Humanity Is Us!
by Garry Davis

"We stand at the brink of a second nuclear age. Not since the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki has the world faced such perilous choices…. (t)he failure to adequately secure nuclear materials, and the continued presence of some 26,000 nuclear weapons in the United States and Russia are symptomatic of a larger failure to solve the problems posed by the most destructive technology on Earth."
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
On January 18, 2007, the "Doomsday Clock" of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was reset from 7 minutes to 5 minutes from the fatal hour of midnight: humanity's untimely extinction.

And what are "the problems" posed by THE BOMB?

Einstein has warned us that nuclear arms are not a war weapon because, unlike a missile or bullet, its destructive power is "indiscriminate." It is a killer of society itself, the very environment of human life.

It is pointing at US! Humanity!

So what should we do ?

On November 22, 1948, with friends, 3 years after the end of WWII, I interrupted a United Nations' General Assembly session in Paris "in the name of the people not represented here." I told the delegates "the sovereign states you represent divide us and lead us to the abyss of total war." What we need, I added, is "one government for one world…." And that "our common need for world law and order can no longer be disregarded." If the UN failed us in this critical task, I finished, "stand aside, for a People's World Assembly, will arise from our own ranks to create such a government."

This was no new idea; people starting governments. Ref., the United States of America. Also history is replete with the concept of a governed world and world citizenship. But now we live in the first age when humanity itself is threatened.

Today it is humanity itself that needs to be defended. Against a global holacaust.

Before going further, just exactly what do we mean by "humanity" anyway? Is it a conscious being? Can it think? Doe it feel?

If we humans are conscious, whatever our nationality, our skin color, our religion, etc., what about humanity itself?

More important, would you or I die for it as national soldiers willingly die for their "nation" and as national presidents and judges pledge allegiance to defend their nation "against all enemies, foreign and domestic"?

Can we love humanity? To love, however, one must first admit the existence of the loved.

Finally are not we as individuals expendable whereas humanity obviously is not? And since humanity needs no defense, are not all nation-state leaders guilty per se of "crimes against humanity" in their nuclear "defense" option ?

But more relevant to our present dilemma, can humanity, by itself, appeal to its constituent parts….us, as individuals, for its survival?

Or must each one of us, conscious of our dynamic relationship with it, speak AND act for humanity in our waking life?

How many of us, however, are really aware that humanity itself is in danger of extinction?

But, on the other hand, does it really matter philosophically and/or physically if humanity "dies" from the planet? Even by the hand of 8 male heads of nuclear nation-states?

The stars will still twinkle in a universe of billions of galaxies. The planet Earth, 4.5 billion years old, won't mind. After all, humanity is but a flashpoint in its cosmic history.

So the ultimate question comes down to: Is humanity self-aware?
In other words, is humanity OUR "collective human consciousness?"

Indeed, if consciousness is ALREADY global, then simply being human is to be global from birth. An actual "citizen of the world."

Humanity then must be a conscious global "government"! The so-called "brains" of Gaia, the living Earth?

Indeed Einstein's very last words were: "We appeal as human beings to human beings; Remember your humanity, and forget the rest."

Horace Mann, the great educator asked: "What have you done for humanity today?"

And abolitionist Charles Sumner stated that "The age of chivalry has gone; the age of humanity has come."

Transcendentalist Theodore Parker went further: "Humanity is the Son of God."

While Teilhard de Chardin wrote that "The 'noosphere,' was "a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication…"

Norman Cousins asked: "Who Speaks for Man?"

And Nataraja Guru. in his epic Memorandum on World Government claimed : "Humanity is one."

I here claim that Humanity itself is demanding conscious recognition…and acknowledgement of its very right to exist.

For without this dynamic recognition leading to individual global civic participation of, by and for we, the people of the world, humanity will surely disappear from planet Earth.

And if consciousness itself bind us to the whole…to humanity as such, then humanity itself must also be conscious and thus binding us not only one to another but to it dynamically and irrevocably.

Beyond national boundaries. Beyond cultures and tribes. Beyond all relative differences.

The reality each one of us must face: Either the nation-state system is sovereign over humanity now, or humanity is sovereign over the nation-state now.


Primal allegiance to humanity!

That's the price of human survival! Not "democracy" or "success" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, the "Middle East" or anywhere ON the planet. Not even global warming or who gets oil rights.

But survival of humanity. "Success" by, for and of the people of the world. Is that too difficult to understand? Too difficult to ACT upon? Too naïve or idealstic to overcome our fears and insecurities?

Einstein also reminded us that "Imagination is more important than intelligence."

Faithful to our 1948 pledge to the UN General Assembly, as citizenship and government are corollaries. our global government was declared in 1953 and operates for over half a century. For as Emery Reves claimed in 1945: "There is no first step to world government; world government is the first step."

