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We assert the unalienable rights of all People to engage in full and open debate on all issues pertaining to their Governance and their individual freedom without threats or coercions from any source.

We assert the free flowing openness of dialogue which is the inalienable right of a truly Global democratic society so that the truth of any situation may be asserted.

We also express the fact that the roots of Global society are based on love of liberty, individual freedom and cooperation.

The Transnational Peace Culture
Is life affirming and transcends national and regional barriers
Is based on the deepest values of humanity
Is the essence of human rights and existence
Expresses the oneness of all humanity

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Each Representative will receive:

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- and a range of other benefits which will be added over time.

We ask all people to affirm and vote for a Planetary Peace Culture. We call this the The Planetary Transnational Peace Culture.

Join with;
in cooperation with many local and global groups,in orchestrating the world’s largest interfaith global meditation and prayer event ever performed.