by Ram Varma and Jonathan Stemer


Johnathon: Ultimately, " the war on terror " which appears to be external is best dealt with on the internal battlefield of my own mind, heart and soul. If I emerge victorious in this battle which is so beautifully portrayed in the Bhagavad-Gita Gita with Krishna's counsel to Arjuna, then I walk in this world as a healing, transforming and awakening force that is a reflection of the One Life...

Ram: Thanks, for sharing your authentic reflections of the secret of the Truth that has always been there since day 1 of creation. I like your analogy of the exterior as a reflection of the inner. In other words, the inner is a cause of the effect that happens in the exterior. Cause and effect go together. If we remove the cause we remove the effect. If we don't care to deal with the root cause, then the effect cannot be truly dealt with. As an example:

The reason why duality persists is because false knowledg has not been removed. The attainment of Samadhi (deep meditation) is not a sufficient cause to eradicate false knowledge, and since false knowledge is the cause of bondage, Samadhi cannot therefore be the cause of liberation... Although it helps a whole lot in this direction...

To find real solutions to the worldly problems/challenges/opportunities, we do need to address them primarily within ourselves first. That's why knowing one's real state in true introspection is the number 1 starter in the process of true living of our lives. Of course, it is further followed by learning/developing skills/attitudes/behaviors to express the inner realized truth(s) in a way that in the arena of the world that offers challenges by way of its being the other way around, one can practically find a way (or ways) to real manifestation (being in sync with the Inner). Simply put, living the outer from the Inner is the essence.

This, as I understand it, is applicable to all in all the fields of life; be it social, be it political, be it economics, be it relationships... and be it... what not. And of course; both on an individual and collective levels too.

You are so right, when you refer to Gita which I personally find as a very thorough reference of the true living philosophy/guidance of life. To me, it contains all the unique religions expressed in One if one truly tries to understand its underlying essence that is common to all of us as a humanity. I have been referring to it as my main guide for the last 30 years. Everytime I read it, I listen to its exponents or refer to it for guidance, I get more and more in-depth relevant real message to dwell and move further with it in life. If you have seen movie, "Gandhi", we can appreciate that's what Gandhi used to do to see light and express that light in the real hard challenges of those times......to see freedom in the face of glaring suppression. That's how powerful it is. And it works. More so, when we have clarity/true intention accompanied by dedicated attention/conviction.

Please don't take it as a religious bit, at all. Rather, in openness, see the light in it through many unique ways that are suitable to us as unique beings. And in unique environments, charter your own way as guided from within from its own natural/effortless flow of energy. And this energy is free from any turmoil, prejuidice, dogma and retaliation etc. As it sees all the same as they are.... and as essentially we all are the same. Aren't we?

" We are free only in Spirit... Look inside for direction"... that's the underlying message contained there/here in...if I may dare to sum it up for brevity and clarity sake. And also for ready reference please.



Meditation Teacher *Author * Seminar leader
Author of This Splendid World of Yours and Be Still and Know

After spending more than 25 years in meditation, Self-empowerment, Sat Sang (spiritual understandings and associations)and live group facilitations in Canada, I have come to realize the following essence as the corner-stone of human living: Every human being is an element of God. And every human being has unlimited potential in him/her, but he/she is not aware of it because he/she is caught in the worldly illusions and has forgotten himself/herself and his/her original true nature. That's one strong reason for a person's sorrows, frustrations and sufferings. Just by remembering one's intrinsic nature and BEING with the Supreme Spirit that resides in the individual spirit, one can free oneself from such unnecessary pitfalls.

Jonathan works as a counselor/therapist and produces/hosts a local television program in Eugene, OR called The Healing Connection and has a website: http://www.holistichealingconnection.com/. He is interested in linking up with individuals. groups. organizations who are part of the growing movement in personal and planetary healing and transformation.