On an Environmentally Collapsing, Poverty Racked Planet, The Disease That Is Economic Growth
by Dr. Glen Barry


in cooperation with many local and global groups, is orchestrating the world's largest interfaith global meditation and prayer event ever performed. This will be a series of meditation and prayers for community and global peace to be held between May 15th and May 29th, 2007. It is anticipated that over 1,000,000 people will participate in this two-week program from virtually every faith-system, religious group, indigenous community and meditation assembly currently in existence.

Concurrent with the prayer-meditation practices we will monitor crime statistics, emergency call data and other social indicators to ascertain change as a result of this peace-creating program.


is an international non-governmental, non-profit, self-funding organisation committed to the promotion of interfaith and intercultural tolerance and fellowship between all nations and faiths. We do this through global arts and cultural exposition, education and the facilitation of coherent and progressive exchange amongst international leadership.

Produced and directed by the most widely televised production team in broadcasting history in collaboration with webstreaming partners - the 2007 Global Impact Forum will be webcast and broadcast to a global audience.
A 'One Day One World' concert produced by Emmy award-winning Clem D'Alissio will close the summit agenda and will consist of a line-up of select international artists.

Highlights from the 5-day Forum, as well as short documentaries spotlighting a number of the critical issues being raised during the congress will be linked into the programming via stage screens. The programming will also include live audience 'feed-back' participation via weblinks set up near large screens erected in key locations around the world. These large digital screens will be erected for the purpose of transmitting the Forum to street public in various cities.

Media Overview: Global Impact Forum

The electronic media will offer:

  1. streaming video via the Internet will cover all of the Forum activities over the full 5 day period
  2. 50 000 selected people worldwide interact on-line voting on key issues using mobile telephones and/or computers
  3. highlights of the Forum syndicated to international news organizations
  4. the Forum's activities & discussions will be video taped, edited &
    formatted for TV broadcast
  5. the Forum's material will be made available to schools and universities worldwide
  6. VHSs and DVDs will be produced for international distribution


September 15
2006 united over 340 locations in 57 countries
through music and dance
in celebration of peace


The highlight of the Earthdance event is a simultaneous link up, when every event across the world plays the Prayer for Peace. Morning in the Australian rainforest, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas, the Prayer for Peace is a profound and powerful moment that unifies our intentions for World peace and healing.

"We are one global familyAll colors, All racesOne world united.We dance for peace and the healing of our planet EarthPeace for all nations.Peace for our communities.And peace within ourselves.As we join all dance floors across the world,let us connect heart to heart.Through our diversity we recognize Unity.Through our compassion we recognize Peace.Our love is the power to transform our worldLet us send it outNOW..."

The Prayer for Peace will be played on
Saturday, September 15, 20074pm Pacfic Standard Time

Earthdance, the Global Dance Festival for Peace has grown to become the world's largest simultaneous music and dance event. Founded in 1996, with 22 cities and 18 countries participating, Earthdance has grown to over 340 locations in 57 countries participating in 2006, with locations ranging from the club-lands of New York to the rainforests of Brazil. Every year, in alignment with the International Day of Peace, over 200,000 people unite in dance with hundreds of thousands more joining online in support of global peace and humanitarian aims.

The defining moment of each Earthdance event is a synchronized link-up, (4pm Pacifc Standard Time) when every event around the world plays a specially produced song called "The Prayer for Peace" at exactly the same time.Earthdance has been described by the music industry as the "Dance Aid" for the new millennium. The aim of the event is to bring together global communities to create a synchronized global festival and dance event to help fund humanitarian causes and develop an environment of peace throughout the global community.

Earthdance is a non-political event and is organized by Earthdance International, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizationA Global

Call To Action
9 / 11 - 10 / 10 2007

"Imagine all the people living life in peace."
- John Lennon


The mission of 30 Days of Peace 2007 is to unite the strengths of Peace organizations and initiatives worldwide in a cooperative multimedia awareness and action campaign, to build a sustainable Culture of Peace for all humanity and the Earth.


30 DAYS OF PEACE - is a global campaign like no other, emerging at a critical time in human history. For the first time, the world's leading Peace organizations will unite in an effort to motivate people everywhere, particularly youth, to take positive action for Peace in our personal lives, communities and nations.Via a multi-media outreach and call to action campaign, 30 Days of Peace will increase awareness and participation in year-round Peacebuilding efforts, in furtherance of the Culture of Peace Initiative, a UN-designated Peace Messenger Initiative.In 2007, the first annual 30 Days of Peace will begin on the anniversary of 9/11, and conclude on 10/10, the birthday of international journalist and musician Daniel Pearl. The central focus of 30 Days of Peace is the annual International Day of Peace (Peace Day) September 21st.

Each year, in September and October, an estimated 5,000 Peace-related events and media projects, touching millions of people, are produced internationally by over 2500 organizations, including United Nations agencies and leading Non-Governmental Organizations. In addition to promoting existing activities that occur during this month, 30 Days of Peace will launch a series of new projects, including an online community and educational portal; a music outreach tour; and a 30-day global prayer vigil.30 Days of Peace is not a celebrity driven entertainment event, but rather a massive cooperative campaign that unites many philosophically aligned organizations and events. Transcending cultural, political, religious, and demographic boundaries, 30 Days of Peace demonstrates the power of unity through diversity, and achieves strength in numbers, via one multi-platform, coalition event and message. In a world awash with the tragedies of personal violence, war, and environmental degradation, 30 Days of Peace will deliver a vividly clear message that NOW is the time for each of us to join in building a sustainable Culture of Peace for all.