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Healing and Education
by Dr Michael Ellis


This article is also a plea for the establishment of a new political Party which rests its credentials on the foundations of Peace, Health and Education.

In Torwards theTwenty First Century

I state
Similarly, the modern state with its industrial-military complex in the hands of a comparatively few people has a tendency to dictate the course of society and suppress any full expression of individuality amongst the masses of the population. The dangerous habit of our age is to think only of large numbers, mass organisations and mega deaths.

Even in our so called Democratic Societies of the Developed World there isa materialistic tendency based on Economic rationalism which using the Darwinian Dogma of the Surviaval of the fittest places priority on economics at the expense of environmental and societal degradation and education based on a reductive old paradigm .There is no Department of Peace attached to any Government.


We live in a disenfranchised community with massive health problems. The major cause of morbidity and mortality in the States is medical treatment itself, followed closely by cancer and cardiovascular disease.This approximates to what is happening in Australia. People have lost the art of healing themselves and the medical profession is there only to support the pharmaceutical industries whose combined profits have gross GDP's greater than the developing world. These profits come to almost one trillion dollars a year. There is also an epidemic of depression, stress, diabetes, dementia, inequity and poverty in the world which are all diseases.

The biomedical model is based on the premise that human beings are machines and that if they're ill the components of the machine need to be replaced.

This notion of disease has been present since the beginning of science in the western society initiated by Francis Bacon in the 17th century. Doctors are not here to manipulate patients or to destroy illness but this is exactly what pharmaceutical chemicals do. They target one organ and at the same time the side affects rampage throughout the body creating toxicity.

We have to understand that life is a support system and living should be an enjoyable health giving process. Our cells and our bodies are geared to survive and have enormous facilities for survival. In the body as on the planet every part contributes to the wellbeing of the whole. Just as our cells are all connected, human beings on the planet are all connected. Just as our cells and our living system are conscious, our whole planet is conscious. It is this consciousness and awareness that can give rise to healing and a sense of cooperation and interconnectedness.

It is the climate of fear induced by global inequity and stress, the lack of parental care, the lack of nurturing of children, the increase of one child families, lack of education and an emphasis on economic survival at the expense of anything else which creates the severe stress which is a prerequisite to the diseases of western civilization.

The health system is collapsing as more and more expensive drugs are produced with more and more side affects. People are taught to become consumers of medicine. In our society there is no emphasis on prevention of illness or promotion of health-- in fact medicare rebates will not be given for such activities.

The doctor patient relationship is no longer a partnership or even an opportunity for rapport when doctors are not taught that they are healers but have to conform to prescribed protocols, advanced by pharmaceutical companies for the sake of maximizing profits. The general practice and the specialist rooms are pure conveyor belts for the purpose of making money. Healing has gone out of the window.

We need a new kind of Medicine which is based on the best of allopathic, nutrition and environmental ,mind-body and vibrational medicine. We need to take into account the power of other forms of healing such as meditation, visualization, relaxation, hypnotherapy, laying of hands, reiki and intercessory prayer. There are courses in intercessory prayer in over 50 major universities in the US.

The essence of healing is based not on organ dysfunction but on the persons maladaptive relationship to his life and the reality he creates around himself. Professor Michael Marmot has indeed emphasized the 10 social determinants of health. These include a sense of self mastery and empowerment, a need to feel part of a community as well as adequate nutrition and the need to live in a local community, rather than have to travel long distances to work. Social exclusion and marginalization are indicators of premature death and degenerative disease and lack of self empowerment and inability to feel a sense of mastery at work is a prerequisite for cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

Thus we need to understand that in order to create a new health system we have to understand our relationship between ourselves and our communities and to specifically seek to release stress in ourselves including yoga and regular meditation.

If our hospitals were caring, loving institutions the morbidity that is attached to hospital admission would be significantly decreased. If even our physicians at times stopped before an operating session or consultation to utter a short prayer or our nurses were to gather together in groups to meditate in silence this would have a tremendously positive effect on their own work and the attitudes and lives of the patients in the hospitals.

