Each Star Has A Place
by Dr. Michael Ellis

The Galaxy - 28 million light years from Earth

  Each star has a place.
Each galaxy a space.
Each twig a reflection.
Of the embracing tree.
Each ripple, a fingerprint.
Set in time and place.
And beyond in endless space.

Each jewel is set

In oneness.
In an endless ring of time.
Each moment has its place.
Each person plays their chips.
In the universal casino of space.
Each part has an investment.
In the richness of change.
Each inventory has a key
To the cosmic safe

Humankind has reached a state of development in which old modes of thinking and behaving threaten to destroy human civilisation. The aim of this human development and poverty feature of The new Paradigm Iournal is to make a diagnosis and look at the causes before defining possible solutions which involves the creation of a new paradigm integrating spirituality and science.

The New Paradigm Journal in conjunction with The Global Citizens For Peace aims to create a platform which mobilises youth, talent and creativity in developing a more participatory and equal World?

We need to get onside, some of the world's great innovators and social entrepreneurs who are creating a more equal and participatory world, and ask them to be on a panel,which would assess the great social and environmental and political achievements for societal well-being, environmental sustainability and international peace occurring in Australia and in the world at large.

We need your help, your vision and your participation to create this panel, a web site and a TV show, which will focus on these themes, thereby educating the public as to the best projects they can create for the well-being of all of Australian and Global society
At the beginning of the 21st century the world now finds itself teetering on the brink of what some would call holy war or a clash of civilizations divided along spiritual lines. Of course, international politics and policies of economic globalization make everything much more complicated than that, but the fundamental human predisposition for conflict and separation remains firmly established.
That is why a spirituality of oneness would be such an extraordinary leap forward in human thinking.

The big difference between our age and any previous times when new spiritual ideas surfaced, is that we are now experiencing the interconnected effect of spirituality with ecology and technology. Most people who give serious thought to our existential predicament know that we face a big turn around in how we live together on the planet.That big turning will not be inspired by spirituality alone, but by its integration with ecology and technology-comprising three pillars of transformation.

The new spirituality will be informed by ,as well as inform new technology, both being mediated by a deeper appreciation of ecology. All three forces acting together have the potential to produce a transformation of life on the planet greater than any so far recorded in human history and coming faster than anything humanity has previously experienced.

Nebula NGC 2392, called Eskimo

We need a substantially new manner of thinking and a massive change in consciousness if we are as a species to survive sustainability.

Einstein, made this quote regarding a substantially new manner of thinking. Vlakav Havel made the quote - a massive change of consciousness.

The new manner of thinking is based on the intuitive capacity of the brain and was expressed in the book by Marilyn Ferguson in the 1960s called the Aquarium Conspiracy. In this book, she contrasted the logical parochial, materialistic positivist reductive linear way of thinking with the more encompassing holistic intuitive, creative and all-inclusive wave thinking, which has since been called the new paradigm.

The new way of thinking is also being stimulated by advances in the science of consciousness and an understanding that psi, Telepathy, Psychokinesis and remote viewing are now more evidence based, then double-blind drug trials in medicine.

Since 1905, when Einstein released his first papers on quantum mechanics, the science of physics, biology. Life sciences and medical science have been based on a new order of understanding regarding the nature of existence.

What this means is that the predominant process by which information is transmitted and received within the universe and within the human body is based on energy and waveforms, rather than material forms.

In 1982, Alain Aspect showed how If two electrons are paired then no matter where they are in the universe,If one changes, their spin then the other one will change instantaneously.

This kind of process is called entanglement. This means that everything in the universe is basically entangled and connected. Not only on a micro scale, but also on the Macro scale.
This indeed is the basis for philosophy of oneness.

Classical physics is based on reality, strict causality and locality in terms of time and space.
Quantum physics, sees reality, as transcending time and space and causality is no longer the strict cause and effect that we see around us, as it is quantum entangled and instantaneous.

One of the greatest commitments of Albert Einstein was to see the universe as one seamless whole and he felt that physics had to in some way reflect that. In deep experiences of meditation and high experiences of transcendental bliss, time seems to stand still and the illusion of separation and isolation that human beings feel seems to melt away into a sense of seamless expression of connectedness in the sense that we are all in a giant ocean of wholeness and oneness.

This sense of separation and yet connectedness that human beings have, is a paradox. It is the way the perssimon fruit is sour and yet turns sweet in the sun or the way the element of light can be a proton or particle and a waveform at the same time.

