in Australia is no different to the rest of the developed world. The incidence of youth suicide in this country however is very high and drug addiction and depression continue to increase to the extent that in 10 years time 20% of individuals at some time in their lives will be suffering significant depression.

I wonder whether this is in fact an expression of what we are doing to ourselves within the context of our relationships with each other and to our environment, as we lose our sense of community and communality with all of life and become numbers in economic rationalistic game of wealth accumulation for some and deprivation for a majority.

The Reversal of Demise of Human Mind & the Environment

We have to try and reverse a demise which is shown not only within the context of our environment but also within the context of the human mind. What does this mean? Can our planet cope with an increasing exponential growth of population? If all the grains fed to the animals was fed to human beings our planet would currently support 150 billion people.

We have to ask about the last untapped resource on the planet which is the human mind and ask whether we are using it properly.

Seeking for the Truth Within

Socrates instilled the virtues of self knowledge, which changes how we act and think and leads to wisdom. Socrates looked upon himself as a midwife who enabled people to give birth to new knowledge and ultimately authenticity and truth. The essence of philosophy has always been seeking for that truth which is within.

The Buddha, Nichiren Dai Shonin stated in the teaching 'On Attaining Buddhahood' - 'When you look into your own mind at any moment, you perceive neither color nor form to verify that it exists. Yet you still cannot say it does not exist, for many differing thoughts continually occur to you. Life is indeed an elusive reality that transcends both the words and concepts of existence and nonexistence. It is neither existence nor nonexistence, yet exhibits the qualities of both. It is the mystic entity of the Middle Way that is the reality of all things. Myo is the name given to the mystic nature of life, and ho to its manifestations.

What is the nature of this reality from which all things manifest and can we indeed access it from within and do our thoughts come from a place which is beyond thought?

From experiments within the brain it has been shown that the inspiration for thought as expressed through our brainwave pattern comes before the actual thought is even articulated.

The Interconnectedness of Life

We have to get away from disparity and competitiveness and come to understand co-operation and develop a new world view and a new cosmology. This new synthesis and evolution is a growth into a higher creativity and higher connectedness and oneness with one another.

St Augustine said people stop to wonder at the waves of the seas but never stop to look at themselves.

Teilhard De Chardin said, "Love alone can unite living things first complete and then fulfill them"….. For if alone joins them what is deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability to love, developing until it embraces the totality of humanity and of the earth ."

We are all connected by an ocean of life.

The Nature of Free Will

This discussion is of the concept that if we are of nature, then whatever humanity does, it is in the context of the natural order of things. We are propelled, it would seem, by the same forces that propel animals to behave.

We may think that we have intellect that enables us to construct and do things which indicate that we have a controlling hand over nature, but in fact, the supposition could be that we are in fact unconsciously playing out nature's destiny, and that what we do is part of nature's mission, in which case even good or evil are purely unreal concepts, because in the end it is nature that has the upper hand and humanity is but a species in a long line of other species.

In this context, homo erectus was, it would seem, a much more successful variant of homo sapiens than we are because homo erectus was living for 1 ½ million years and we, with our current brain, have only been living 100,000 years, and our population from 1900 has mushroomed from 1 billion to 5 billion. Nobody knew anything about the brain 60 years ago. Knowledge of the brain has only just come up in the past 20 years. Things are advancing so fast exponentially. We now have an exponential amount of information around us on the internet. People cannot handle this information. So things are changing very fast and at the same time, within the context of nature, we are but another species, another living creature.

The Socially Constructed Self

Social scientific literature concentrates almost exclusively on the socially constructed self which could be called the relational self or the conforming self or the organisational self. It is the self of the personality, the person who has thought up a pattern of desires, ideas, thoughts and expectations which is reactive to the phenomena from the external environment and seems to be like a cork on a turbulent ocean.

The key to healing is relationship. Being loved is about being seen and being able to express yourself in a situation where you can be heard.

Carol Naiber an intuitive healer in North California explains that the perception of loneliness is a misperception because we are all connected and never really alone.

Social isolation doubles death rates. This was a study done in Scandinavia and the US on 35,000 people.

