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The next Copernican revolution
The New Paradigm Of Healing
Dr Michael Ellis©2008


There is a major transition occurring on the planet which is affecting every single human being and reflects the way we perceive ourselves and others. It also means that we, as a human family, have to redefine the natural happiness and how we can live in a sustainable fashion. In this process we need to elevate the significance of the human psyche and mind and uphold the supremacy of the individual human being at the expense of the competitive framework which is a necessary by product of economic rationalism because we will have to review the nature of economics and the way we review material possessions We need now to ascertain the real nature of what quality of life is and the nature of the values that we live by.

New science finds that when a mass of people are in coherence --for example when they are jointly in meditation or acting in integrity where their hearts and minds are working in resonance--- this energetic process creates a corresponding response of the environment. Specific studies were done in the 1970's when groups of people practicing TM meditation affected the wellbeing of whole cities, such as decreasing delinquency and crime and increasing stock market results. It was calculated then that the square root of one percent of people in coherent meditation was all that was required to create corresponding response in the living environment.

This science nowadays is being taken much more seriously. An example is the global consciousness project run by Dr Roger Nelson at Princeton University in the US.

We are indeed at a point of singularity, where the old beliefs and industrial and governmental structures are giving way to a more interconnected paradigm based on the concept that everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else. Singularity means that the old order as we know it is rapidly giving way to a completely new way of thinking and consciousness.

This is because of the fact that all of life on the planet is at a tipping point and mass extinctions are occurring of thousands of species every year. We all know the compounding factors of climate change, pollution, ecological disruption, disruption of biodiversity, lack of oil resources, lack of food resources, over population and inequity which all can lead to increasing wars and competition for scarce resources. This only occurs if the old order persists.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the new consciousness and the new ways of thinking which are rapidly occurring on the plant enhanced by new forms of electronic communication, particularly the internet.

This means that the child born now has the whole history and knowledge of the planet at his fingertips. The video mobile phones are growing to the extent that in 18 months a country such as Iraq will be a living reality show as it mirrors itself to the world through this remarkable technology.

Electronic communication is like the eyes and ears of the planet and by its very nature is creating a decentralized and true global democracy. We only have to look at true majority and avaaz which are internet communities which seek for global justice and encompass millions of people.

We are now at the beginning of the next Copernican revolution which understands that all living beings revolve around the monad of conscious realization.

Einstein said that for humankind to survive there has to be a substantial new manner of thinking and this was echoed more recently by Vaclav Havel former president of Czechoslovakia who said that human kind will require massive change in consciousness. Indeed this change in consciousness is now occurring and is the initiation of the living biosphere of planet earth into the field of the living universe.

We thus have the emergence of a whole new picture of humanity.

Up to now we have been in an era of positivistic materialism. In this picture nature is something to be manipulated and controlled by humanity.

Sir Francis Bacon, Renaissance author, courtier, and father of inductive reasoning(22 January 1561 - 9 April 1626) is also considered to be the father of contemporary science. His phiosophy was based on the idea that we could control the planet just as we can control and subjugate women and children. He was a great misogynist.

It was René Descartes (March 31, 1596 - February 11, 1650), also known as Renatus Cartesius who said, "Ego ergo est" which means I think therefore I am. This philosophy pronounced over 300 years ago began the basic separation of science from religion. This philosophy was also called the philosophy of cartesian dualism in which matter was separated from mind and God became the clockworker or clockmaker separate from the machine. In other words God became Deus ex machina.

Sir Isaac Newton FRS 4 January 1643 - 31 March 1727 [ 25 December 1642 - 20 March 1726]) was an English physicist, mathematician,and astronomer. His experiments were practical, pragmatic and based on empirical observation. He took on the ancient Green atomist viewthat the basic fundamental properties of matter could be resolved down to discrete, small particles or atoms. He also founded the idea of reductive science where everything could be measured and explained through finding out how the basic parts worked.

Thus began the enormous divide between science and religion and the idea that human beings are separate units with minds that can observe and control the materialistic universe. This is very much the thought of Victorian England in which children were looked upon as being mini adults.

Since this time, science has been used to support a philosophical system based on the premise that human beings are random events in a random universe and are able to exploit a planet and all the living resources and living species on it as if they were infinite. The prevailing view of Darwinian survival of the fittest was taken up by the philosopher Marlthus who saw that there was a natural order to the disparity between the rich and the poor and the poor would get richer as more resources were divided between humanity. Exploitation and ravaging of the planet and wars for resources have been the key elements of human interaction in the past thousand years.

