The Manifesto of The Earth Federation
by Dr. Glen T. Martin


Ratified as the official manifesto of the Earth Federation at the
Provisional World Parliament
Seventh Session
Chennai, India, December 26-30, 2003

written and researched by
Dr. Glen T. Martin, Vice-President, Treasurer
Provisional World Parliament and
Institute On World Problems
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1. Prologue
2. What the Earth Federation has accomplished to date
3. Humanity poised at the cross-roads between destruction and liberation
4. Failure of the United Nations
5. The dead-end environmental hopes of Rio and Johannesburg
6. The condition of our world at the dawn of the twenty-first century
7. Common sense economics under democratic world government
8. Where do we go from here? A Call to the people and nations of the Earth

1. Prologue
A. Human history on planet Earth has reached its final cross-roads. Human beings can continue on the road to imminent perdition, or we can rise to a new level of civilization for the Earth. This manifesto clearly describes that cross-roads for all who care to see and hear. Our message is not a confused and sentimental longing for a better world as is so often heard today from groups seeking to protect human rights, or advance democracy, promote peace, or address poverty and disease. Our message is clear, precise, and specific. The reasons we are on the road to imminent perdition can be easily understood. And the reasons for the Earth Federation are clear, compelling, and decisive. This manifesto is about that choice. Time is running out when this choice will be available to us. The time for firm decision is now. There is no other time.

B. This choice is not an arbitrary or irrational one. For holism, unity, emerges as the fundamental insight of every twentieth-century revolution in science. The Einstein revolution showed that nature and the cosmos must now be understood holistically. And Quantum physics has shown this to be true on the sub-atomic level. On both the macro and micro levels, our universe exhibits unity as a seamless, interdependent field of space/time/energy/matter. Ecology and the biological sciences have also demonstrated holism at every level of living nature, including the encompassing ecosystem of the Earth.

C. The only sphere where fragmentation, division, and reductionism remain is the sphere of human social life in the system of territorial nation-states and the global economic system of violence, greed, and non-cooperation. It is no accident that Einstein was an outspoken advocate of planetary federal government. He understood the inescapable holism of the world we live in. The choice before us is to convert our thinking to holism (the unity and interrelatedness of all persons on the Earth) or to continue into destruction with our fragmentation and violence. This holism is embodied in the Constitution for the Federation of Earth through a dynamic and comprehensive relationship of unity-in-diversity. We must immediately choose the holism of federal world government or we may soon perish from the Earth.

D. Today, a creative groundswell in the movement for a sane federal world order is making the current lords of the Earth tremble in their corruption and fragmentation. The people of the world are awakening to the lies and distortions of the media, their subservience to power, and the corrupt interests defending the old rotten order while destroying the Earth for future generations. We citizens of the Earth Federation are the spokespersons of this new world order predicated on wholeness, democratic values, and the common good of all persons on Earth. They may imprison or kill us as individuals, but the groundswell of awakening among the poor of the Earth is unstoppable. We are poised at a crossroads for humanity. We must choose wisely - for humanity - or we may perish from the Earth.

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