Social relationships impact on our physiology. The most famous trials are the increased survival time in patients with breast cancer attending support groups (David Spiegel) and stress reduction techniques on healing malignant melanoma (Fauzey and Fauzey), reduction of heart disease with a comprehensive lifestyle program treating the mind and body (Dean Ornish).

Social isolation, chronic life stress, personality factors, depression, anxiety and smoking are all independent factors for the risk of heart disease (Rozansky).

People who had a heart attack and did not have social support were three times more likely to die of heart disease in the next three months.

Social support is a huge factor in the prevention of illness.

It does seem that having a relationship gives people the opportunity to grow and soothes and integrates their total system. Rachael Naomi Remen, Director for the Study of Health and Illness at Commonweal has said that intimacy heals suffering. She has said that we suffer not because we are in pain, the real suffering is that we feel we are in pain alone.

An important key here is that once the individual knows that their life matters to someone, it can't be taken back. Once we know that our life is important and treasured and others feel this way about us, this has a huge affect on our survival.

As little as six weeks in a loving supportive group can affect recurrence and death rates from cancer years later (Dean Ornish).

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

In cognitive behaviour the emphasis is on feeding back to the person their articulated thoughts so that they can have more awareness of who they are and what they are doing. In scientific research this kind of self awareness is more significant than the vast interpretive synthesis that are placed on people through psycho analytical dogma. The interpretive process of self construction is part of the vast history of the psychoanalytic tradition of western society.

Candice Pert the famous research professor says that having loving relationships is how we evolved and EO Wilson, the biologist has talked about the biological basis of altruism. A study was done by James Billings on people who had been hospitalised for attempting suicide. A group of these were given psychotherapy and paradoxically the people in therapy were killing themselves at a substantially higher rate than the others. The reason was that the people needed to make contact with the therapist and have them respond in a nurturing and caring way. Instead, the therapist kept distance and therefore created this problem.

Heidegger said language is the house of being in the sense that language provides the context in which being occurs. How do we construct our house of being? How do we reach the human potential within ourselves that we may transform and recreate our lives in the way we wish our dreams to unfold?

The Pattern of Our Lives

We have to acknowledge the way we have constructed the patterns of our lives to see our lives and the way we have formed them. We need to understand the ways we have responded to self serving and sometimes seemingly protective judgements.

We have reacted to things without wisdom or without true thought. We need to see the song line, the subtle dance of existence, the poetry of our lives and within that see the reactivity and the unsaid and then notice that this social me is different from the observing me and the origin from where it all originates.

This origin has been called by some, the transparent eye or the common ground of being. It does seek to shift and transform the meanings by which we generate and justify the way we lead our lives.

By breaking through to the common ground of being by exploring the unknown by seeking that which is within, by accessing the multidimensionality of our selves, by realising that we are in fact multisensory beings, we begin to understand that there is this essence from which all things come and manifest.


In terms of perennial wisdom these patterns that we create in our ego is called karma, but that which is beyond karma is an acausal basis of newness and transformation.

In true Buddhism, this ground of being is called the concealed essence of truth and reveals the profound truth of eternal life. The ultimate condition of life contains all truths within itself and by its very existence gives rise to knowledge or wisdom as an opening to continually rising content rather than knowledge and wisdom that only the acceptance and love of existing content of the personality.

Consciousness & Survival

Are we therefore just another species on this planet rapidly consuming the biological imprints of other species. Is there any answer to this, or any kind of understanding that we can draw from this kind of supposition or debate? Let us look at it from the point of view of consciousness. Is it because we have consciousness that we have self reflection and morality and therefore the ability to choose between right and wrong? Does this make us different? Does this make us somehow stand outside the currents of nature and become a more controlling, significant force on the biosphere, in this inextricable meshwork of life. Or is this consciousness but an epiphenomenon of the workings of the brain which is in fact a by product of nature, for the human animal to survive for a limited period, until it is superceded by another evolutionary organism. After all, we haven't been too successful, and may not be as successful as a dinosaur, and if we are to be successful, we will use up more and more of the cropland of the planet. Can the planet support 10 billion people? Can it support 20 billion people?