The key to healing is relationship. Being loved is about being seen and being able to express yourself in a situation where you can be heard. Dean Ornish has said that as little as 6 weeks in a loving supportive group can affect recurrence in death rates in cancer years later.

Thus social relationships impact on our physiology. The most famous scientific trials are the increased survival times in patients with breast cancer attending support groups (David Speigel) and stress reduction techniques on healing malignant melanoma (Fauzey & Fauzey) and the reduction of heart disease with a comprehensive lifestyle program treating the mind and body (Dean Ornish).


The educational system is here for sustaining an economic and political order which is creating a wide spread human suffering and environmental degradation. It is compartmentalized and doesn't educate for life or emotional intelligence.

The education system is still ensconsed in Victorian and archaic ways of thinking. Many teachers would love to be able to spread their wings to nurture and teach their pupils creativity and meditation in a more wholistic and nurturing way. This kind of education not only liberates the teacher giving them more freedom and less restriction to an outmoded curriculum, but of course also liberates the child to their learning potential.

Dr Paul Wild has said that "Teaching is the only profession where a teacher could do a time travel over the past several hundred years and start work immediately - so familiar are the structures and layouts and power relations that they haven't changed all that much over the past 300 years. In fact our schools, hospitals and prisons have much in common both in their operations and their derivation with the ancient Roman bureaucratic (hierarchy and regimentation) method of organising troops - the Decurion".

Our so called enlightened post constructional pluralistic education doesn't feed the billions of hungry folk on earth, or heal the sick and dying children. It has been said that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong deep within pedagogy.

There seems to be a great divide between the educated, professional and industrial elite and normal everyday people. An academic has to follow certain prescribed rules and regulations and remain focused on his/her particular discipline. This means that in universities there is no real integration between various disciplines and rarely do scientists and academics see the whole picture.

In fact, science has become a religion for the public and people accept an objective reality as being truth rather than looking at more humane issues such as values, altruism, consciousness, conscience, or truth. These life issues are rarely dealt with in a holistic way in universities and are not subjects which are developed in educational systems.

In a way science has become a rather restrictive monolith preventing true freedom of the human spirit.
Ralston Saul, the Canadian philosopher, has made the point that there is an enormous hiatus between the educated elite taught in their special schools and universities and concentrating on idealistic values and accumulation of wealth and the ordinary person who is purely fodder for sustaining an economic, political order which is creating widespread human suffering and environmental degradation.

Education is compartmentalised and does not educate for life or emotional intelligence. Education should be about building the individual citizens of tomorrow who will be able to seek singly and jointly to answer the question 'how then should we live together today for a better world tomorrow for our children?'

The educational system as it stands takes on a male oriented left brained parochial linear narrow conservative logical and didactic process.

This is not the fault of the teachers but is the way they have been brought up. It is curriculum based and lacks vision. For the future we need planetary consciousness, visioning of the future, creativity and innovation.

The paradigm shift that is currently occurring on the planet recognizes that the observer influences the observed. It places emphasis on renewal and creativity and the left and right brains working together as we seek to integrate ourselves by actualizing full brain power and hidden human creative potential.

Education should be to recognize the ultimate value and dignity in human life, Yet we see that Education has absolutely no affect on the anomic disempowered community around us, destabilized by dysfunctionality, depression, chronic disease and materialism.

Why are not children at least taught to understand the pernicious nature of the written media and TV. Why aren't they taught to be more investigative and aware of the way these forms of communication can affect them adversely.

They need to be able to make reasoned and understanding choices and enhance their own emotional and intuitive awareness. But this kind of process is all but ignored in schools and subject to the whims of families, who are often driven by anxieties and fears based on financial pressures and health problems.

In education we should seek for the freedom of expression and artistic and intellectual freedom. Why are our children and students pure fodder for the sake of the big transnational companies and economic rationalism? Do they even know what economic rationalism is and that as pensioners most Australians will exist on less than $30,000 a year?


