Time and Transcendence

by Dr Michael Ellis©2006


I awoke and stared out of the cage through the luminous porthole. I could see a vast array of stars motionless in a vast stillness. So intent was I looking at this luminous vista that I initially overlooked the rustling restless sounds in the other cages. I then realized that we had all been sleeping for several hundred years. Time for me seemed to have stood still. The cooling electromagnetic vibration technological devices for suspended animation had been retracted into the corners of the cages.

I was surprised at how efficiently the technology had worked. Indeed I was able to stand and move my arms and legs and my senses were clear and unblemished. My memory was returning as I hastened to place on my head the memory brain cap which could refresh my still mind and give new instructions as to how to prepare for our gradual descent.

I remembered the great golden ship floating gently from its moorings from the international space station. The plan for colonization of a new star system had been many years in the making. We had been chosen when only children and had attended special schools for what was called gifted children who had special abilities and powers.

I know that early in the twenty first century some of us would have been labelled as autistic savants or as suffering from attention deficit disorder and placed on pharmaceutical drugs which would have stunted our natural consciousness growth into forms of spiritual transcendence and extrasensory perception. All of us were clairvoyant and would see possible futures occurring often simultaneously

When the first Earth upheaval came none of us were shocked but we were deeply disturbed about the millions who had been swept under the Earth by the great rendering of the tectonic plates and the giant volcanic eruptions which had ensued

Prepared for a life in another star system aided by our extraordinary powers we were feted as the heroes of the new era which by the minority of the spiritual and intellectual elite was considered a journey into the depths of the inner mind of God as well as the infinity of space

The huge screens in the giant skyscraper cities were alit with our faces and laser light shows and great concerts were held for humanity to realize we were making this essential step for all, as each one of us came from a different race, culture and background

We were showing equality in the face of the increasing inequity on the World stage where for every educated and fed person there were one hundred starving or dieing Human Beings with no resources of food or water to sustain them

The media played games with the masses in the developed world which was constantly shrinking as resources diminished. The emphasis on Hollywood and politics, impending wars between our nations and a group of nations labeled the axis of evil numbed the senses of the ordinary populace to the true disastrous state of affairs as our Earth showed evidence of degradation and severe climate change and cataclysm

We gathered together on the main deck. There were eight of us, four men and four women, remnants of a now lost civilization. My tears flowed as I recalled the loved ones we had left behind, the lost skyscraper cities, the millions ravaged and decimated by the global catastrophe of floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, famine and drought. The fight for scarce resources had ended up in a nuclear confrontation in which no one was a winner.

Sarah the Indigo child, now a fully grown woman, looked into my eyes with mesmeric intensity. Instantly I could feel her love and compassion permeate every cell of my body.
In coherence and togetherness the eight of us traveled through the sea of time observing the grand epochs on earth, the beginnings of life, fifteen billion years previously and then the dawning of the cretaceous period with the massive evolution of tremendous biodiversity - a brilliant flowering of the primary genome that was Gaia. The blue magnificent jewel like orb which in our mutual eye of compassion we still held in our outstretched hands had now become a lifeless grey rock.

In this space we had stored many memories, sounds and the collective knowledge of humanity. We were all eight of us a collective mind, able to communicate instantly without the need for the spoken word. Able to transcend within our minds past, present and future, we were considered to have been the pioneers of a new humanity, expressing untold potential of creativity and the ability to affect material and quantum reality.

We clung together as a group melding and molding into a laser bright jewel of white coalescing light as we rejuvenated our bodies and prepared ourselves for countdown.

With absolute intensity we focused on the gradual descent past the roaring, incendiary intensity of this bright star towards the planet which was to be our home.

Tears rolled down our faces with deep compassion as we thought of earth, her blue oceans, her iridescent blue atmosphere, the greenness of her forests and her uniqueness. We knew there was now a need to let go and inform ourselves of the unknown environment we would be entering.

Love is a feeling of transcendence. Deep love indeed transcends space and time and transmutes the mundane to the jewel of transition.

As we entered the gusty atmosphere of the planet and saw its rim gradually come into the view of our space probe there was a blueness of oceans, a familiarity of landforms and a greenness of vegetation which was undeniably Gaia.

At the point of greatest disorder and perturbation a new order of a higher magnitude arises expressing the greater equilibrium of a new reality. Our ultimate spiritual fusion had created a critical mass for change beyond our wildest expectations. We had not only conquered time but also changed reality to embody earth as we knew it - a brilliant jewel in the vast canopy of stars.


Dr Michael Ellis

Dr Michael Ellis is a medical doctor, futurist, and peace worker, living in Melbourne.

Dr Ellis is Founder of The Medical Renaissance Group. The aim of The Medical Renaissance Group is to create a new kind of medicine which integrates mind, body and spirit, society and the environment.

He is also Founder of the Centre for Change which aims to create an openness of dialogue for men and women of goodwill, in order that we can find a way out of the current global crisis. It also aims to contribute to the creation of a planetary peace culture, which affirms our deepest respect for all life which makes up the biosphere.

Dr Ellis has higher qualifications in general medicine, paediatrics and nutritional medicine.

He has a special interest in mind-body medicine and in optimizing the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual. He is a Research Fellow at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Swinburne University, where he is particularly interested in brain longevity and the prevention of dementia.