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September 2006, Volume 1 Issue 2

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welcome from the editor
Dr. Mike Ellis

Call for a Round Table of Leading Australians and a Department of Peace in Goverment

Poverty and Human Development

The Council of Science Editors
For Monday, October 22, 2007.
Please submit abstracts to Dr Michael Ellis -
The Council of Science Editors
is organizing a Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development in October 2007. Science journals throughout the world will simultaneously publish papers on this topic of worldwide interest - to raise awareness, stimulate interest, and stimulate research into poverty and human development. This is an international collaboration with journals from developed and developing countries.

The Approach Of The New Paradigm Journal

The aim of the New Paradigm Journal is to promote a Renaissance in human thought, values and conscience based on healing, eco-sustainability and openness.
The grave situation in which the World finds itself is based on conservative entrenched values linked to political expediency and also the ingrained habits of wealth accumulation at the expense of anything else.

Poverty is intimately related to pollution, scarcity of resources and illness. It is a vicious circle associated with childhood death and lack of education. Childhood poverty is intimately related to illness and intellectual retardation later in more >

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In the second edition of the New Paradigm Journal our special feature deals with the Sacred Sites of the world. We are most fortunate to have the most distinguished contribution of Mr. Martin Gray who has for many years now traveled the world researching and photographing many of the sacred sites.

Darren Curtis in his article Ancient Geo-physical Computers, Advanced Acoustic patterns and biofeedback concludes that the ancients did have an advanced form of consciousness technology and even incorporated into stone. so the visitor or initiate to the site could really experience altered states of consciousness.

The work of Dr James Hurtak shows that our planet is not alone and that the universe is a living network of photonic energies in which human life is a direct conduit to higher levels of consciousness and illumination. The ancient sites on the planet bear witness to our ability through them to access our higher nature and realization into greater spiritual truths, consciousness, intuition, love and peace.

The articles on these sacred sites show that the planet is in fact interconnected by a grid of telluric forces or lines of energy, a veritable global grid like the acupuncture meridians on the human body. These meridians always intersect the sacred sites and are points also of connection of the planetary logos with the extra terrestrial field of living energy. This of course was the fundamental supposition of the ancient Mayans whose work has been publicized by Jose Arguelles.

By connecting with the healing nurturing properties of our living planet through sacred sites we begin to understand that we are all connected as humanity with all of life and this new paradigm and way of thinking is one of inclusivity rather than exclusiveness.

The Sphinx, Giza Plateau, near Cairo, Egypt
Photograph courtesy of

Stone Henge Aerial View
Photograph courtesy of


Sacred Geography in Ancient Europe
by Martin Gray
Places of Peace and Power: Sacred Sites of the World
Pilgrimage in Medieval Europe
by Martin Gray
Places of Peace and Power: Sacred Sites of the World
Seed Syllables and Acoustic Linguistics
by J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., and Desiree Hurtak, Ms. Sc.
Ancient Civilisations and Non Local Consciousness
by Michael Ellis
Ancient Geo-physical Computers, Advanced Acoustic Patterns and Biofeedbackancient civilizations
by Darren Curtis

New Paradigm Section
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Peace culture
by Dr Michael Ellis


Common Ground
We have to move away from the feudalism of our modern society in which people are disempowered by the system and by the nature of the institution.. People are losing there dreams and yet this Millennium has been called the Millennium of the Mind. We need to place value in an absolute sense on human potential. This is essential in a world which appears to be biologically out of control. The Centre for Change in the Third Millennium is an open forum and ongoing dialogue for humankind on key issues affecting sustainable survival and the search for solutions. It is a global 'think tank', a global 'watershed, bringing together humanity's most inspired and creative thinking -a convergence of the spiritual, scientific and humanistic. The aim is the creation of a planetary 'peace culture'.

by Dr Michael Ellis
World citizenship
Transition to a Sustainable Civilisation
Centre for change
by Dr Michael Ellis - Chairman, Convener and Co-Founder
Stop the Slaughter in Lebanon, Israel and the Occupied Teritories!


Do we wish to create a more cooperative and caring global society or will we persist in ignoring increasing inequity and poverty in a world, which is already in crisis from environmental degradation and climate change. Sustainable survival of the human race is dependent on new ways of thinking. Within the context of our society there is a occurring a major change or shift in paradigm in the way we view reality. The new way of thinking shows that everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else and that at the deepest level we are all connected.

"Whose century is the 21st Century?"
by Immanuel Wallerstein

Science and Religion

The New Paradigm calls for spiritual, ecological and holistic worldviews, derived from perceptions of connectedness and interdependence. There is a need to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine principles and between humanity and nature, that we may recreate a sense of wholeness. The new era needs to use the creative power of the people by respecting the common ground of humanity, understanding the interconnectedness of all life, enhancing female and male creativity and opening the global heart of humankind.

The new physics which underlies our understanding of the world shows that the universe is a biological self referential field of energy and intelligence. We are indeed oneness.

A New Model of Reality
by Michael Ellis

Renaissance of Consciousness and Thinking

The words of wise leaders have cautioned us about the need for a fundamental shift in thinking and perception. Former Czech President Vašlav Havel and Albert Einstein are two such figures. Havel, in his February 1990 address to the United States Congress, spoke of the "antiquated straitjacket of the bipolar view of the world," and stressed that "without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans. " Einstein warned repeatedly that without a fundamental change in human thinking, our species would drift toward ultimate catastrophe.

