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World Parliament Experiment 2008
Bonn/Germany, February 23rd - March 2nd 2008
(Version 2.0 created by Daniela Stoycheva and Boyan Tanev)


We would like to invite you to the World Parliament Experiment which is going to take place during the week of February 23rd - March 2nd 2008 in the city of Bonn, Germany. Unique about this event is that it has the ambition of being the first of its kind focusing exclusively on the World Parliament Experiment with its own structure and organization. Our aim is together with you to make this live World Parliament Experiment event as international and democratic as possible.

What is the World Parliament Experiment (WPE)?
The idea of a WPE comes as a part of the debate on democratic world order and how it can be improved. The current forum has the objective to test the viability of an institution (a World Assembly), which to introduce an alternative to the democratic deficit existing today.

The participants in the event will be given the chance to:

  • attend lectures by experts on topics on the global agenda such as conflicts, human rights, environment and sustainable development, etc. and participate in the discussions
  • test their intellectual, leadership and speaker's skills in an international environment
  • participate in the debate, vote, elect or be elected as representatives in a simulated World Parliament (WP)
  • in addition, everyone will be entitled to introduce proposals and amendments which will be incorporated in the agenda as long as they gain the support of the majority of participants.

The simulated World Parliament will be based on the principle "one person - one-vote", thus leaving it up to you what decisions will be taken as a result.

The experiment will draw upon the experience made during the ISFiT 2007 (International Student Festival in Trondheim, see: http://www.isfit.org/wpe and http://www.tgde.org/isfit), where it was successfully conducted with more than 400 participants from more than 100 countries. Therefore our invitation addresses those who already took part in the ISFiT WPE as well as all other applicants who wish to be part of this extraordinary event. To encourage as much as possible the democratic spirit of the simulation a simultaneous online participation (discussions and voting) at http://www.world-parliament.org will be enabled for those who will not be able to attend the live event but still wish to make their voices heard.

The working language will be English.


The WPE will create awareness of issues concerning not only our global, but also local communities. It will contribute to the understanding between people by bringing students from many cultures together who in the course of a week will have to work together, discuss and take joint decisions. We expect that live events on the World Parliament Project will bring about a wider discussion on concerns about global democratic world order among people and on the international political stage. Our hopes are that as time progresses such an institution will gain popularity which will consequently bring along legitimacy and formal competencies of its decisions.

Mission and Goals

The organizing group aims by using the lessons learned at ISFIT and the intellectual skills and point of view of each one of the organizers to create such a simulation of a World Parliament which to be based on democratic principles and approachable for people from as many nationalities as possible and give them the opportunity to express their opinion on the issues discussed. In doing this the organizers will at all stages endeavour to uphold the principle that anyone should be able to influence any aspects of the project, if there is enough support.

Do you want to participate?

This is the place to sign-up: http://www.tgde.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1096

There is no participation fee. The lodging and meals are for free and the organizing group is trying to find sponsorship, so that some participants can also receive travel support. In this way, we want to assure that everyone interested in coming to the event will have the possibility to join it.

Do you want to join the organizing team?
This is the place to sign-up: http://www.tgde.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=966

Do you want to participate in the discussion about the event?
This is our forum: http://www.tgde.org/forum