It was only 40 years ago that the United Nations began to realise that the environment may be of significance to our wellbeing and our survival.

It was only in 1905 that we began to understand that the universe in fact is based on the consciousness of the observer and that consciousness influences the nature of the universe in a very significant way.

Albert Einstein, in 1905, produced his most significant papers which were eventually to transform the way we perceive the nature of our reality. With Einstein came the understanding that time and space and matter are all interchangeable and that time can go from past to future as well as from future to past. It also showed that the nature of space is very much tied up with the nature of time and the way the observer observes the fundamental nature of matter.

What this means is that physical phenomena on the nano scale are quantum. They are also at the fundamental level pure energy. When we try and measure this energy we have the opportunity to see that it has various possibilities of existence and when we observe it we collapse it into a specific possibility which is due to the nature of our observation.

Up to quite recently it was thought that quantum reactions were purely the result of experiments on atoms and electrons but now it is understood that quantum reactions are found in the macroscopic scale as well. The best example is seen in the human body which functions as a coherent whole in which millions of cells communicate instantaneously in order to maintain the bodies physiological, regulatory and metabolical functions.

Indeed quantum physics sees the universe as being full of information which is expressed in the form of energy through waves. In physics nowadays the periodic table of the elements is expressed as wave forms and distant stars and galaxies are analysed through the energy that they give off through spectroscopic analysis.

Unknown to Medical Doctors,, many measurements on the body are now done through energetic indicators like xrays, CT scanners and MRI.

There appears to be a dynamic field of exchange of energy in the universe which is information in a series of nested holons or holonarchis. It is interesting to see how stars and galaxies all seem to have the same kind of structure, shape and energetic predisposition. This suggests that there is some kind of overiding integral pattern to the universe.

The basics of this understanding began in 1935 with the Einsten Podolsky and Rosen thought experiment which was subsequently confirmed by experiment in 1982 at the University of Paris by the research team lead by physicist Alain Aspect who showed that paired electrons were able to communicate regardless of the distance between them.

This led David Bohm, the famous physicist from the University of London, to state that the two electons communicating in Aspect's experiment are not separate entities but pure extensions of fundamental oneness.

In modern physics when one goes down to the very core of existence what we find is relationships extending throughout space and time. What this means is that energy as expressed in wave forms communicates with itself constantly in the universe powered by the basic quanta which are called virtual photons. Light thus itself becomes the basic carrier of information. In this process, once a quantum system is measured the components are able to communicate with each other as if they were the same system no matter where the components are in the universe.

However as the universe itself is a giant quantum system, this means that the universe itself is an instant self regulating, biological, self referential system which through quantum entanglement is able to produce a hierachy of information which then serves as the basis of creation of living entities, especially human beings. Karl Pribrim, the neuroscientist, sees the brain as a quantum organ, structured as a microcosm of the macrocosm.

In the past 100 years there has been a radical change in the way we view ourselves. This view is taking hold gradually although most people still exist as if they are separate entities in a competitive world of declining resources.

The new view of humanity which quantum physics brings to the table shows that we are not separate from the universe but are an integral part. We can no longer see ourselves as observers but have to be intimitely involved with what we are observing. This basic process of observation as shown by quantum physics affects the fundamental nature of matter and energy. The nature of matter of which we are composed, shows that we are in fact light beings who have an essential prerequisite of consciousness to affect change in everything around us.

The fundamental nature of consciousness is shown in the nature of the human brain and also the nature of the living cell. As Ervin Laszlo a world-class philosopher of science. and the developer of Systems Philosophy says - human beings are receivers, processors and transmitters of information at a high level of livingness.. This means that we translate information throught the inductive capacities of our sense organs and then transmit according to the way we perceive this information.

The way we perceive the information is based on enculturation and consensual reality. Thus our current society brainwashes humanity to believe in fear, wars, inequity, competition and does everything it can to sensationalise events. This activity is almost a conspiracy against liberation and freedom of the human being.

The memes or key phrases that the media, politicians produce for the people serve to dumb down everybody into an acceptance of a status quo which is based on delinquency, dysfunctionality, competition, inequity and aggression. The memes that are given to us are there to enhance the system of economic rationalism and profit at the expense of anything else. The materialistic profit motive in fact takes precedence over anything based on humabn values, consciousness, spirituality or conscience. Memes indeed are like viruses causing a very sickness of the human soul.