Perhaps this is the key to localised and non localised consciousness which we all experience at times.

There are also according to Larry Dossey. Editor of the journal, Alternative Therapies to Health and Medicine, interpersonal, non local, consciousness mediated events through which one individual can influence another individuals health. He talks of an extended model of consciousness and interpersonal influence.

The mystic paradox is to hold the vision of oneness even though things appear separate and it is based on the heart. Joan Borysenko PhD

The Trifid Nebula. A 'stellar nursery', 9,000 light years away.

Garry Schwartz PhD Psychology and Psychiatry University of Arizona Medical School and Director of Human Energy Systems Laboratory has compared love to the fundamental attractive process comparing love and loving to the relationship which occurs in all systems. He compares love to gravity seeing it as the glue that holds the universe together. To go one step further we may call it the enlightened law that integrates all universes and from which all phenomena derive.

When we try and impose our knowledge, information and preconceptions on ourselves and our connection with the universal consciousness, we impose our own ideas of what it is and therefore distance ourselves from it even further. Thus we constantly objectify this knowledge rather than become part of it. Perhaps the only way we can become part of this biological synthesis which is universal intelligence or divinity or consciousness or the sacred is to take that leap of faith into the unknown or into the very essence of who we are namely - self actualised human beings.

The journey to this authentic self is the crossing of this final frontier to the unknown potentials of the mind of humanity.

As human beings we are able to access this understanding and wisdom. In fact this understanding and wisdom is common to all of us and is a groundwork to our authentic selves. By reaching into this level of being and being open to the unknowable, we are able to make new causes.

By being in the context of this ground and realising that we are not our stories and other content of thought or a set pattern of desires and thoughts we become aware that our existence and authenticity is based on the context of being from which we can choose to live and realise our dreams. At the same time our context of being gives us the understanding that we and all other human beings and sentience are part of the omnipresent realm of possibility.

By having the opportunity to be at cause, this allows us the responsibility to use cosmic imagination to invent new meanings. Use of words then becomes a measure of integrity and an opportunity for manifestation. This is further reinforced when we involve others in our declaration of fulfillment of the self and others around us in order to create a more integral world free from self imposed limitations.

These limitations have been variously described as the three poisons of anger, greed and stupidity in Buddhism, the 'id' of Freud, the character structure of the psychic agency of the family (Erich Fromm) and the genetic or biological basis of inherited characteristics.

The concept here is that the alignment with the truth of the authentic self melts away sufferings like dew in the morning sun.

The fundamental law of the universe is a metaparadigm or substrate from which all phenomena arise.

By its very nature, it is consciousness and wisdom itself and transcends all human beings and all phenomenal laws and yet contains them within itself.

Rather than material phenomena it is consciousness that is the basis of all things whether localised or non localised.

Although human beings may have finite bodies, they have infinite minds.

Cone Nebula. is 2.5 light years in length

The latest science shows that our DNA is purely an blueprint, which we can modify--- that is, we can change its expression. It has been found in some instances that environmental circumstances can change DNA.

John Cairns of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston set out to test the dogma that mutations occur at the same rate whether or not they provided an advantage, . Cairns examined bacteria that were deficient in their ability to utilise the milk sugar lactose. When he exposed these bacteria to conditions in which lactose was the only food source, they starved. The cells did not die but instead went into a suspended animation state, called dormancy. Dormancy was a well-known phenomenon so Cairns was not surprised to find that his bacteria managed to survive in this state for many weeks. What did come as a surprise was the discovery that, after a lag period of a day or two, several of his bacterial cells managed to grow and replicate. These replicating cells had acquired a mutation that allowed them to feed on the lactose. What was even more surprising was his observation that the cells only acquired these lactose-eating mutations when lactose was available. Cairn's observations were published in 1988 in the prestigious science journal Nature. If the bacteria can change their DNA in respond to changing is environmental situations, what can we as human beings do with our conscious minds.

