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In 1934 Alice A. Bailey described The Plan for humanity, as it is presently sensed, as "The production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time." Now while this is a very enigmatic statement, when I read it in the mid 80s, it confirmed my line of action with my music. Since I had received my basic training in the ways of chakras, auras, energy, meditation, telepathy, guides and healing etc. a few years before that, I set about to produce a series of albums that would act almost as an 'inner aerobics workout' to exercise and strengthen and nurture this subjective synthesis and perspective.

I see the inner world as both a real sphere and as a symbolic sphere. A sphere of awareness and of subtle being. A sphere of service and a sphere of influence. I also see it conceptually and symbolically as an individual sphere, where our inner radiant self 'erupts' in the centre of an island, outpouring its energy to sustain us in the objective world. A spherical multifaceted crystal self that reflects in and out through the faceted skin of the sphere, through tiny windows of light.

Etched into each facet is a symbolic experience (not unlike the rich symbolism you find on a Tarot card) that has been laser-light cut into the facet by what we draw in and what our inner self shines out. These facets are coloured and carved out by our perspective, our experiences, karma and service that in turn colour our perception. It is useful to us to adopt various colours and pre-cut facets in the form of religion or cultural conditioning because they help us interpret the world and negotiate our relationship to it and to our inner life.

The reason I mention that is because I see my work with music, artwork, visualisations and video as providing a creative and symbolic filter overlay which can be applied to a facet in order to map out and develop a particular facility. The perceptions exchanged through this lens can help us with our practice, to facilitate the outer ego in its interpretation and comprehension of the inner reality and to also provide different perspectives. I feel the overlay of my work, whereby the listener experiences and absorbs one of my albums as a facet, also helps to trigger and support the inner self with the healthy environment it needs for it to shine, thus facilitating a bridge between worlds, subjective and objective. Almost like providing a supportive brace to 'shore up' and hold open the channel between worlds. To write in big letters on the wall of the opening - "This Way"

Each album is a doorway, a portal, to experience higher levels of consciousness. As we practice and bring in more light and awareness to that inner sphere and keep our facets clean and clear, we are able to map out that inner world and feel comfortable in that which is our true home. We need to become skilful there. We need to be able to reside there from life to life.

Living more and more continuously in that space and sourcing ourselves from within, we are able to look around and across and see that there are many bubble spheres of consciousness all connected together on inner levels. Our entire individual sphere of influence with our individual facets may be nothing more than a facet etched in the larger sphere of the Master or of an entire esoteric Ashram. Those are but facets of our planetary sphere and its being, right through to the sphere of influence of the Solar System and that great life that lives at the centre of our physical Sun. What music must they all listen to for inspiration!?

As each individual inner sphere is activated and given life and light we should find ourselves, with practice, as a race, developing the facility and ability to communicate 'laterally', 'across' subjective reality from enlightened sphere to enlightened sphere, known today as telepathy. The other upside of living and acting from the inner sphere is that as each objective life falls away and our consciousness maintains its continuity we will also find that we are no longer dependent or contained by the concept of third dimensional time. This will annihilate our current limited relationship with time when we are able to hold our light focused through many different expressions.

So, in some small microcosmic way, at this particular point in human evolution, I see my Journeys Beyond catalogue providing an inner work-out to help bring our inner and outer lives together and practice bridging between worlds, as the first few steps are exercised toward living a deeper and fuller and brighter existence. So we can all join together on the inner spheres, reflected out onto the outer spheres, and merrily go forward across times and spaces toward whatever greater purpose awaits us.

I see the catalogue as a basic training ground in as much as any other spiritual tradition is a training ground. They all help us become rightly oriented toward the good, the beautiful and the true, to develop a relationship and an energetic dialogue with that most essential part of our beingness. The Journeys Beyond catalogue is still evolving even 23 years later, as it becomes more relevant in these testing times. Already there are 6 double CD guided visualisations including Nevill Drury's profound Mystic Pathways series plus two of my own creations The Great Great Silence and The Radiant Self.

It is essential that the novice and the adept can have the option of practicing with or without signposts. So my guided visualisation albums have the original musical journey soundspace on one disc and that is package with a second disc which contains a guided visual story spoken by me over the original soundspace. This then provides a choice to listen with 'a guide' and find out the 'lay of the land' or you can experiment with building your own inner sphere and practice going on your own inner journey, already knowing some of the parameters to expect. The music is already rich enough with symbolism in sound and colour on its own in order to promote the inspiration and evocation of your inner world.

In the near future I will be updating the remaining 6 single disc albums releasing them as double CDs making the spoken guided stories (which were based on the existing musical journeys) available on a separate CD over the existing music. This will complete the audio basis of the catalogue that will then be available as it is now on iTunes world wide.

I have huge visions for digital video and TV programs to be developed in the immediate future, all tied in with the music and the covers and the visualisations but I can't go into those just yet, suffice to say visuals are yet another facet to inspire more light into a multiplicity of spheres. One of those facets is my as yet unreleased songs, one of which won Best Environmental/Message song in 2001 and another won Best Folk song in 2003 from the North Coast 'Dolphin' Awards. It is my hope that over the next ten years my work will affect as much of humanity as possible via as many different mediums as possible in order to switch the focus around from our preoccupation with the objective world to look in a more balanced way at the subjective worlds within, helping us all to stand together and bring more light to the universe.


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