Nature & Information

On the other hand, perhaps we can look at things from a different viewpoint. Perhaps we can say that nature is a vast network of information and our brains faithfully mirror what occurs in nature. Nature behaves similarly, in that, just as our brains have within them memory and meaning compartments and the ability to create images, so nature would have the ability to create memory and meaning and images. So we might think that our consciousness is the only consciousness on the planet, but it could be that consciousness is expressed in different ways according to the millieu in which it is raised. Within the millieu that we have, we have the brain. In the context of nature, particularly if nature is synonymous with the biosphere, we have the planet and what is significant within the planet is, how does a planet create and store information? How does it portray meaning and how does it symbolise itself? How does it create image?

I think that there are several concepts which can be further amplified, when we consider the theories of Rupert Sheldrake and James Lovelock. James Lovelock defined "Gaia" as a homeostatic life form which maintains a constant millieu within which life develops within the context of reciprocal maintenance. Reciprocal maintenance means everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else. It is a symbiotic relationship, and co-operation rather than competition is the key. This symbiosis is necessary for the planet it to behave as a complete living entity in its own right in the sense that it is a living breathing organism which is a mother for all progeny and I use the term 'progeny' because it has been looking after progeny in the sense of the gradually evolving diversity of fauna and flora over the past 3 ½ billion years.

The Planetary Genome

The initial self replicating memory maintained the uni cell organisms that initially lived on the planet and gradually began to change the planet by their very existence creating the mass of forests and changing the mineral content of the planet and also the atmosphere.

These uni cellular organisms gradually came together and joined and multiplied and gradually became more and more sophisticated. As they grew they differentiated into small organisms and took on new properties. The planet changed as these properties changed. So photosynthesis developed and the carbon dioxide in the air gradually became photosynthesised into oxygen and new cells were developed to take on this responsibility. Gradually we see the development and evolution of the planet as we know it with all its species and phyla.

Within the single primal cell, memory was stored and developed. It gave us our individuation. It pulled itself out of the context of homogeneity into an expression of uniqueness. That uniqueness developed further as more and more creatures developed. From that first memory, the first information that maintained itself within the context of DNA the diversity of nature then was like a huge outpouring, and during this period of diversity and change we see the development of meaning.

The Planetary Logos - an Expression of Meaning

There is meaning in the way the planet developed and the way it developed its oceans, its fauna and flora, in the way the complex matrix expressed itself and although there might not have been brains to perceive it in the way we do, there was the knowledge and the meaning to construct itself through its own uniqueness, without the guiding hand of some anthropomorphic being which we like to call God.

The most complex organ, apart from the individual itself in the human being is the brain. The brain is far more complex is the cell.

Perhaps this refers to the supremacy of the need for consciousness within this world of information and meaning. It is as if the cosmos or the biosphere needs human consciousness to complete itself and see itself in a self reflective way. What is without, so is within. What is above, so is below.

Over the past 3 ½ billion years the genome of the planet has developed enormously. That seed continues to develop and evolve. The most dynamic, constructive, sturdy and resilient is the cell. It is within that complex seed that there resides untold unfolding and transformation which is the basis of teleology or meaning in the universe.

Synergy, Symbiosis, Connectedness & Emergence

We cannot deny the significance and importance of the individual cell as a purveyor of information. But from that information through synergy and the emergence of new properties comes meaning. The cell on its own is not the whole answer. For full expression there has to be co operation, synergy, symbiosis, connectedness and emergence of new properties.


Emergence has always been a quality innate in the universe. When two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom are put together, they develop a completely new substance called water. Water itself then has various properties. It has different properties as it emerges from steam to ice. So within the context of emergence, striking new realities come about.

In Gestalt psychology, it is the total apperceptive framework of perception that creates the understanding of the configuration. New factors create new possibilities. In the terms of the Chaos theory, there are new basins in which fractals work themselves out.

The unit of the cell has this problem consistently, having to maintain its identity within the crisis of change and is occurring all around it - within the body in which it is stabilised and the way it maintains its homeostasis. Within this context, the cell then sends out signals to the rest of the body and the whole body is maintained in continuity and configuration and information through the passage of neuropeptides, hormones and neurotransmitters which exist not only in the brain but in the total body or body mind complex.