The Institute of HeartMath® is a recognized global leader in researching the critical link among emotions, heart-brain communication and cognitive function. The HeartMath model proposes that coherent energy structures exist in the quantum vacuum, and these structures are organized according to principles of quantum holography and form "holographic blueprints" that serve to maintain and evolve the organization of biological and physical structures. These structures project an epigenetic information field that guides cell organization and sets the boundaries for an organism's ability to vary in its physical, mental, and emotional domains. The term epigenetics, as used here, refers to the science that studies how the development, functioning, and evolution of biological systems are influenced by forces operating outside the primary DNA sequence of the genome (i.e., intracellular, environmental, and energetic influences). http://www.heartmath.org/research/research-intuition/overview.html

We have before us succinctly in the new science of consciousness, a basic philosophy and metaphysics of life, which is completely at variance with the Victorian ideal of survival of the fittest and Darwinian evolution if. In harmony with the deep rhythms of nature the new science, says that everything is connected with everything else. We exist upon and within an ocean of life, which is the field of resonating transforming entities of possibility. Like indeed, is based on the innates opportunity of creativity, inherent potential and abundance. It as our enculturation and conformity to outmoded patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking which creates the survival patterns of narcissism, arrogance, destructive competition, expectation of resources and the cultivation of the military industrial machine.

The New Paradigm Journal deplores the cultivation of greed and consumerism at the expense of a rapid deteriorating environment and biodiversity extinction. Economic rationalism is intimately connected with the major problems in this world of exclusion, marginalization and unemployment of groups of people and disempowerment of many people. Inequity, overpopulation and poverty are all interrelated(see social determinants of health, reference 1)

The deprived people on the planet, the majority of whom are in the developing world are exposed to shame and exploitation. As a result of this, particularly in the developing nations, there is a backlash of protectionism, nationalism, fanatacism, terrorism and increasing war. Centralization, consolidation of resources, building bigger transnational companies, consolidating free trade areas and unification among groups of nations, is the way the developed world is trying to protect itself against globalization, and the exponential growth of world populations, attempting to inure itself against possible misery and deprivation for its own population.

The principal adverse events which the global community has to deal with, in the next 100 years, are famine, global spread of disease, civil war, international wars, competing for scare resources, civil disorder amongst the haves and have nots, housing shortages, a highly materialistic ethos and the possibility of human extinction. Human beings, have already changed the environment of the planet radically, and caused many bio extinctions of other species. If current trends continue, the picture will get worse.

The projected extra 6 billion people in the next 100 years (predicted for 2020), will need more room to live and grow food. If there are more of us there is less room for plants and animals.

There is less room for the tropical forests and the planetary biodiversity of species. Human beings are causing extinctions at 100 to 10,000 times the natural rate - the greatest wave of extinctions since the end of the cretaceous period, 65 million years ago (when the dinosaurs were annihilated). We are now at at the sixth phase of the of biodiversity extinction.

The aim of the New Paradigm Journal as an open dialogue is to recognise those initiatives on earth that are in their own way helping our planet come together in Global Resonance and Oneness

The core of the dialogue comes from the heart.

The Cat's Eye Nebula

The nature of the dialogue is to create positive action, which can affect conflict resolution and deal with violence, nationally and internationally. The key is a strategy to create action to deliver conscious well being and material well-being to those people who are seriously compromised in the world through in equity and through the ravages of war The aim of the strategy is as enable people to consciously evolve a sense of conscious well being from the heart

It takes work and effort to see another person as a reflection of oneself. It also requires. I believe, a new language, which brings together spirituality and religions towards a transcendent theme. Global resonance is a term which has within it the aspect of synergy and harmony. I believe that the new language, which can integrate consciousness in the context of a changing society is the language of science. Using terms, which are not emotionally charged can still bring together and incorporate the basic themes of all religion and spirituality.

Bruce Lipton tells us that when we look carefully at the behaviour of cells we see that the nucleus is NOT the operator of the cell as once believed. Rather we see the DNA is like a machine that is connected to the thousands of cell wall receptors which respond to epigenetic stimuli, whether they be chemical, environmental or spiritual.

The information inherent in universe is very different from information that we create, in terms of electromagnetic impulses. It is of a much higher resonance and quality. Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff the famous spiritual teacher talked about this in his book the Fourth Way and analysed this essence in the form of a hierarchical holonomic analysis

We have to distinguish between that information, which is embedded in the brain, which is based in the hind brain and the basic needs of the survival and reproduction and the higher creative functions of the pre-frontal cortex.

The most important thing about the central nervous system ever discovered is that the prefrontal cortex on which our higher attributes of love ,care creativity and n spiituality depend devlops according to the mother`s love for the child in the womb and in the next 6 years of life. See http://www.ttfuture.org/services/joseph_pearce/main.htm.
The brain at age 7 has 60 % more neurones than at birth but then resculptures itself up to the age of 21 developing more the logicak analytical ntellect.

