The Centre For Change - Research and policy analysis for Australia
by Dr Michael Ellis©2006

Prepared for Scientific Discovery, World Innovation Foundation

The aim of the Centre For Change is to transform society and the system in order to make it a more liveable, sustainable and peaceful world. The Renaissance Group aims to form a nucleus of universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex or colour in order that humankind may survive and progress towards global peace. It seeks to reappraise what it is to be a human being and create a new manner of thinking and being and consciousness change which enables us to see the value, integrity and creativity inherent within every human being.

The Centre For Change is an open forum of sincere dialogue coming from the basic sincerity, integrity, trust and truth inherent within every human being. By its very nature it catalyses an inner quest for inner change for each individual who wishes to be a part of this group. It also has tangible policies and tangible actions for people to align themselves with, in order to create a peaceful, sustainable planet.

The aim of the Centre For Change is to create a new society based on the understanding of the essence and dynamics of life itself.

We live in a culture divided against itself and separated from the natural world, and into thinking that you need money to dominate and control nature. There is a need to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine principles and between humanity and nature, that we may recreate a sense of wholeness. There is also a need for people to work in a mutually supportive community whilst valuing and preserving human uniqueness and diversity. The new era needs to use the creative power of the people by respecting the common ground of humanity, understanding the interconnectedness of all life, enhancing female and male creativity and opening the global heart of humankind.

On a personal individual unique basis our personal wholeness of sovereignty is expressed by understanding and integrating:

  1. our relationship with the material physical universe,
  2. our expression of our uniqueness, creativity and selfhood,
  3. our connectedness with the ultimate principle and life force of the universe, and
  4. our realisation and expression of the multi-dimensionality of human experience.

The global crisis of values and attitudes can change if the following conditions exist:

  1. we are suffering and are aware that we are,
  2. we recognise the cause of our ill being,
  3. we recognise that there is a way of overcoming our ill being, and
  4. we accept that in order to overcome our ill being we must follow certain norms for living and change our present practice of life.

We as unique individuals have to change society. We cannot rely on anybody else. We have to look carefully at all aspects of society - local and global - and then attempt to do tangible things and create practical projects that can change our situation.


If we are to survive as a race, humankind will have to do a 180 degree turn in the way it approaches the ways and means of survival. Old ways of thinking and the way we run businesses and institutions will have to change. Nation no longer being against nation will have to co-operate to create a transnational body that can look after the common good of humankind.

Our planet is ill. There is irreversible destruction of living and non-living resources. It is not infinite in its abundance. The system is no longer working.

The new system has to be placed into position by the ordinary person. This is where people power takes precedence.

We as global citizens have to acknowledge the supremacy and sacredness of each human life on this planet and recognise the infinite potential for creativity, love, growth, transformation and joy in every person.

Each person has to recognise within themselves their responsibility to heal themselves and their land. They have to take responsibility for what is around them. They are prime mover. We can no longer rely on governments to do things. Governments are ineffective, bureaucratic and authoritarian.

The new order has to express an attitude of tolerance, freedom and love if we are to survive.

Within this milieu of fundamental openness and tolerance we can then individually foster an expression of interdependence and co-operation in communities, between nations and over the whole planet. It is fundamentally a new feeling, a new ambience, a new awareness and a new energy.

The Land

'Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the children of the Earth.'

The land does not belong to us. It was there before we cam along. It has always been there. It is land and nature that gives to us our quality of life and our understanding of our connection with the universe. We need to go back to nature.

We have to have a fundamental human right to be with the land. This means that every person should have the prerogative to have land on which to survive.

Exploitation of the land by multinational companies and governments has to be stopped. The monopoly control of wealthy landowners and institutions must be finished.

The benefits of the land would derive solely from use. If landowners wished to continue ownership their land would be assessed as to a land tax or community ground rent according to its potential utility.

Farming and the Countryside
The long term costs of pursuing short term benefits are devastating.

Australia has become a wasteland due to pesticides and poisons. The costs are:

  • the huge import bills for fertilisers, foodstuffs and other inputs
  • ·wasteful surpluses produced from wasteful subsidies
  • damage to the soil through single crop agriculture
  • loss of animal, insect and plant species
  • depletion of resources
  • environmental damage
  • chronic ill health to local population from chemical poisoning and allergies

To provide good food while preserving soil and conserving the environment.