We are in a global crisis in terms of population, health and environmental degradation. Health, education and global peace are matters which are inextricably connected. As a nation Australia cannot separate itself from the destiny of other nations, and as a planet we have only 10-12 years left to be either severely mutilated or create a sustainable community or environment.

We need a new peace consciousness in the world and this is at all levels of society as an organizing principle, coordinating service to every level of Australian society. The Health , Education and Peace Party will also endeavor to promote justice and democratic principles, to expand human rights and strengthen non-military means of peacemaking.

During the 20th Century, over 100 million people lost their lives to war - most of whom were non-combatants. Now, as we are well into the 21st century, the extent and current speed of nuclear proliferation makes the achievement of non-violent alternatives to war the most urgent need of the human race. From the growing rate of domestic violence to increasing problems of international violence, we have no more serious problem in our midst than the problem of violence itself. From child abuse to genocide, from the murder of one to the slaughter of thousands, it is increasingly senseless to merely wait until violence has erupted before addressing the deeper well from which it springs. The problem of violence is a many layered one, and its solution will be, as well.

The Health , Education and Peace Party represents an important collective effort, as citizens, to do everything we possibly can to save the world for our children's children.

Throughout Australia, there are many peace-builders and peace-building projects. Those skilled in ameliorating the effects of violence - from conflict resolution experts to nonviolent communicators - have proven their effectiveness at treating root causes of violence. Peace is more than the absence of war; it is a positive state of being predicated on the presence of a peaceful heart.

Our mission is to move this realization from the margins of our political dialogue to its rightful, central place within our national understanding. The humanitarian impulse to foster brotherhood and justice is not just a utopian ideal; it is an issue critical to Australian security and Well being.

Domestically, we will develop policies and allocate resources to effectively reduce the levels of domestic and gang violence, child abuse, and various other forms of societal discord. Internationally, we will advise Parliament on the most sophisticated ideas and techniques regarding peace-creation among nations.
The aim of The Health , Education and Peace Party is to educate and inspire thousands throughout the country with the knowledge, skill and enthusiasm to become powerful supporters.


Dr Michael Ellis, Chief Editor and Creative vision behind The New Paradigm Journal, www.newparadigmjournal.com is an English trained Doctor with over 20 years of General Practice experience both in the UK and in Australia. He has higher qualifications in general medicine and paediatrics. He has a special interest in Mind/ Body medicine and in optimising the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual.

As well as his medical qualifications, Dr Ellis also has an Honours Degree in Literature, Arts, Philosophy and Social Psychology. He also has Naturopathic qualifications.

He is Co-Founder of The Medical Renaissance Group www.medicalrenaissance.com. with Dr Jager Holly. He is also Founder and President of the Global Citizens for Peace, www.globalcitizens.org. In conjunction with the Centre for Change in the Third Millenium www.centreforchange.org founded by Dr Michael Ellis, the Global Citizens for Peace, is an open forum and on going dialogue for humankind in key issues affecting sustainable survival and the search for solutions. The aim is the creation of a planetary peace culture.

Dr Ellis has a keen interest in the plight of the ordinary GP and is concerned in creating a more sustainable and caring health system and healing culture for both doctors and the community. Because of this he established the Medical Renaissance Movement with Dr Jager Holly in 2001 in Australia. The Medical Renaissance Movement supports preventative nutritional Mind Body Medicine and Wellness Medicine and sees healing as being a unique partnership between the doctor and the patient. He is on the Executive Board of the Australian Integrative Medical Association (AIMA), http://www.aima.net.au/, Executive Board of World CME http://www.WorldCME.com/ and Executive Board of Child Watch http://www.child-watch.org/

Dr Ellis has conducted seminars on Globalisation, and Wellness at the Post Graduate School of Medicine Swinburne University, Melbourne. He is also an international speaker on Integrative Medicine.

He is the Australian Representative Institute Noetic Sciences http://www.noetic.org/.

and Honorary Adviser, World Unity & Peace Education Department City Montessori School, Lucknow, India http://www.cmseducation.org.

He practices Nutritional and Environmental and Anti Aging Medicine in Kalorama Victoria. http://www.antiageingwellnessclinic.com/m.