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This edition of New Paradigm Journal is comprehensive that it encompasses the many problems and possible solutions that we are facing globally. The situation is so serious that unless we can get our act together our species could well be mutilated by our own activities. Since 1900 the population of the planet has increased form 1 billion to 6.5 billion. We cannot hope to sustain ourselves unless we change ourselves radically.

The old ways of nationalism, competition, exploitation of resources and economic growth no longer will work unless we create innovative solutions to solving the problems of inequity, poverty, war, pollution and the global loss of biodiversity. We are not even told the truth! We are engulfed by a media which concentrates on sensationalism, violence and the maintenance of the status quo at the expense of the ordinary human being. Human Icons are brought to predominance and preeminence as being so called spokespeople for humanity . In fact our politicians, governments and beaurocracies and transnational companies maintain a status quo and the cultivation of materialism without realizing that they are pushing the majority of humanity into further degradation and disaster.

The value of the internet is that it begins to speak for the ordinary person and their need for rapid transformation, creativity and a sense of global unity. Because of rapid communication and instant responses there are thousands of non governmental organizations and peace groups who are doing something about poverty, sustainability, inequity and are enhancing the sacredness and respect for all of life. This edition brings to attention many of these people, either as groups or as individuals. However, it is significant that these people do not currently have the voice to create the massive change that is needed if we are to survive sustainably for the next 20 years. Political think tanks and large meetings of governmental bodies do not represent the needs or will of the people. Often the ordinary person is so dumbed down by misinformation, ill health, degenerative disease, depression, toxicity and the brainwashing of a society which continually promotes an external powerful deity and a ruling patriarchy that they are not able to think for themselves.

This inability to think is exaggerated by poor education systems which do not seek to even nurture or develop the creative mind of youth. We are in fact faced with an organic Global struggle which pits the power and relevance of the ordinary Human Being against a ruling global elite and monetocracy who seek to maintain the status quo at all costs through the power of the pharmaceutical companies, the food companies and the military industrial complex. Decentralised democracy and real political freedom is something that the global monetocracy would do their upmost to dumb down and smother as best they can. This restrictive way of thinking is not really a conscious way of thinking but more a maladaptive response within the mass of humanity.

It is basically a mass psychosis, and an anomaly of thinking and feeling in that it refuses to acknowledge the supremacy and sacredness of life in all its brilliant manifestation. It refuses look with humility on the sacred living universe. The answer must surely be in the rise of a third tier system which represents neither the trans national companies, nor the united nations, nor individual Nations but the will of a majority of informed Global citizens who wish to speak out against the abuse of human rights and human justice and for human universal freedom.