Why then do so many self-claimed world citizens continually and desperately seek support from state government officials? The Bushes, Blairs, Chiracs, Putins, Mubaraks, etc. of the world

Or the impotent United Nations? And its Secretary-General?

Don't they realize that all state officials have a vested interest is maintaining the status quo, the political relativism, the "WE-AND-THEY thinking which breeds their eventual destruction?

Don't they know also that just by being human in a human society, we are already sovereign and as such "outrank" all state officials? And that by claiming world citizenship, we politically "bypass" them?
That in fact -and this is the crucial point- that humanity IS ALREADY A BIOLOGICAL AND CONCEPTUAL WORLD GOVERNMENT?
The World Government of World Citizens becomes then the institutional down-to-earth verification of these present and holistic realities.

2007 may just be the year of an evolutionary quantum leap!
The "100th Monkey" syndrome, Humanity, conscious of its unity, enjoins us to acknowledge our primal earthly allegiance to it before it is too late.

Its 4th Edition World Passport is now available with information on a CD-Rom disc already distributed to all Member-States of the United Nation (See the Catalogue at
Anatomy of Peace, Harper & Brothers, 1945

Note: The World Coordinator has addressed a complete documentation on the World Government of World Citizens to the following heads of state:

1. Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, Iraq 12/5/06
2. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Israel 12/5/06 Acknowledged
3. President George W. Bush, USA 12/5/06
4. President Hu Jintao, China 12/4/06 Acknowledged
5. President Jacques Chirac, France 12/4/06 Acknowledged
6. President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, Iran 12/4/06
7. King Abdullah II, Jordan 12/5/06
8. President Emile Lahoud, Lebanon 12/5/06 Acknowledged
9. President Vladimir Putin, Russia 12/5/06
10. King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia 12/5/06
11. President Bashar al-Assad, Syria 12/4/06
12. Queen Elizabeth II, United Kingdom 12/4/06
13. President Hosni Mubarrak, Egypt 12/5/06
14. President Roh Moo-hyun, South Korea 12/4/06 Acknowledged

The rest will follow.

The Garry Davis Prescription for World Peace

From Peace Magazine Jun/Jul 1986, p.19. Author=Anthony Bond; Title=The Garry Davis Prescription for World Peace;

Anthony Bond

Garry Davis, the gadfly world citizen, who for nearly 40 years has stymied the world's bureaucrats with his square-peg status, has a sure-fire prescription for world peace: world government. And he doesn't mean the United Nations.
Davis is not talking theory here; a benign world government is already functioning and is recognized by nation states representing nearly a quarter of the globe.

On September 4, 1953, at Ellsworth, Maine, he founded the World Government of World Citizens. Quixotic? Not if you recall the origins of the United States: A handful of citizens, in effect, simply declared themselves "Americans."
"I, a World Citizen, hereby claim the territory of the entire earth as the proper home and the rightful possession of all mankind," said Davis at Ellsworth. "As an actual symbol of that ownership, I claim here...the dot of land on which I now stand as World Territory...A point has no dimensions, however, and therefore no physical existence."

Herein lies the beautiful paradox of world government: It can claim the whole world, yet, at the same time, none of it. The eighteenth century nation state, on the other hand, invites conflict by claiming actual territory.
Even though physically he lives in the United States, legally Davis doesn't exist. He is considered by the U.S. Government to be both an "excludable alien" and a "stateless person," categories that cancel each other out. The U.S. would love to deport him, but to where?

In the course of travelling the world without a national passport and landing in jail thirty-two times as a result, Davis has discovered the one place where he does legally exist: on the line between countries.

In 1945, prescriptions for world peace were much sought after, with Churchill himself calling for "effective world super government." It was against this backdrop that, in 1948, twenty-six-year-old Garry Davis, Broadway actor-turned-bomber pilot, disillusioned by such insanities of war as jettisoning U.S. bombs on Allied villages, walked into the U.S. Embassy in Paris, renounced his U.S. citizenship, and declared himself a world citizen as a practical first step to ending war on the planet.

For the next two years Davis was world famous, lionized by the leading French intellectuals, and flooded with over 750,000 requests for "world citizenship" by people from a hundred countries.

Davis picked Paris because the new United Nations was located on territory declared international. However, the U.N. itself Davis had no time for. "It was merely a meeting-place for the representatives of some of the nation states," he said. Just after he took world citizenship, the U.N. issued the idealistic Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

His was tailor-made for Davis and he eagerly adopted it as his world citizens' credo, for, among its 30 Articles, it stated that the will of the people shall be the basis of government authority and that everyone has the right to travel and to change nationalities.

