Ancient Civilisations and Non Local Conciousness
by Dr Michael Ellis©2006
It has recently been found that a number of sacred sites are sound scaped. In the Lascaux caves in France

Lascaux caves

when imbued with full spectrum sound caves feed back the sound of stampeding buffaloes. Similarly in South America the Quexcicotal Pyramid fed back the sound of the vibrational frequency of the Quetzal bird. Quetzalcoatl, whose name means feathered serpent, was known to the people as the good god of the garden. A great variety of colorful birds filled this garden of Mesoamerica, and their songs echoed happiness. One bird in particular, the Quetzal, was Quetzalcoatl's bird of enchantment. Quetzal provided Quetzalcoatl with the brilliant green, red and yellow plumage seen in the god's distinctive dress (See the article by Darren Curtis Ancient Geo-physical Computers, Advanced Acoustic Patterns and Biofeedback)

Surely we have to take seriously that Sacred Sites represent a wide spectrum of resonant frequencies which affect the healing and consciousness of the human being.

This implies that these older societies had a different kind of consciousness and understanding of the nature of reality to the one that we currently have.

In the book Atlantis Blueprint Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath in their studies of the world most sacred sites show that the ancient monuments including the Great Pyramids and Macchu Pichu formed a powerful and significant Global geometric pattern or grid.

The keys to the enigma of this ancient global civilization are still available to careful research, and now with the new scientific understanding of the nature of consciousness we are becoming able to decipher this enigma.

In the book When the Earth Nearly Died, by D S Allan, and JB Delair, 1995
a mass of evidence is brought together that a catastrophic impact of extra solar material occurred in 9,500 BC. The Piri Reis as well as other anomalous maps not to mention ancient myths of the Golden Age,( see article on The Golden Age), and Ancient Near East myths of War and Heaven, explain a great deal about the radical fluctuations in climate and sea level at this time.

The work of Bauval,( The Orion Mystery ), and Graham Hancock( The Fingerprints of the Gods) suggests that the Sphinx and the three pyramids in Egypt were constructed before 10,400 BC, Bauval shows how the three pyramids were perfectly aligned with the three stars in the Belt of Orion at this time and the Egyptologist John West in 1990 following the work of R A Schwaller De Lubitch,
shows that the sphinx had been weathered by rain rather than wind blow sand and that is was thousands of years older than current Establishment, Egyptologists believe.


Sphinx, Giza Plateau, near Cairo, Egypt
Photograph courtesy of

The ground base of the great pyramid are made of stones so massive that even the largest cranes in the world would have tremendous difficulty in lifting them and putting them in place. The average building blocks used in the great pyramid weighed 2 ½ tons, whereas many of the blocks used in building the sphinx temple weighed 50 tons or more. Giza pyramids soaring above the city of Cairo, Egypt

The pyramids seem to show in a very physical way that human beings are living conduits to the stars and galaxies in the Cosmos.

In the book The End of Suffering, James Hurtak and Russell Targ make it clear that we have far greater facilities with our consciousness than we have ever dreamed of.

The new science of consciousness shows through especially the work of the distinguished scientist Dr Dean Radin, in (his book Entangled Minds) that extra sensory perception, psi phenomena, and the ability of our minds to influence the environment is significant and measurable!

It is evident that what we think, what we say and what we do influences everything around us.

From this we can deduce that sacred sites are imprinted with consciousness which opens the doors to non local awareness.

This parallels the work of physician and healer Dr Larry Dossey, who has coined the term Era III or non local medicine which incorporates a paradigm shift from the mind body into a greater reality of a living conscious universe.

As energy constructs, Human Beings are eminently non local in consciousness
We are thus living conduits to the stars and galaxies in the Cosmos.

As all Levels in the Human Frame are opened from the subatomic and atomic to the mental, and higher consciousness more light enters the system illuminating the mind and healing the body.

The Era III non-local medicine incorporates a paradigm shift from the mind-body into the greater reality of a living conscious universe.

By reconnecting with earth and cosmic energies we reconnect with the deeper and infinite aspects of ourselves. Indeed the planet Earth is the primary genome from which all sentient life has manifested over millions of years. Our connection with our Mother Earth also enables us to get back home and be grounded amongst ourselves and understand how we have a common ground not only within the context of our consciousness and reality but also with our planet.

Planetary transformation is conscious awakening to the cosmic field and the cosmic matrix of the planet and represents fusion with the spiral of the higher mind, the love of the galactic field, and the essence of the monad or highest enlightenment
The new consciousness expresses the art of living long fulfilling lives as Human beings as we become clear channels for universal life energy.

A greater understanding of sacred sites enables us to realize the sacredness and infinite potential of the human being and the need for reawakening of a world soul, an expression of interconnectedness and oneness which is the critical mass of awakening humanity.



Entangled Minds by Dr Dean Radin
If you do not get schwindlig [dizzy] sometimes when you think about these things then you have not really understood it [quantum theory]. - Neils Bohr

The End of Suffering
by Dr Russell Targ
and Dr James Hurtak

Dr Larry Dossey Healing Beyond the Body Offers a rare opportunity to look at human nature through the eyes of physician and see the shape of the Divine.


Dr Michael Ellis

Dr Michael Ellis is a medical doctor, futurist, and peace worker, living in Melbourne.

Dr Ellis is Founder of The Medical Renaissance Group. The aim of The Medical Renaissance Group is to create a new kind of medicine which integrates mind, body and spirit, society and the environment.

He is also Founder of the Centre for Change which aims to create an openness of dialogue for men and women of goodwill, in order that we can find a way out of the current global crisis. It also aims to contribute to the creation of a planetary peace culture, which affirms our deepest respect for all life which makes up the biosphere.

Dr Ellis has higher qualifications in general medicine, paediatrics and nutritional medicine.

He has a special interest in mind-body medicine and in optimizing the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual. He is a Research Fellow at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Swinburne University, where he is particularly interested in brain longevity and the prevention of dementia.