To provide good work while preserving stability of the rural community.

Develop a sense of humus community action program for replenishing and revitalising top soils.

Establish easy to manage hygienic composting systems, permaculture food gardens and orchards.

Secure local protection and management of land and resources.

Increase the practices of permanent sustainable organic food growing principles for individual and community self sufficiency.

Use of new technologies working with nature and not against it.

A return to mixed farms and small scale labour intensive production methods with organic and biological farming practices.

Massive reforestation.

Legal protection to wilderness heritage.

Protection of aboriginal land rights.

We have to decentralise our cities so that people can live productively away from the city and still contribute towards the common good as well as towards the nation, state or institution.

The nation, state, institution or organisation should contribute towards the common good.

Wealth and Work

The biggest problem to our survival is the power of the banks and the elite minority that keep all their wealth for themselves and give nothing to the majority. The developing worlds has been exploited for hundreds of years and is still paying exorbitant interest on debt and loans.

We have to get away from the money system and start looking at ways in which we can exchange our talents, services and abilities rather than just rely on money.

Money is there for the enhancement of a very small minority. We are concerned about the common good.

They money system has its value and its form of energy exchange and yet it has been abused to an extent which is creating genocide in the developing world.

We have to ensure that the money machine and the military machine are divested of their power and that this money is given back to the ordinary person so that each person on the planet can have their allotted nominal wealth, home, land, water, food, clothing, sanitation, medicine and education.

When governments tax the people, it hardly ever gets back to the people, but gets diverted into expenditure which is usually unnecessary for projects which are unwieldy, clumsy and often build up the military machine of that particular country. Only a percentage is expended on the common good.

We have to take a more careful view of what we really need for our survival.

We need to start thinking about what items we all need that will enhance our quality of life and not depreciate our individual wealth.

We are looking at taxation of the land according to the degree of productivity of the land (Henry George theory). Somebody living on the land in a house would be taxed very little compared with a large industry producing thousands of goods which would be taxed at a proportional rate.

Factories producing technologies would be encouraged to produce recyclable goods which do not have built in obsolescence. They would be encouraged to produce quality goods which would last and if necessary appreciate rather than depreciate in value.

We need to do right by ourselves and right by the planet.

The costs of industrial economies exceed the benefits because of the destruction of the environment and the unequal distribution of wealth.

The costs of pollution, environmental degradation and loss of living and non-living resources are incalculable.

Two thirds of the population of the planet are denied the basic necessities of life.

The common wealth is being destroyed and the common good ignored with the loss of land, fertile soil, fresh air, clean water, forests, genetic diversity of living species, non renewable fossil fuels and precious raw materials.

To create new industries based on renewable resources and environmentally friendly technology.

To create sane life and environment sustaining consumption through full realisation of industrial and political participatory democracy with each individual having non brainwashing adequate information and knowledge that their decision and action has an effect in creating a sustainable society.

All persons regardless of whether they work or not should have the unconditional right not to starve and not to be without shelter.

Action for Individual Work
A basic income scheme guaranteeing basic material security for every person whether they work or not.
Redistribution of work emphasising the role of family and home, reducing hours worked, enhancing comprehensive role sharing schemes and encouraging part time working thereby significantly reducing unemployment.

The creation of good work fulfilling to the individual and beneficial to the community.

Good work policy supports human scale economic activity and encourages use of a barter system to encourage full use and exchange of human talents and abilities. The emphasis is on small businesses, co-operatives, part time and casual work and self employment and community projects with easy access to start up capital for new businesses.

Community based self reliance with local production for local needs and involvement of local government and community savings banks for a more decentralised economy.

Action for a Sustainable Economy
Programs of land regeneration providing 90% of our food.

Reforestation and land reclamation schemes.

Expansion of building industry and use of new sustainable building materials.

Alternative energy strategy.

Combined heat and power schemes with cleanly burned coal and new high efficient non polluting energy producing technologies.

Fuel efficient transport.

A resources tax to provide incentive for reuse and recycling of raw materials and domestic waste and encouragement of maintenance and repair firms.

We are looking at the creation of a crafts industry even in technology and factory ware. People can then be proud of what they do and how they produce the finished articles.

It is quality goods that give people the sense of quality in the own lives and elevate their understanding and awareness. Quality goods last longer and will not waste and pollute the environment to the same extent as shoddy throw away goods.