After Paris began Davis's frustrating and often hilarious experiences, documented in his book, My Country is the World, of travelling without a passport, and often going to jail for it. During his sixteenth incarceration, he hit upon the idea of issuing himself his own world passport.

In 1954, he established the World Service Authority, the administrative arm of the World Government of World Citizens, and did just that.

This world passport, which cites backing by Article 13(2) of the UDHR (that "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his own country") certainly looked official, with admonitions in six languages such as, "Not valid unless signed by the bearer." Today, 91 countries have accepted it on a case-by-case basis and six, including the People's Republic of China, have formally recognized it.

The WSA fills a crying need by providing documents of last resort to the world's 20 million refugees and stateless persons--over 90,000 passports and 160,000 world I.D. cards, world birth certificates, world marriage licenses and even world money (redeemable at the National Bank of Washington). "The refugee is merely the most immediate victim, other than war wounded, of an ungoverned world," says Davis.

As well, Davis's unique status allows him to help people in completely original ways. In 1975, the British writer Dennis Hills was under sentence of death from Idi Amin. Even the Queen could not sway the Ugandan leader. Yet a telex from Davis's World Court of Human Rights invoking World Habeas Corpus resulted in Hills's release in 48 hours.

An earlier example was the case of U.S. draftee Fred Haas, who wanted to register as a conscientious objector on philosophical grounds--a category not recognized by the draft board. Davis wrote U.N. Secretary General Hammarskjold, President Eisenhower, and the Chairman of Haas's draft board that "as a citizen of World Government, Haas was applying for entry into the Sovereign Order of World Guards to be trained as a peacemaker, mandated by the UDHR under a regime of world law."

Apart from the standard induction order, there was silence from the Pentagon. When Davis made discreet enquiries, he discovered that the Pentagon had dropped the Haas case like a hot potato. They were afraid that if they prosecuted, Haas might use as his defence the Ninth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, known to constitutional lawyers as the "sleeping giant," which refers to unspecified rights "retained by the people."

World government is now being put forth again as an urgent need. Garry Davis, a prophet and a man perhaps a hundred years ahead of his time, comments, "We're living in a global village, whether we like it or not."



Born: July 27, 1921, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA to Meyer & Hilda Davis.
Education: 1932-40: Episcopal Academy, Overbrook, PA; 1940-41: Carnegie Institute of Technology, Drama School; 1956-60,
East-West University of Brahma Vidya, Bangalore, India, M.A., Geo-dialectics.
Professional career: 1940-41: (B'way) Actor/dancer, "Let's Face It!", 1946 (B'way) "Three To Make Ready;" 1951 (B'way) "Bless You All;" 1953-54 (B'way/Road/London) "Stalag 17."
War career: 1941-45: B-17 bomber pilot, 8th Air Force, 6 missions. Aug. 24, 1944, shot down over Peenemunde. Interned, Sweden, Escaped. Pilot instructor, Luke, Stewart Flds.

Post-war: Studied causes of war and world law: Einstein, Gandhi, Willkie, Emery Reves. 1947: Worked for United World Federalists. 1948: Renounced U.S. nationality, Paris, becoming "stateless." Issued statement declaring self "world citizen." French gov't. forced him to leave France. May 12th claimed "global political asylum" on UN "territory" of Palais de Chaillot. Claim refused. "Deported" to France. Created first World Citizen Identity Card.

World Citizenship Movement: Nov. 22, 1948, with friends, interrupted UN General Assembly. Called for world government via world constitutional convention. Council of intellectuals formed in support: Camus, Bourdet, Mounier, Breton, Wright et al. Held meetings in Paris: Salle Pleyel, Velodrome d'Hiver (17,000). Called for individuals to declare world citizenship. January 1, 1949 opened International Registry of World Citizens. In 2 years over 750,000 registered from over 150 countries. Held meetings throughout Europe. In June, "mondialized" Cahors. Jailed Sept. for supporting French conscientious objector Jean Bernard Moreau who claimed world citizenship. Camped on Rhine river Dec. at Pont Kehl. 1950 returned to US as "immigrant."

World Government: September 4, 1953, after being deported from UK for petitioning queen for right to work, and being imprisoned 9 weeks (Brixton), declared World Government from City Hall, Ellsworth, Maine. January, 1954, founded World Service Authority, admin. agency of new gov't. in New York. Claimed as sanction Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

