The Ten Pillars for a Sustainable Peaceful Civilisation

1. Re-evaluate ourselves as the prime cause of the planetary problems we are facing, and continue to re-evaluate.
2. Respect the inherent value in every single human being.
3. Respect the vastly unexplored complexity of ecosystems and life in all its forms, and the world's diverse cultures, including the open, constructive, peace-loving and responsible integrity which is evolving in Humanity.
4. Create a planetary peace and ecological culture (i.e. a sustainable civilization).
5. To positively evolve regarding issues of consumption and economy, through changes in consciousness, value systems, needs, and education.
6. To recognize human potential as a prerequisite to the development of true Civilization including the power of the mind to devise appropriate technologies and enlightened strategies.
7. To use communication technology and the media and educational systems as a strategic vehicle to unite humanity for peace and non violence rather than for war.
8. To integrate scientific disciplines and scientific knowledge with consciousness.
9. To create universal access to the world's knowledge and use innovative forms of education, which recapture the essence and heart of education for life.
10. To promote economic empowerment of the developing world, by developed countries, to aid in all human development.