Canadian Action Party President Speaks from the Heart
by Catherine Whelan Costen


"All we are saying is give peace a chance..." John Lennon.

Peace is attainable if we give it a chance and that time is now. We must be the change we want in the world. I have recognized the importance of gathering those who are capable of making positive change into the most effective power. Consider this your personal invitation to become part of the positive change we know is possible. Yes the time has come for that important decision. Your country needs you and the world needs a strong peace making Canada. By offering your talents, skills, wisdom and knowledge, we shall be more able to speak with one voice in the most positive form.

Martin Luther-King was not a solitary dreamer. In fact his dream has transcended time and space because it was a dream of universal proportions. It is the dream that lives in our hearts today. A dream for a better world, a safer world and a sustainable world, and it did not die with him. It lives because the dream itself is the future. Whether we choose that future today for our children's children or they are forced to eek out a harsh survival for themselves, is simply a matter of choice. We can make the sacrifice today to ensure a smoother transition for the next generation or we can hand them a mess to clean up. That dream for equality and life sustaining governments, is as real to me as if I had been standing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on
August 28, 1963 when Martin Luther King delivered his speech. It is the dream of John Lennon's songs, Anne Murray's 'Little Good News' song, Ghandi's India, Mohamed and Jesus Christ's lifeblood, as well as many other prophets, and saints from time immemorial. These teachings and examples of living in peace and love by being peace and love is the universal dream. It is only a dream as long as we keep it hidden from ourselves and each other. Humanity is the only species that has the ability to make that dream a reality. No other species has the ability to cause so far reaching negative or positive an impact on the earth as humans do.

We owe the earth an enormous debt for our abuses of her resources and
lack of care for future generations. We do not own this planet. We are
custodians and must learn to seek solutions from within ourselves to live in harmony with all other inhabitants. I shall call this new awakening 'Globalovation'. The seeds of loving our environment were planted many years ago. A renewal began in the 1960's, but the forces against a world where people lived in harmony and only consumed what they needed, was snuffed out before it could really become a way of life. It has been generations since people only purchased what they needed and could afford. Today debt is our companion. Peace and love became 'dirty' words. The sneers and criticism were well marketed and those who subscribed to the fundamental values needed to sustain us, were shunned. Peace seekers became peace-niks, and those who embraced love and respect for the planet, became tree huggers and hippies! Those who did not wish to take another's life blood became 'wimps', 'cowards'
and unpatriotic! How successfully the marketers turned the good in humanity into a negative life choice. How unfortunate for us all.

But! I say but, the times they are a changin'. We have revisited those values. Many Canadians subscribe to the same values and ideals for peace and equality as Canadian Action Party members. CAP was born out of hope for the future. CAP was formed in 1997 by Canadians who knew that if we continued to allow our democracy to be controlled by a few and if government allowed the influenced of corporations to create policy, Canadians would become nothing more than slaves to the corporate elite and our environment would be sacrificed. The over $500 billion National Debt unnecessarily created by succumbing to the powerful bankers, is something which could be eradicated and CAP will do so by returning to using the Bank of Canada as it was intended. A family or nation cannot thrive under an unreasonable burden of debt. CAP is the only political party with the will to address this immediately.

My involvement with CAP comes from a desire to carry that initial light of hope forward. Canadians can once again be a shining example for the world. We can lead the trend towards real freedom and democracy if we let go of our fear. It is fear that is preventing us from moving forward as a people and a nation. It is fear that creates the individualistic attitude. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is an accepted principle, but that it also has a ripple effect is often overlooked. It is the positive ripple effect we must renew.

Barbara Marx Hubbard's words: "It is time for all of us to evolve into the higher universal human we are capable of becoming. We need to demonstrate compassionate, loving action towards all life. It is time for us to co-create, with God, a better world and use our God-given creative genius to solve the problems at hand." That time is now. You may not agree with all of her concepts but it is hard to argue with this statement. We must be the change we want in the world. By joining together and offering our collective talents, skills, wisdom and knowledge we are able to speak with one voice in the most positive form.

There is not a person breathing on this planet or in this country that does not feel affected by the turmoil going on at this point in history. Some people feel angry, others helpless and many have given up on humanity, but many, many more have been awakened to hope. Hope gives birth to real change. It is that energy that I wish to speak of and to invite all people to share in the fruits of this incredible mission.

You may be one of the many who have become disillusioned by the political process or by the greed and inequality that seems to be most prevalent. We have been treated to the images of a negative realitym which does not have to be. We do not have to live in a world that was created by those who subscribe to a consumer/producer mentality. There are a number of people who recognize that the planet cannot sustain us if we continue at the same level of abuse we have unleashed on her for the last several centuries.

