A father and daughter exhibition of their most recent
paintings and sculptures

Art is in their blood

Each issue will feature original art. Send your contributions to: lesleypocock@mediworld.com.au

Anthony and daughter Diahann Syndicas have been exhibiting together for the first time at Goya Galleries, 60 River Esplanade Yarra Edge Docklands in June this year. This unique exhibition is showcasing a selection of works in oils, marble and plaster, on subjects that have evolved as a result of their many travels to Paris, Nice and Carara.

---Anthony Syndicas---
The symbols of sacred geometry have great meaning for him particularly the pyramid ,square and circle. It is Syndicas' kaleidoscope approach to filling the space by the gesturally energetic contour linewith unintergrated pure colour as manifestations of solid form, along with intergrated tonally shaped areas, which at once give the paintings subject the ambivalence of volume and resonance.In other words his horses/figures shift from appearing dense to being transparent thus emphasising the pictures spacial depth and artistic.

---Diahann Syndicas---
Antonio Gaudi, a Spanish Architect known for his juxtaposition of very complex and yet organic architectural forms. Diahann's paintings and sculptures are a response to his work, however although there are certain references to his forms, she has placed them in her own spatial composition in order to arrive at a new interpretation. Diahann believes that her intuitive approach to her artwork is a method that unlocks her imagination and delivers concepts and themes that are about the built environme- Original Message -----