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Message Update
by Dr James Hurtak


We live in a sea of energy which owes its origin to a divine process or what The Keys of Enoch® calls the 'Higher Evolution'. All life is derived from a harmonious divine energy quantum-projecting, creating and discovering "itself" and we, here on planet Earth, are a human manifestation of that divine experience.

What is new about all of this is that scientists are becoming more aware of theological implications in recognizing that the evolutionary mechanisms are not simply the resonance couplings of some static notion of energy, but issue from a holoarchy of fuller Life processes. Humankind is going through experiences of energy incarnation and extension, with higher frequencies of Light being the main stimulus for the greater creative process.
Life is, thus, a function of the flow which at the highest level is called Love. The experience of Love or lack of Love at any moment can be understood within scientific principles that bring resonance and structure to the fields of existence, whereby we can state the following:

  • First, it is now being recognized that "Light" is the basis of creation. Yet it is not conventional "light" but superluminal Light which allows for the manifestation and intersecting of many electromagnetic spectrums.
  • Second, life is not simply the by-product of solar evolution. Rather, it is the process of dynamic, energy configurations where, ultimately, the whole human DNA can be understood as linked to a greater consciousness unfoldment.
  • And third, what we call the positive, sustaining powers of "active love" is what is behind the harmonious interactions and energy balances which are the basis of the true sustaining physics of the universe. Love-powered emanations or higher resonant radiations are thus the "stuff" through which the evolution of humankind is sustained.

Consequently, we are linked to supra-consciousness realms where facts and objects are universally connected. And when a person is dynamically aware of this higher consciousness or "quantum mind" existence, they become able to experience the many worlds in this life, since they are consciously operating within the greater Tree of Life.

Scientists who study the 'new physics' are starting to understand this greater consciousness field, where the speed of information transmission can become infinite. Consequently, understanding our interconnectedness releases us from our limitations and makes us part of the greater loving totality. Thus, we assert that life is a function of flow which at the highest level is called unconditional Love that is represented as a higher resonance that activates greater degrees of admittance for us into the bio-cosmic lattice to which we are linked. Furthermore, the experience of Happiness at any moment can be understood within the principles of resonance and Oneness.

We are part of positive, sustaining powers of "active love" which can provide happiness at any and all times should we choose to accept it. We have only to recognize the harmonious interactions and energy balances which are the basis of the true sustaining physics of the universe. Humankind is going through experiences of energy incarnation, but we are surrounded with love-powered emanations or higher resonant radiations; we only need to recognize the great Joy of being part of a thinking and feeling process of Infinite Creation. Leaving behind the separation of the without and within, we can see how brothers and sisters are as "One" in the greater unfoldment of life.

Dr J. J. Hurtak Ph.D. Ph.D, Biography
Dr J. J. Hurtak, Ph.D. Ph.D, is the Founder and President of The Academy for Future Science. He is a social scientist , scholar futurist and remote sensing specialist. Who has written, translated, and published over fifteen books, including those on the ancient Coptic texts illustrating Jesus's work and especially involving the "Lost Scriptures" being found in the Middle East. Dr. Hurtak is also an anthropologist and archeologist

Dr. Hurtak http://www.gizapyramid.com/BIO-Hurtak.htm was the first to predict the pyramidal landforms on Mars and release the actual film documents of the pyramids in the Elysium area of Mars in 1973. He is best known for this book entitled The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® where in the early 1970s he published the unusual relationship of the star shafts in the Great Pyramid with the "Belt" of Orion.

With this understanding of the uniqueness of the alignment of the star shafts, Dr. Hurtak was one of the first to study these shafts using sophisticated technology including laser measurements in the Great Pyramid in 1977 and one of the first to do a systematic study of the acoustical-musical properties of the rooms in the Great Pyramid.

He holds six international gold and platinum metal awards for his film and graphics work including, INITIATION (www.initiation.cc), an interactive CD-Rom using mathematics, actual architecture, and paraphysical symbols to allow the viewer to experience the major structures and rooms of the Egyptian pyramids on the Giza Plateau. His most recent acclaimed film is THE LIGHT BODY which is a futuristic voyage to sacred areas around the world.

The Academy for Future Science

The Book of Knowledge:
The Keys of Enoch

Prayer for Middle East Peace

Planetary Change and the Power of Prayer

Desiree Hurtak
The wife of Dr J.J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak is an international relations expert and author. Her recent work involves environmental studies and the film documentation of indigenous cultures to preserve their cultural heritage. To this end, she has also studied and written on the philosophies and literature of various ancient cultures including Egypt and Mesoamerica to understand their importance in our evolving society.