I am personally, on behalf of CAP inviting you to join us. It is time to put prayer and good intention into action. Some say that it will take Divine intervention to change the course of our path. I say the Divine has intervened, 'He/She sent you'! The turmoil we are witnessing is a by-product of our collective decision to ignore reality. Truth is staring us in the face but many hide behind the false truths of a false reality. It matters not if you follow one of the traditional religions, or you accept God as male/female or if you use the word Spirit or Universe or any other name to describe a higher power. The fact that you
recognize that we are part of a bigger world and you have an obligation to contribute to the greater good is all that is needed. How many of you have attempted to discuss the need for alternative fuels, the need for healthy food choices, the horrors of what we are doing to our children, the rising rates of autism and childhood obesity, the need for alternative medicines if we want to be healthy not just un-sick and so many more issues and you have been met with hostility, denial or 'conspiracy theorist' labelling? How many of you have felt betrayed by your organized religion not standing up to the carnage in the world? You are those wise individuals who have something to offer but have never been consulted in the past. You are those individuals who respect
humanity and consider all people equal.

Some of you call yourselves spiritual activists, some are environmentalists, others are pro-peace, some are naturalists, however a label cannot fully describe you or your commitment to live in harmony on this planet. Perhaps you have rejected politics because you see it as conforming to the establishment. Many of you are devoutly spiritual, you do not subscribe to traditional religion because you find them to single minded. On the other hand you may practice one of the traditional religions and feel it gives you the strength to serve God through humanity. Spirituality and religion are personal matters. Acting on that
inspiration becomes part of the community life force. Many of you prefer to explore the universe as an interconnected consciousness which depends on every other life form and is affected by every other decision. For you and so many others the wars raging on this planet are unnecessary, unacceptable and a sin against our nature. You know they are not simply about control of one area or region, they are certainly not 'religious or biblically based' although that is a word used to incite others to join the effort. As the acts of war unleash poisons and toxins on the earth, she will continue to attempt to cleanse herself, but there will be a saturation point of which we cannot return. Every living species on this planet depends on the rest, but no species has a more significant impact on every other species than does the human impact. If we act
negatively the results are negative, but if we act responsibly and positively we shall all reap the rewards.

So you have made a lifestyle choice which is healthy for you and your children. You have taken control of the things you can control. I am inviting you to expand that area to include having input into how the future unfolds for you and future generations. Canadian Action Party is not a life force, it is a name given to a political vehicle which like minded people use, to take action and be action through the political system which impacts our lives.

Perhaps you have never been asked 'what do you think?', before. We are
asking now. We are inviting you to take a leap of faith on behalf of peace seeking generations, on behalf of the children of tomorrow and you and your family today. As people awaken all across this nation they will be looking for hope and positive direction, choices and attitudes. You can offer your wisdom, knowledge and talents to the greater cause, the common good and have a real impact on this nation and by example the world. Canada is inhabited by very intelligent people, scientist, inventors, medical practitioners, teachers, parents, labourers, mathematicians, biologists, inspired singers, song writers and so on. We know that CAP can, with your help, bring to the political process all of the concepts for improvements, peace and harmony for this country. We are at a point in history where one policy for health or environment, or any other social policy will not have significant impact unless we change our collective mindset and introduce responsible policy within a responsible interactive democratic political system.

We can continue to fund our healthcare system and we know how to do it.
It is vital to the nation, but wouldn't it be superior to create policy which creates the environment for a healthy population with less dependency on the system, pharmaceuticals and continued treatment of symptoms? Wouldn't it be a better choice to create policy that ensures our air, water and soil is pure and therefore our food supply is not only sustainable but really nourishes us? Every other policy from military uses, weapons manufacturing, energy needs, foreign policy and domestic decisions must put people in a safe, sustainable and healthy
environment first and foremost. If we chose that approach and together make government a reflection of our values we will indeed be on the way to being the change we want on the earth.

You are invited to bring your ideas for positive change to us and work through us and with us. You are invited to join us in many ways. You may want to provide information on the various methods of new alternative fuel sources and inventions. You may want to offer your services to stand as a candidate in the next election. You may wish to be part of a support network to recruit and find suitable candidates for your riding. You may provide financial support and spread the message to other Canadians who do not know this choice is available. Whatever you do today is your choice, but you can no longer point a finger out towards the world and say, 'what are you going to do for me and how are you going to fix the problems?', because there is no one out there at the
present time who is willing or able to be the change you can be. If 'they' existed, they would have done it by now. The only change we can expect in the next few years, will be the change we affect through each of our actions. It is time to put the dream into reality. It is time to stop 'imaging' and start realizing. Together we can have a very positive affect on our world. I invite you to join us today.

yours in peace,
Catherine Whelan Costen


Contact info:
Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party President & Communications Director
Ph: 403-660-0449