Fourty thousand years ago the human brain changed. With the development of Cromagnon man.there came the development of the prefrontal cortex which is the source of creativity and the ability for human beings to explore the higher worlds of spirituality and consciousness. These prefrontal lobes have been described by a famous neuro scientist as angel wings.

The biggest drawback to their development which occurs after birth is the child`s sense of fear and abandonment. Parental nurturing in the early years can enable the growth of the prefrontol lobes to be optimum and through the development of the orbito singulate gyrus enables the higher mind to take mastery over the neo cortex, mid brain and reptilian or hind brain. Unfortunately this opportunity is rarely taken and because of the nature of our fear driven global society the fight and flight brain consisting of the mid and reptilian or hind brain is developed at the expense of the prefrontal lobe. This is shown by the high rate of child suicide which has occurred in America in the past 50 years as enculturation and anomie takes further hold on materialistic civilisation.

The living cell is itself a quantum organ and its basic orientation is towards reception of information, whether it be metabolic, physiological, endocrine or electromagnetic. The membrance of the cell gives us our individuality and enables us to select from our environment what we wish to perceive. This means that it is the information coming in to the DNA which determines how the DNA will produce the protiens which serves as the basic building blocks as the basic functioning of the body and the bio mind.

The new vision for humanity shows that we can be masters of our own lives by being open to the fundamental healing essence inherent in the universe. Nature serves to heal and to replenish and not to destroy. Our bodies are geared for survival and the collective capacity of the trillions of cells that make up our bodies function to repair themselves on a consistent basis.

The most fundamental way in which we can heal ourselves and heal our planet is by being aware of the energetic nature of the universe and that our perception of our environment and reality have a very profound affect on what we encounter and create in our lives. What occurs to us in our life stories is very much what we create in our energetic interaction with the environment and the people around us.

The brain has enormous plasticity for change and each cell is very much governed by what we perceive within ourselves and the kind of consciousness and creativity we wish to create within and around us.

We need to be able to access the fundamental healing essence of the universe in order replenish ourselves and the positive values which will also heal the planet. These positive values include an expression of oneness and interconnectedness, a recognition of truth and beauty, love, synergy, cooperation and harmony which are basic properties of the universe and which are inherent within the higher neurological functions of the human being. Our planet can only be healed if we heal ourselves.

The new paradigm which is appearing on the planet is a statement of oneness and unity. it expresses the inter relationship between all things and all disciplines. It sees the growing inequity and poverty in the world's population where 50% of people exist on less than $2 a day as irrevocably linked to exploitation of resources, climate change and an overall state of mind which is dominator and patriachal and based on the control by a global monetocracy.

It is the global monetocracy and the ruling elites who are controllers of the old paradigm and old ways of thinking and by their very nature subject masses of people to addiction and competition at the expension of basic human connectedness and cooperation. They also assume that the planet has infinite living and non living resources.

The new paradigm activates positive quality of emotion and feeling, thought, integrity and clarity of mind which turns on hidden genetic codes in the DNA. By its very nature it enables each person to give themselves longevity, vitality and enhanced immune systems. In this process there is an acknowledgement of the uniqueness of each individual and also the love of self and the love of others and the release of emotional blockages. The new awakening of human kind and transformation of consciousness is firmly based on the new science of quantum physics and the new understanding of the role of the human heart.

In the past 20 years a radical change has occurred in the way we perceive ourselves. The science of the heart is this radical change. It has been shown that the heart is in fact a second brain and its composed mainly of neuronal cells. Structurally the heart is like a sheathed lotus flower and it is the only organ in the body to produce what is called an energetic taurus which is a donut shaped circle of energy which contains electromagnetic and radio waves which projects out of the heart to distances of up to 12-15 feet, measurable by the appropriate instrument. The heart is like the unconscious. It is easily programmed by the brain and yet at the same time it can feed back to the brain such positive emotions that the whole human being becomes coherent and almost super human for their capacity for creativity and positive action. The heart can be the source of tremendous energy and when there's coherence between the brain and the heart, this coherence can have a non local affect through extra sensory process on every human being in the local environment.