World Passport: Issued June, 1954. 1956 traveled to India with WP #00001 seeking support from wisdom guru Nataraja of Travancore who gave unqualified endorsement of WG. November, 1956, after issuing honorary WP to PM Pandit Nehru, left India overland to US. Arrived JFK airport Jan. 9, 1957 after passing through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Holland. Seven visas on World Passport. 1960 wrote first book: My Country Is The World (Putnam). 1961 left USA for Europe. Married Esther Peter. Founded family and business in eastern France (water conditioning). 1971 reactivated World Service Authority in France. Updated World Passport to five languages. 1972 indicted by French gov't. for "swindling, selling swindled goods & confusing the public mind." After 2 years investigation, first 2 charges dropped. 1974 convicted on 3rd; received 6 months suspended sentence, World citizenship registration and pp issuance continued. June, 1974 founded World Court of Human Rights in Mulhouse after 2nd trial. Opened WSA Basel office. 7,000 passports issued in 2 years. 1975 introduced new edition in 7 languages; opened WSA Washington, D.C. office. 1978 Basel authorities closed WSA office, indicted for "usurping an official function." 1982 charges dropped. Jailed 3 times in Switzerland for crossing border "illegally." 1977 WSA/US becomes World Office. May 17th returns to US on World Passport, refused entry by INS; classified "excludable alien," 1982 case went to Supreme Court on basis of 9th amendment, Writ of Certiorari/Petition for Rehearing denied by SC. Though "stateless," lived in Washington, D.C. until 1989. March 15, 1985 petitioned International Court of Justice citing Reagan/Gorbachev as "war criminals" under Nuremberg Principles. Claimed "world habeas corpus" writ. Petition rejected on technical grounds. September, 1985 wrote and published 2nd book, World Government, Ready Or Not! (Juniper Ledge Publishing) . Updated via Booksurge, Inc. April, 2004.

World Citizen Party: May, 1983, declared his candidacy for "World President" based on Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Ellsworth Declaration of September.

4, 1953. April 19, 1986 announced candidacy as World Citizen for mayor of Washington, D.C. Received 585 votes. January 19, 1987 from Middlebury College, VT announced candidacy for US president on World Citizen Party ticket. September 4, 1988 from City Hall, Ellsworth, Maine calls for World Government Constitutional Convention. November. 18, begins world tour to found branches World Citizen Party. Jan. 5, 1989 receives endorsement from New Zealand gov't to hold WGCC in Christchurch convening September. 18, 1990. February. 1, 1989 NZ branch of World Citizen Party formed in Auckland. August 5, 1989 at Hiroshima, declares all mundialized cities under sovereign protection of world law represented by WGWC. Presents honorary World Passports to mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. April 29, 1989 establishes "Pacific Rim" WSA office in Tokyo (8th World District). Wrote Emperor Akihito endorsing "Hesei" (peace achievement) reign. November 23, 1989 meets with cybernetician Stafford Beer in Toronto to plan WGCC Christchurch meeting. February 28, 1990 flies to E. Europe to found branches of World Citizen Party.

1991, Davis published third book, Passport to Freedom, A Guide for World Citizens. 1992, having taken up residence in Burlington, Vermont, with videographer Robin Lloyd, he began publishing the World Citizen News, a bi-monthly. The following year, July, 1993, he launched the World Syntegrity Project designed by cybernetician Stafford Beer, to evolve a systemic world constitution for the World Government of World Citizens. August 1993, after Davis requested a Department of Justice stamp on the WSA World Passport on which he had reentered the US from Japan, Attorney-General Janet Reno refused to return the passport. In World Citizen News, Davis accused the AG of "theft." 1994, he started writing his fourth book, Dear World, A Global Odyssey, which was published on January 1, 2001. During this time, in 1996, he founded the World Government Institute, as the educational branch of the WGWC and in 1999, he founded the World Government House, as the publishing company for the World Government Institute. On August 1, 2001, he flew Shirley Kermali Perkins, a Native American, from Dorval Airport, Montreal to Burlington International Airport. She was charged by the INS as an "alien" and his plane, "World Government One" was seized by the US Government. May, 2004 Published Letters to World Citizens produced by Booksurge, Inc. July, 2006, published Cher Monde, (French translation of Dear World) by Booksurge Publishing, Inc. 2006, he declared World Government House and land (0.3 acres) "World Territory" based on Article 2(2) and 28, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Lectures: International Educators for World Peace; World Future Society; George Wash. School of Law, DC; Princeton University; Int'l. Soc. of Political Psychology; Macrobiotic World Congress; Emery University, Atlanta; University of Kentucky; Michigan University; American University; Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Cambridge, Mass.; Middlebury College, VT; University of Tennessee; University of Virginia; University of Pennsylvania; Georgetown University; San Francisco State University; Harvard University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ethical Society of St. Louis; The Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro;
etc. Bios in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the United States, Who's Who in the East.

Has been imprisoned 34 times in 9 countries for not having "valid" papers, Davis travels only with the World Service Authority passport. The father of Kristina, Troy, Athena and Kim, Davis continues to lecture extensively in addition to his writing and continued single-minded quest to evolve the youthful World Government of World Citizens.

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