Chaos & the Emergence of the Universe

I think Chaos theory deals nicely with the conception of "emergence" or the appearance of new "emergent properties" which means change in structure and differentiation due to new factors working together and also impinging on the organism or system e.g. the evolution of the universe is based on the emergence of new qualities, properties and phenomena.

The most complex organ in the human being is the brain. Each neuronal cell is like a computer and the connections that each cell contain more than the number of stars in the universe. The number of neuronal cells is equivalent to 160 planets worth of human beings. Compare this to the 2,000 neuronal cells of the bee. In contrast, all the DNA of all the human beings on the planet could be placed in one teardrop.

DNA Mapping

The cell as the micro expression of the body or human being, exhibits the totality of the person and the person's constitution through genetic tendencies to wellness or illness which can be elicited through DNA mapping.

My hypothesis is that the brain is more complex than the cell because its presence impels a supreme need for consciousness within this world of information and meaning.

It is as if the cosmos and the biosphere need human consciousness to complete itself and see itself in a self reflective way. What is without, so it is within. What is above, so is below. If this is the case, we can postulate that consciousness can change DNA or that mind over matter can be proven.

The cell or the seed is the most successful way of survival for any potential living form. Thus we can reactivate bacteria that have been dead for millions of years. It is Fred Hoyle's [the famous astrophysicist] perception that life was seeded on this planet from dust clouds in the galaxy.

Cosmic Imagination

Even though we can say the macrocosm mirrors the microcosm, we still have to understand the tremendous creativity, diversity and imagination in nature or the cosmos to understand how emergent properties tend to appear so different from the original properties of a single form.

This is why civilisations in my opinion are different from the individual human beings who comprise them. I surmise that cells were created or created themselves as the survival nexus for the unimaginable and enigmatic possibilities of evolution. One of the results is humanities self reflective consciousness.

A New Patterning of Humanity

Perhaps what is happening to humanity now is the emergence of new ways and a new order more in tune with the truth of who we really are and this is dependent on qualities which are more to do with patterning, systems theory, fields, than with isolated material entities.

The new physics suggests that behind the facade of materialism lies an interconnected unfolding order of different matrices which give rise to higher patterns of meaning, whereby the existence of observer influences the course of events.

Even without the brainy observer, the information that was there at the start was able to mould and pattern events which created memory from infinite time ago in terms of physical constants and the way the universe related to itself in terms of light energy and matter.

The unfolding of the seed of DNA created a new system, a system that rendered uniqueness even more significant and which created more patterning, more diversity and more richness within the context of change, which is what the universe is all about. This DNA is like a central point, a node, worked upon by the forces without and yet working on the forces from within; a dynamic interplay which maintains its identity at all costs.

Perhaps this is why life is so resilient, because despite the dynamic interplay and stress, it still maintains itself, almost mirroring the way yin and yang entwine and come apart, or the way men and women react.

EBB & Flow of the Cosmic Mind

The same counterplay and resilience and resistance seem to be at the very basis of our universe and within the human brain this ebb and flow becomes manifest in a way which can be articulated and mirrored and makes it even more intricate and significant and interesting, even though I believe consciousness was there at the very start.

However, within the esoteric perennial philosophy of true Buddhism, it is seen that the mystic ground of existence is in fact highly evolved and that the self referential process of wisdom within the gigantic infinite brain of the universe is in fact highly complex and knows. Its complexity is such that it contains all truth within itself. It is the entity of everything. It is also completely endowed with perfection and able to be realised.

This suggests that even the giant egg of infinite intelligence within its infinite regression of fractal information has an interface itself with this higher level of existence and consciousness which is the preface for all wisdom and knowledge in the universe. The phenomenal reality of the universe takes its inspiration and creativity from the same quantum level of possibilities that human beings do. From the perspective of perennial wisdom and true Buddhism, absolute reality from which all universal phenomenal arise, including human beings is a state of realisation, wisdom and consciousness.