Canadian Action Party President Speaks from the Heart
by Catherine Whelan Costen
No Limits to Learning
by Desmond Berghofer, Ph.D.

Environment and Resources

Increasingly I am convinced that the Earth and her humanity may overcome looming environmental crises. Climate awareness and local actions are proliferating, Brazil is belatedly cracking down on deforestation and
environmental sustainability is again moving to the political front burner. But the Earth will only be sustained in the long-term if we get serious now about ending new environmental damage, while restoring
ecosystems that have already been adversely impacted.

Humanity has already destroyed, fragmented and diminished ecological systems far beyond the requirements for long-term global ecological sustainability.

Does Losing a City Teach Anything?
by Darcey Rakestraw
The Global Threat of DU
by Dr Robert G Anderson
Vital Signs 2006-2007
by the Worldwatch Institute
Beginnings of a Rescue Plan for the Earth and Humanity to Avoid Ecological Collapse
by Glen Barry
The Earth and Humanity Can and Will Be Saved by You
by Glen Berry
World Watch
by Darcey Rakestraw


ONE CRUCIAL aspect of the rising disaffection with globalization is the lack of citizen participation in the global institutions that shape people's daily lives. This public frustration is deeper and broader than the recent street demonstrations in Seattle and Prague. Social commentators and leaders of citizens' and intergovernmental organizations are increasingly taking heed. Over the past 18 months, President Clinton has joined with the secretary-general of the United Nations, the director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the president of the World Bank to call for greater citizen participation in the international order.

The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil
by Michel Chossudovsky

UK government sources confirm war with Iran is on September 11, 2001 Concise Timeline
by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

September 11, 2001 Dr Steven Jones Blows the Rood off a Utah Auditorium
September 11, 2001 Concise Timeline
The four fundamentalisms and the threat to sustainable democracy
by Robert Jensen


We have to create a "reculer pour mieux sauter" to revalue the human psyche and human being and to bring commitment, compassion and caring back into hospital wards and general practice.

Western healthcare is now the third leading cause of death in America.JAMA ) However this is not a local problem. The British Medical Journal declares that in America alone, 199,000 A YEAR are being killed by errant medical procedures. In the UK, blunders by doctors are killing 40,000 a year. In Australia, 1 in 5 are being killed by their own healthcare, and in China, bad medicine is killing 200,000 every year, with 60-80% of China's 10 million deaf-mute cases related to The use of inappropriate medicine.

The Nature of Self Limiting Illness and the Role of Nutrition and Mind/ Body Medicine
by Michael Ellis
Quality of Life
by Michael Ellis


The traditional model of "homo economicus" - that ever-rational individual, always maximizing his self-interest in competition with others is now acknowledged as unrealistic. This bleak model of human behavior at the heart of economics is not only dismal - but increasingly proven wrong by many other scientists and much recent research by neuroscientists, microbiologists, psychologists, anthropologists and yes, game theorists. This is why many recent Bank of Sweden Economics prizes have gone to scientists studying human behavior beyond the economics profession, from psychologists to game theorists John Harsonyi, John Nash and Reinhard Selten in 1994.

Socioeconomic Democracy
by Robley E. George


The instinct of the media is to concentrate only on dramatic events, e.g. delivering warfare as an incident full of drama and excitement. Media never really covers a conflict in entirety. It does not seek to pursue or analyse the situation in any depth, and news becomes just a passing fancy, rather than an ability to open eyes or open hearts. We are censored from information. Just as transnational companies become few and powerful, there are only several powerful news agencies in the world, which give information which is often politically or system-biased. We need to learn from events, and even now the Australian Government is thinking of limiting our access to the Internet by charging more for the telephone services that we use.

Decide to Network
by Dr Robert Muller


Our new feature section for the New Paradigm is on men and women who combine successful careers, with outstanding community involvement. We thank Dr Manzoor Butt for contributing this article on Mr Zahid Bhatti, who operates the Rocky Martial Arts School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Zahid Bhatti

Wisdom, spirituality and personal transformation

A new era and a new millennium can bring us exploration of our inner world. It can be a more harmonious era of peace, cooperation and sensitivity - with emphasis leaning towards feminine energy. Although scientific and technological advances will continue, emphasis will be more on the exploration of the relationship between peoples, surroundings and the cosmos ("relationship" being the key word). During the 2000s Arts will be emphasised and people will become much more intuitive and creative and operate on this level. It will be a time of beauty and goodness. It has the potential to be another Golden Age.( Quote from Dr Jager Holly Co Founder Centre For Change)

Rupert Sheldrake's theory of Morphogenic fields suggests that it is consciousness that moulds the DNA. Conceivably we can mould and change our own DNA within our life time. Stuart Litvak and A Wayne Senzee in Towards a New Brain quote evidence of holonomic systemic influence from brain to body to gonadal cells - inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Excerpts from the Writings of Nichiren Dai Shonin (Buddhist one)
The Golden Ageancient Archaelogy, Evolution & Conciousness
by Michael Ellis
Music For Inner Space - bridging between worlds


"Toward Holistic Human Relationships"
by Hazel Henderson
Hierarchical Leardership and Experimental Co-Leardership Paradigms
by Alpha Lo


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