Two merging galaxies called NGC 2207 and IC 2163 in the distant Canis Major 114 million light years away.

Enculturation which is conflictual and negating will fragment the orbito frontal loop of brain from the prefrontal cortw which leads to lack of integration with mid and hind brains and the subsequent societal tendency to violence and fear and anger This is shown in the fact that the USA has the highest degree of child suicide in the World fron m age 3 up to 24 due basically to the fear of abandenment or sense of lack of love.

However, Humanity is growing, evolving, birthing transforming through many societal philosophical scientific and technological processes. To effect real change in the world we have to understand the underpinnings of societal belief in technology, biology.economics, science,psychology, medicine etc etc The underpinnings is now fanging to the new science of consciousness, which can quite adequately bring together all the various religions and spiritualities and ancient wisdom into a comprehensive wholeness, which by its very nature can lead to conflict resolution and the birthing of a more tolerant and loving human family.

Don Beck has categorised this process of approaching a more cosmic integral and encompassing Humnanness as the integral or turquoise person.

We need to understand how the new systems theory and quantum science and integral healing are the pre requisites of the new Global Society.

Monotheism has all the colouring of Deus ex Machina, a parochial god driven universe. a conflict of Religions based on Abrahamic traditions and a theocracy of divine revelation

The major realization of our age, is to understand that the Universe is built and exists and CONTAINS itself on and within the ground of the consciousness of comprehensive compassion, we have to understand the above all else,in contradistinction to the Pauline Gospel, we live in a self-referential interconnected world, which is not based on punishment or sin but on a pervasive dharma or field of love.

This is the mystic essence of enlightenment present even in the most minute particles and elements of matter/ energy.

A halo of light around a star in the Milky Way

We have to reevaluate ourselves as human beings and realise that we have within us the innate capacity to heal not only ourselves but all those around us.

The new medicine has to apply not only to our patients and clients but to systems, organisations and above all governments.

Allopathic medicine by its very nature attacks the source of the disease. This means that if you attack the diseased patient you are likely to kill them and in fact medical treatment is a third commonest cause of morbidity and mortality in the Western world.

In the developing world the major cause of illness and death is of course still infectious disease with enormous child morbidity and mortality.

It is about time that as Healers and doctors and as global citizens, taking on an holistic approach, we need to act politically as well as within the medical system or within any system we are working in whether it be educational, scienific, Information technology, Government, economics etc etc etc.

It is time that we begin to bring healing into the context of society on a global and political level if we are to create a more sustainable and happy humanity.

Sir Michael Marmot is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health and Director of the International Centre for Health and Society at University College London, as well as Adjunct Professor of Health and Social Behaviour at the Harvard School of Public Health Sir Michael Marmot has said that even in the most affluent countries people who are less well off have substantially shorter life expectancies than the rich. Professor Marmot for the World Health Organization defined ten social determinants of health for the World Health Organisation. The details are given below. What is significant from these determinants is that stress harms health and people become vulnerable to a wide range of major conditions including, cardiovascular disease, infections and diabetes. It has also been shown that social exclusion creates illness and morbidity. The message is that when people feel loved and are in jobs that they relate to and feel happy with and are in communities that are supporting they are likely to live longer and fulfilling lives. Whereas exclusion within communities and work and unemployment and lack of social support creates a wide range of diseases that we see nowadays in our society including depression, cancer, cardiovascular disease and premature death.

The Ten Social Determinants of Health are:

  1. Social and economic circumstances strongly effect health throughout life.
  2. 2. Stress harms health.
  3. 3. The effects of early development in the neo-natal period and infancy last a lifetime.
  4. 4. Social exclusion creates suffering and morbidity.
  5. 5. Stress in the workplace increases the risk of disease.
  6. 6. Job security increases health, well-being and job satisfaction. Unemployment is deleterious to health.
  7. 7. Social support, friendship, good social relations and strong supportive networks improve health at home, work and in the community.
  8. 8. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is influenced by social determinants.
  9. 9. Nutrition is a key determinant of health.
  10. 10. Transport through the use of walking and exercise in a sustainable environment enhances health.