Consciousness the Key to the Enigma of Life

The key to this enigma, I believe, is consciousness. In process physics analysis is made of the development of consciousness in terms of evolution and emergence of properties. In this respect the biological process of the universe itself is seen as evolving like a child evolves as it grows from birthing to infancy to childhood, to adulthood.

Thus consciousness and imagination and the process of manifestation in terms of material phenomena as being part of an all inclusive process detailed by a fine, creative, enigmatic intelligence and profound infrastructure of information and potential complexity.

Science sees things in such a reductive sense that scientists cannot allow for a holistic process to take precedence from the start.

One of the greatest commitments of Albert Einstein was to see the universe as one seamless whole and he felt that physics had to in some way reflect that. In deep experiences of meditation and high experiences of transcendental bliss, time seems to stand still and the illusion of separation and isolation that human beings feel seems to melt away into a sense of seamless expression of connectedness in the sense that we are all in a giant ocean of wholeness.

Seperation & Oneness

This sense of separation and yet connectedness that human beings have, is a paradox. It is the way the perssimon fruit is sour and yet turns sweet in the sun or the way the element of light can be a proton or particle and a waveform at the same time.

Perhaps this is the key to localised and non localised consciousness which we all experience at times.

There are also according to Larry Dossey. Editor of the journal, Alternative Therapies to Health and Medicine, interpersonal, non local, consciousness meditated events through which one individual can influence another individuals health. He talks of an extended model of consciousness and interpersonal influence.

The mystic paradox is to hold the vision of oneness even though things appear separate and it is based on the heart. Joan Borysenko PhD

Garry Schwartz PhD Psychology and Psychiatry University of Arizona Medical School and Director of Human Energy Systems Laboratory has compared love to the fundamental attractive process comparing love and loving to the relationship which occurs in all systems. He compares love to gravity seeing it as the glue that holds the universe together. To go one step further we may call it the enlightened law that integrates all universes and from which all phenomena derive.

The Leap of Faith

When we try and impose our knowledge, information and preconceptions on ourselves and our connection with the universal consciousness, we impose our own ideas of what it is and therefore distance ourselves from it even further. Thus we constantly objectify this knowledge rather than become part of it. Perhaps the only way we can become part of this biological synthesis which is universal intelligence or divinity or consciousness or the sacred is to take that leap of faith into the unknown or into the very essence of who we are self actualised human beings.

The journey to this authentic self is the crossing of this final frontier to the unknown potentials of the mind of humanity.

As human beings we are able to access this understanding and wisdom. In fact this understanding and wisdom is common to all of us and is a groundwork to our authentic selves. By reaching into this level of being and being open to the unknowable, we are able to make new causes.

By being in the context of this ground and realising that we are not our stories and other contents of thought or a set pattern of desires and thoughts we become aware that our existence and authenticity is based on the context of being from which we can choose to live and realise our dreams. At the same time our context of being gives us the understanding that we and all other human beings and sentience are part of the omnipresent realm of possibility.

By having the opportunity to be at cause, this allows you the responsibility to use cosmic imagination to invent new meanings. Use of words then becomes a measure of integrity and an opportunity for manifestation. This is further reinforced when you involve others in your declaration of fulfillment of the self and others around you in order to create a more integral world free from self imposed limitations.

These limitations have been variously described as the three poisons of anger, greed and stupidity in Buddhism, the 'id' of Freud, the character structure of the psychic agency of the family (Erich Fromm) and the genetic or biological basis of inherited characteristics.

The Metaparadigm

The concept here is that the alignment with the truth of the authentic self melts away sufferings like dew in the morning sun.

The fundamental law of the universe is a metaparadigm or substrate from which all phenomena arise.

By its very nature, it is consciousness and wisdom itself and transcends all human beings and all phenomenal laws and yet contains them within itself.

Human Beings Have Infinite Minds

Rather than material phenomena it is consciousness that is the basis of all things whether localised or non localised.

Although human beings may have finite bodies, they have infinite minds.


Dr Michael Ellis Chief Editor of The New Paradigm Journal
is Founder of The Centre For Change
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Dr Ellis is a writer and author.

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