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Editorial Introduction


The current edition of the New Paradigm Journal is encompassing the major changes that are occurring on the planet at the moment. We are indeed at a transitory period or a transition point and things are moving very, very rapidly in terms of consciousness and also technology.

A child born today has at his fingertips a whole world. The internet is so vast and the information is so vast that it would take a trillion brains to assimilate and comprehend all the information that is there. However, there is, it seems a mighty change occurring which is giving life to a new form of information and a new knowledge. This new form of information and knowledge is based on what we may call loosely The New Paradigm. It has been alluded to by Albert Einstein when he said " if human kind is to survive there has to be a substantially new manner of thinking".

Vaclav Havel, former President of Czechoslovakia, said we need a massive change in consciousness to survive. Certainly the current technology that we currently have is an aid to consciousness change. There is so much in terms of biofeedback for our brains and our hearts and so many ways by which we can monitor our breathing and our heart rhythms to try and cohere our very being into a new understanding and comprehension and intuitive realization of the nature of ourselves and our deep and intimate connection with our planet.

This has been taken even further by the large number of organizations that are creating global peace coherence bringing together many, many people around the world who through collective meditation and intention focus on changing unhappy events into positive outcomes even with respect to climate change itself. Al Gore's recent talk on TED was about the need for a change in consciousness if people are really to understand and comprehend that we are now at tipping point in terms of our planet and our survival on it.

Very few people seem to realize that , in order to survive, our states of mind have to become cooperative and mutually supportive. It can The threat of of nuclear Armageddon is being eclipsed by the unforgettable fight against the biosphere itself.

We are the unforgiving species in this process, as our ecological footprints eclipse and threaten the survival of the biological diversity of species that operates around us.

It is within this context that The New Paradigm journal is looking at ways in which we can cultivate and enhance wisdom, and bring together coherently the many different factors which enhance the subjective experience of our external relationship with the environment. Indeed it does seem now with the advent of quantum physics that our interior experiences are the basic core from which our external experiences manifest.

As Christopher Fry said, the biggest challenge we now face is the inner experience of exploring the heart of god and this process requires an inner journey to awakening. This awakening requires us to grasp the fundamental revolution and singularity that we are now facing.

In this journal we are grappling with the message of healing. In fact, healing and education are the keys to a new world. With the lap top computers, ipod, optical fibre networks and broadband we are seeing a new communication revolution. Who would have thought even 10 years ago we could talk to someone on video who was thousands of miles away.

This technology is very powerful and decentralizes what was before a centralized national economies and national governments. The decentralization occurs because we, as people ,have voices and are able to produce and give new information which is shattering the old paradigm. The old paradigm is linear,parochial, logical, controlling, authoritarian, Newtonian and restrictive. It sees the world and the universe as being materialistic and atoms are being made of tiny material balls.

The new paradigm on the other hand is intuitive, encompassing, expanding, and is based on the inextricable nature between all phenomena and all life. It sees everything as as working together, The new paradigm is more embracing, more feminine, creative and intuitive and sees things as going in non linear patterns and encompassing the human mind which can be seen as non local omniscient, infinite and based implicitly on love.

It sees that all human beings and all information is based on a universe which is primarily information in nature and which is based on nested hierarchies of system exchange in a giant cosmic self referential system in which we are all unique diamond like cells connected with each other. It is almost as if the millions and millions of mobile phones on the planet are like little symptoms or expressions of the unique diversity of what human kind is, separate, articulate beings, desperately trying to express our truth in oneness and in the process as the tipping point comes near we become irradiated with light and illuminated with hope.

And this hope and this illumination is the opportunity to reinvigorate not only ourselves but our world. This is why we need meditation, we need Buddhism, we need new forms of spirituality and we need ways in which we can transcend our being and understand our true nature.

This means transcending all differences between us, including religion,race, culture and belief in order that we reach that common, ground which is the basis of the ultimate singularity, the big bang, which produced us 14 billion years ago. It is strange that now in the year 2008 we are going from one singularity which occurred 15 billion years ago to a new singularity based on the evolution of consciousness itself. Consciousness when challenged at this level of being creates transformation rather than change.

Recently some paleontologists have mounted a challenge to the evolutionary theory of gradualism, which they find to be inconsistent with the fossil record made as species evolve. They interpret the fossil story as one of long periods with little or no change in the characteristics of a species, punctuated with (geologically) short periods of violent change in these characteristics. They created a revised model of evolution called punctuated equlibrium which suggests that most of the changes which together we call evolution occur mostly during these geologically short crisis periods.

The problem is that Evolutionary Biology is still firmly based on the geological historical hydraulic model of Victorian Darwinism and has no place for Quantum theory .

If we propose that punctuated equilibrium is propelled by vast quantum changes in possibilities of new life forms arising in nested environments we now can see that our planet is in the birth throws of evolving consciousness propelled by the dominant Human Species .

The prerequisite for change is in the vast ecological changes occurring, the sixth phase extinction of the biological diversity of species and the enormous changes in communication technology.

Our very self reflective consciousness is propelling us towards a critical mass of change.

Ilya Prigogine is known best due to his definition of dissipative structures and their role in thermodynamic systems far from equilibrium, a discovery that won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977.

A dissipative structure is an open system that maintains itself in state far from equilibrium. The dynamics of a dissipative structure specifically includes the spontaneous emergence of new form of order at points of instability. This phenomenon of emergence, also known as self-organization, has been recognized as the dynamic origin of growth, development, and evolution.

Humankind is now at that critical point where the spontaneous emergence of a new form of order is emerging. This new form is the groundwork and essence of consciousness which impels us to review our nature and the nature of all of life seeing it as an inextricable relationship between consciousness and all phenomena.