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The Primal Perspective - Metamorphosis of the Human Mind
by James L. Anderson Saltspring Island British Columbia Canada



We must find a consensus and a way to come together. All of us. We need to look at things differently. We need to find a new way to survive. There are new ideas here that can change the course of Humankind, if they can be set free in our world at large. Seen in the proper light all of the chaos, confusion, inhumanity and despair in our modern world actually conceals a coming metamorphosis of the human mind. The approaching catastrophic cataclysm threatening us all, in truth, is an open door we have not yet recognized. It is a secret threshold beyond which our civilization and life force will finally achieve enlightenment and for the first time ever discover and manifest the true meaning of universe. Our human minds are poised to evolve into a higher consciousness. This is what everything actually means, today.

The insanity and chaos are the birthing pains of a new human life form. An incredible, unprecedented and immense change is taking place here. And it is taking place beneath the surface in the collective human mind itself. The real problem is the way our primitive minds function. It is secreted in the way we now fashion truth, design and destiny. The problem is the way the human mind fashions order and meaning.

We must change the way we think. We must step outside of all rational and logical human thought and see the human mind from a totally new and transcendental orientation. To do this seemingly impossible thing, we must begin by discovering that at the center of all rational and logical human thought there is a fatally flawed Primal Perspective that has never yet been revealed. By focusing upon that flaw we can commence the creation of a new human mind and new world ethos beyond. It is this secret, fatal flaw at the center everywhere that is destroying our world. It is time we evolve to a higher consciousness wherein we will come to understand not only that this Primal Perspective is simply generated from the forever separate and discrete lives human beings have always lived, but that it actually is a direct reflection of a structural incapacity and failure now present at the heart center of universe everywhere. The evolution of a higher human consciousness and a metamorphosis of the human mind are therefore identical and one and the same with the journey to discover the ultimate meaning and destiny of universe.

This Primal Perspective has forever been secretly hidden and concealed in our reality because it now structures and contaminates every logical effort human beings have made since the beginning to create truth, order and meaning in this world. Our inability to see beyond this fatally flawed Perspective is the real reason we cannot achieve a Unified Field Theory, reach a steady-state, sustainable civilization and biosphere, find enlightenment or gnosis, resolve universe into consummate unanimity beyond indeterminism, insolubility, duality and chaos and finally live in a just and humane society of peace and harmony beyond brutality, exploitation, ruthless inhumanity, genocide, terror and macabre violence. If we are to evolve beyond and escape this fatal flaw everything in our world must change. Everything. This means a total metamorphosis of the human mind. The only connection between that ancient, contaminated world and a new, higher and transcendent consciousness is one where nothing remains the same. The only connection is metamorphosis. It is time you and I take a clear look around and see things as they really are. We must begin to recognize and face this coming total change hidden in this distraught and tormented world of ours. And we must gather this energy and consensus together. All humankind must galvanize as one to face this cataclysmic change. Hand in hand, as one. One Dream. One life force. One Destiny. Our civilization can rationally and logically no longer afford, or support profit, power or privilege. We must find another center and foundation than greed and survival to structure our human society. Together we all must dream a better way. Human beings must stop exploiting each other. Accumulating wealth at the expense of others is useless, irrelevant and meaningless in a civilization that has disintegrated beyond all cohesion, order, stability and community. There is nowhere left to hide. What happens to any one of us, to any life or inanimate system on this planet, happens to us all. Absolutely everything is interconnected and interwoven. There is no escape. Beyond all these words and complex ideas is the profound and staggering revelation that in quiet and secret revolution all over our world a higher consciousness is evolving in the human mind. And this evolution will ultimately manifest a new and profound form of human communication more perfect and complete than anything yet imagined. A transcendence where one human being will live, experience and finally and totally "know" another human life. Ultimately what is really happening is that we are learning how to truly "share" life itself. That almost incomprehensible, higher form of communication and that "quantum leap" in consciousness will create a new civilization and a new universe for us all. That transcendence is now almost beyond imagination. But it is where our life force is headed. It is time all of us recognize that as a human life force the unalterable first step to reach for and evolve this higher state, demands that we must, at last and finally begin to truly care for each other. Human life and all life must become sacred forevermore on this earth. All of us will come to instinctively and absolutely understand that we either live together, or die apart.

The collective human mind must begin to finally comprehend that finding that higher form of communication is the only way for humankind to survive on this planet. There is no other way. What we do together, the common things we share and the raw and primitive way we now exchange experience, commonalities and amenities conceal a priceless treasure of transcendence that lies beneath the surface and must be brought into the light of day. It must be found. It will save us all. The human mind must learn to "share" life. From this new and profound vantage point we must witness anew our world today. At all costs we must seek out and respect that secret embryonic potential hidden there in the human being now closest to you. In raw form it exists in every one of us. We must believe it is there. We must wait for it, treasure and cherish this dream and potential hidden in the simple communion of life everywhere. That higher form of perfect communication is waiting there, just beneath the surface. And for our children's children to survive, we must find a way to nourish it and set it free. There is a coming metamorphosis of the human mind. And, there is a secret form of perfect communication borning inside of us all that will finally allow us all to "share" life. Together we must find it. There is no other way out. The ideas crafted here are the beginning of that journey.

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