The Earth and Humanity Can and Will Be Saved by You
by Glen Berry

I had decided not to write another Earth Meander until I had something positive to say. Enough of wallowing in despair that the Earth is dying as kooky fundamentalists wage war. The environmental sustainability movement deserves and needs a dose of healthy skeptical optimism. Until the last human pair gasps their final breathe there is hope of our species' continued existence and evolutionary advancement, however slim.

It would be nice if in the developed world we did not lose civilized society and at least some luxury comforts along the way to ecological collapse. The human family has a choice and there are opportunities to avoid this fate, while both saving the Planet and meeting most if not all peoples' needs. It is for how long that is in question.

The human race simply must change our ways if the Earth is to survive. Extending the human family's lifespan as a species will require consuming less and sharing more so that all can meet basic needs, instead connecting more with other people, nature and other non-consumptive enjoyment.

Much more can be done. Reduce frivolous consumption, military spending and religious extremism and increase social investments including on the environmental front more sustainable development, core ecological protected areas and ecological restoration. These are some of the keys to survival. We have the tools - we lack the knowledge, vision, will and leaders to usher
in an era of global ecological sustainability that is just and equitable.

The very biological fabric of being is threatened. We are going to have to save the Earth. You and I. We have to, and by any means necessary. Ecosystems are collapsing, and Gaia may no longer be able to regulate her temperature, biogeochemical and biological systems and balances. One way or another we must come together to stop the growth machine's devouring of the global
ecological system's forests, atmosphere, water and oceans and bring ourselves and society into harmony with each other and Gaia.

We know we must reduce population, have fewer children, live more simply, eat more frugally yet well, tolerate and encourage diversity in all things, and find ritual to celebrate our connection and utter dependence upon each other, other species and ecosystems, and Gaia - the global ecological system.

There is reason to be hopeful. We can make the personal and societal changes to save ourselves and the Earth. Truth always triumphs. And all species including the hairless ape with the disposable thumbs' most basic instinct is self survival. And we have the new developments of transnational advocacy networks organizing, agitating and revolting on the Internet across country lines. Such networks exist to, amongst other things, stop ecological destruction and attempt to reverse humanity's ecocidal trajectory.

The ability of world citizens to organize upon a single environmental issue and broader progressive social justice concerns has never been greater. In the era of personal instant mass communication now anyone anywhere can network and work with anyone and/or any network(s) to do many things - including
organizing to preserve or conserve a special local ecosystem.

My own modest day job efforts at Ecological Internet are a case in point of Internet based transnational ecological sustainability advocacy networks. Proudly we are a part of and help connect and inform a biocentric, broad based, ecologically rigorous, local environmental sustainability movement organizing
and protesting in locales around the world. The movement is growing rapidly including such advancements as increased awareness regarding global heating in the United States. But this bright green movement could be bigger and do more.

Yes the threats are as grave as I have written, but I have new found optimism and hope. We must as a global society strive with all haste to better understand global ecological change science as well as basic biological science, and then based upon these and a new found humanity in international relations, identify and achieve the global policies necessary to actually achieve
reasonable expectations of global ecological sustainability over the next several hundred years. This will require big ideas and societal changes, not feel good half measures that continue an era of grotesque wastefulness and highly damaging over-consumption by some.

I do not disavow the earlier apocalyptic, deeply negative writings which were largely based upon deep ecology, conservation biology and landscape ecology principles; and what has been termed "limits to growth" arguments. They are truth.

But it is time in these writings to move on to further mobilize to solve the issues at hand, taking a craps shoot at saving the human race, while continuing from time to time to update the threats regarding ecological disintegration without wallowing in them. Let's take it as an assumption that the Earth system is
collapsing and may for all intents and purposes "die" because of human carelessness and unless there is dramatic widespread personal change.

Tremendous opportunities are to be found for more fulfilling lives and new ways to make righteous livelihoods that not only do not harm but actually restore the Earth. Economic activities must limit their use of resources to the annual growth
increment, while working forever to restore natural capital.

You have the power to cut your greenhouse gas emissions, live more simply and fully, while not buying timbers from ancient forests (certified or otherwise). Get closer to the land. Plant and care for trees and Gaia. Become carbon neutral or negative. Live and work in your mind and nature, not industry and the over-built air-conditioned humanscape.

By doing so you are working to rebuild the World's biosphere and living as an integral part of Gaia's creation. You could choose to worship Gaia and the Earth. As you live with the land practicing permaculture, ecological restoration and sustainable agriculture; you will be better positioned to weather any
possible coming die off and/or societal collapse, ecologically or otherwise caused.

The quest for global ecological sustainability is the challenge and hope for all humanity's remaining time. It all depends upon you.