A new paradigm of healing would have a profound affect on the way we perceive ourselves and our planetary environment. It expresses a new spirituality encompassing a consciousness of oneness in which all life maintains itself at the expense of everything else. In other words we are all connected and not separate. This big turning point of the integration of spirituality with ecology and technology is also the basis of a new medicine which brings together heart, mind, body, environment and technology. Health cannot be separated from human rights, human justice, lifestyle change, reduction of stress and the fundamental conditions for health which include peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable ecosystem, sustainable resources, social justice and equity. For complete health of the individual this implies cultural change.

The new form of medicine includes not just using the best of allopathic, nutritional, environmental and mind- body medicine, but also understanding the advanced form of vibrational science and healing which we have been discussing. We are by our very nature and by the multiple realities which we can create, matter, energy, quantum body minds, interconnected with a multi dimensional universe as expressed by the latest quantum string theory of michio Kaku.

The medicine of light is preempted on the understanding that consciousness is the primary phenonemon in the universe and that light is the basis of creation. Superluminal light, or the basic quanta or photons for the common ground of reality on which the universe exists allows for the intersection of many energetic informational spectra. The subatomic world of electrons, protons and neutrons are viewed as patterns of vibrational spectra. Higher consciousness is connected with the embodiment of light as the basic epigenetic patterning on which our body is based and which influences the overall functioning of our body. In fact the human body is purely an embodiment of several energy vehicles and because of this has a multi dimensional subtle anatomy. We are in fact living conduits to the stars, galaxies and cosmos.

Let us open the gates of wisdom
And the final frontiers of perception
And cast the gleaming jewel
Of the Human heart
Like a ball Into the Universe
That our words and thoughts
Confront and transform
A Humanity torn from ashes
Into the Phoenix which soars
Into the skies of infinite peace

"All that man has here in multiplicity is intrinsically One. Here all blades of grass, wood and stone, all things are One. This is the deepest depth. And thereby am I completely captivated". Meister Eckhart (1260-1327)

The ability to observe phenomena ,Quantum Physicists ,now believe, is inextricably linked to the phenomena themselves. Having lost faith in the notion of a material explanation for existence, these quantum physicists and systems mathematicians have begun to look at the ways reality conforms to their expectations, mirroring back to them a world changed by the very act of observation. As they rely more and more on the computer, their suspicions are further confirmed: This is not a world reducible to neat equations and pat answers, but an infinitely complex series of interdependencies, where the tiniest change in a remote place can have system wide repercussions.


Dr Michael Ellis, Chief Editor and Creative vision behind The New Paradigm Journal, www.newparadigmjournal.com is an English trained Doctor with over 20 years of General Practice experience both in the UK and in Australia. He has higher qualifications in general medicine and paediatrics. He has a special interest in Mind/ Body medicine and in optimising the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual.

As well as his medical qualifications, Dr Ellis also has an Honours Degree in Literature, Arts, Philosophy and Social Psychology. He also has Naturopathic qualifications.

He is Co-Founder of The Medical Renaissance Group www.medicalrenaissance.com. with Dr Jager Holly. He is also Founder and President of the Global Citizens for Peace, www.globalcitizens.org. In conjunction with the Centre for Change in the Third Millenium www.centreforchange.org founded by Dr Michael Ellis, the Global Citizens for Peace, is an open forum and on going dialogue for humankind in key issues affecting sustainable survival and the search for solutions. The aim is the creation of a planetary peace culture.

Dr Ellis has a keen interest in the plight of the ordinary GP and is concerned in creating a more sustainable and caring health system and healing culture for both doctors and the community. Because of this he established the Medical Renaissance Movement with Dr Jager Holly in 2001 in Australia. The Medical Renaissance Movement supports preventative nutritional Mind Body Medicine and Wellness Medicine and sees healing as being a unique partnership between the doctor and the patient. He is on the Executive Board of the Australian Integrative Medical Association (AIMA), http://www.aima.net.au/, Executive Board of World CME http://www.WorldCME.com/ and Executive Board of Child Watch http://www.child-watch.org/

Dr Ellis has conducted seminars on Globalisation, and Wellness at the Post Graduate School of Medicine Swinburne University, Melbourne. He is also an international speaker on Integrative Medicine.

He is the Australian Representative Institute Noetic Sciences http://www.noetic.org/.

and Honorary Adviser, World Unity & Peace Education Department City Montessori School, Lucknow, India http://www.cmseducation.org.

He practices Nutritional and Environmental and Anti Aging Medicine in Kalorama Victoria. http://www.antiageingwellnessclinic.com/m.