"Love alone is capable of uniting living beings is such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves. Understanding, co-operation and love are the keys to human survival." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

mechanisms, but only by changing the hearts and minds of men and speaking courageously'. - Albert Einstein Dr Michael Ellis www.globalcitizensforpeace.org, www.centreforchange.org www.medicalrenaissance.org, www.newparadigmjournal.com

Michael Ellis



I see a global citizen as being self empowering, autonomous, free and integral and able to heal themselves and others and become as Barbara Marx Hubbard has said the new kind of Human evolution or the human being who has a more enlightened consciousness and who Don Beck calls the turquoise or integral human being. The cultural creative 50 million of who are in America are examples of these works in process.
I think we need to realize that as human beings we have tremendous unrealized potential that we're not expressing.

I often sit back amazed at the enormous in equity in the world. The figures are astounding - 3 billion people exist at starvation level or on less than two dollars a day in the developing world and a child dies of avoidable illness. Every few seconds,
The current economic model of economic rationalism is the foundation for a global monetocracy, which is more concerned about the accumulation of power and materialism rather than any understanding of human values.

Ralston Saul, the Canadian philosopher has expressed his concern that in the Western world, education is dumbed down for the majority of people. In true democracy, we would expect education to be a life long process, which would be an integral part of a sustainable civilization.

In fact, good education is found only in those educational centers, which service the elite, who are then no longer in touch with the general ways of society.
This is seen also in universities, where the fragmentation of disciplines, leads to a complete distinction for example between economics and ecology, medicine and the living process, education and true creativity. The whole thing is based on faulty linear thinking, which forgets the basic nature of who, and what' we are the underpinning of our conceptions of reality are being changed by the consciousness and quantum revolution, for example, the old paradigm is Newtonian, logical, materialistic, objective and reductive where as the new paradigm is intuitive, holistic, interconnected, energetic.

Whether it is possible because of these vast changes to really change the world by applying and informing groups of people to join together in certain ways to create specific kinds of groups and organizations is debatable. This is because the changes are already happening and are imprinting themselves in subtle ways on the consciousness of the masses. We only have to look at the way quantum physics is affecting technology from digital watches to microprocessors and computers.

There are so many thousands of groups around the world many in America who are all trying to spread the message. For example, there is the Global Consciousness project at Princeton University with Roger Nelson, there is Be the Change initiated by Sir John Whitmore which is giving people the information and technology to spread the message to groups, especially in the Western world. There is also the enormous rise of Buddhism in Australia which is the fastest growing religion here. It is not really a religion, as Professor Balmers of the Department of Religion at Latrobe has said that Australians want to feel autonomous and empowered and want to create their own expression of love and compassion without being dictated to it by some organization. This was exactly the message that the Dalai Lama was saying when he was out here.

I think the key issue is bringing to politics the understanding of the new paradigm that everything is connected and everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else. We also need to look at non violent ways of dealing with conflict and addressing issues which are all connected nationally and internationally such as marginalization and exclusion of peoples, poverty and inequity in developed and developing world and the archaic destructive pharmaceutical ubiquitous medical system which is there to make money for pharmaceutical companies and not to heal people.
We also need to deal with energy and the way we can create non polluting energy for all people on the planet.


Dr Michael Ellis
Dr Michael Ellis Chief Editor and Creative vision behind The New Paradigm Magazine is an English trained Doctor with over 20 years of General Practice experience both in the UK and in Australia. He has higher qualifications in general medicine and paediatrics. He has a special interest in mind/ body medicine and in optimising the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual. As well as his medical qualifications, Dr Ellis also has qualifications in Literature, Arts, Philosophy and Social Psychology. He also has Naturopathic qualifications. He is Co Founder of The Centre for Change and The Medical renaissance Group Dr Ellis is a writer and author. Dr Ellis founded and convened an international conference - Conference Earth: Humanity and Planet Earth - 2001 and Beyond. This conference was held at and supported by Melbourne University on 17-19 November 1995 with 400 delegates, 50 workshop leaders and 10 international speakers attracting national media coverage. This series of Mindquest Conferences is now supported by the Research Institute "The Centre for Change" co founded by Dr Ellis in 2000 and he has since conducted regular seminars at Swinburne University, Melbourne on a wide range of topics related to the achievement of World Peace. His invited speakers have all been Leaders in their chosen fields. With Dr Pavel Kasyanov in 2002 he presented the paper entitled Transition to a Sustainable Civilisation at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002.