There would be a limit to the extent to which organisations and nations can make huge profits. Above a certain level those profits should be diverted to the benefit of human kind and the common good.

Community (People and Society)

The key to productivity is community and education. We must realise that a company is more likely to survive if it encourages other companies in a win-win situation rather than a win-exploit-lose situation.

If workers are encouraged to be part of an organisation, have a share in the running of the organisation, have some profits from the organisation, they are more happy to be involved with their lives in the productivity of the organisation.

Similarly in a community, where acceptance, tolerance and freedom is the rule, individuals will gain inspiration from other people by free interaction,. This is why it is so important to have decentralisation of communities.

In community centres, people can come together and through inspiration, stimulation, education, music song and art, be stimulated into new forms of creativity and heighten their essence of well being.

This is much more of a stimulant than going to see a GP and being given drugs that numb the mind and sterilise the body.

At all costs, people have to be encouraged to see the good in each other. Cities are anomic alienating places where passersby are passersby and do not even acknowledge each other despite our shared humanness and communality.

Cities are the places where these changes should be initiated. They should have centres where people can come together and be given inspirational communality that can enhance their beingness. These centres should be made more open to all kinds of people. Money should be spent on them to raise their standards of service and quality of décor. There should be rooms in these centres where people can experience beautiful music or go for meditation in a setting which is eucenemical and transcends all religion, but expresses the basic religious experience or spirituality. It is these centres that can be the source of change and inspiration for the whole populace. It is these centres, with an atmosphere of tolerance and freedom, that can encourage people to do the things that can conserve our planet and make our societies flourish.

The Key to Our Future Education

Education in the widest possible sense is not just geared to the economic system, but geared to living a full life and geared to artistic and creative expression. People have to be educated to understand how they can cope with stress and cope with illness, how their minds can be used to govern their bodies and their wellbeing. Education is part of the healing process and in this process, the media should be involved, to enhance education for peace, education for a non violent society, education to enhance the arts and cultural experience so that people can get a greater sense of national identity and express themselves in their own ethnic ways and yet be part of a greater whole.

Inspiration from an education oriented society where there is plenty of food, clothing and housing is sufficient to create a booming society. There is tremendous wealth on this planet but it is in the hands of a very few people.

There are new highly environmentally friendly technologies available - technologies which can revolutionise living standards of all the people of the world and produce abundant food and energy, but these technologies are being ignored because of the interests of these powerful elites. It is of paramount importance that these technologies should be encouraged at all costs to be produced. It is these technologies that can revolutionise the living standard of the world.

The wealth of the few has to be diverted from the common good. It does not have to be done in a malignant way, but can be done in a way that can enhance the self respect and responsibility of the minority elite. As it is seen what they are doing, they will be praised and acclaimed as people with grandeur of vision. Their wealth can help save the planet.

This wealth can help inject seeding finance into developing businesses at very low interest rates. It can give communities the chance to become productive and useful for society. It can enhance all sorts of worthwhile projects that can give people hope and a chance to do something for themselves in their small communities. It can bring in new forms of innovative education. It can enable indigenous people to bring about traditional agricultural practices and enable them to get back to their original lifestyles. The wealth o the minority is the key to the survival of the majority.

Each country has to look upon itself from the point of view of becoming self supportive rather than competing with every other country, for example Australia has all the capability of becoming a completely self supporting nation. It has all the resources, living and nonliving, to do this and yet it consistently exports products that it could use for itself. It uses agricultural practices that destroy the land and does not take advantage of the sun or the wind or the rivers to produce electric energy. Australia, like many other countries in the world, has become a 'banana republic', answerable to the needs of wealthy mega industrialized Nations. It is not the gross national produce that is important, as much as sustainable products that can enhance the survival of the people and the country.

We are not looking at infinite economic expansion, but in fact the opposite. If this is to occur, then some people will have to be prepared to change their lifestyles. Innovative education looks to conservation of environment, recyclable goods, conservation of energy, alternative forms of energy and production of quality goods and quality food. The whole process has to be ameliorated with education so that people can enhance their quality of life experience in ways different from what they have been accustomed to in the past.

The Communication and Computer Revolution

The big business in software gives some indication of an understanding of where the human race is going. We are looking at soft evolution, which is basically, the evolution of the mind. We don't even necessarily have to travel great distances to do our work. With a fax, a computer and a telephone, we can do our work from our own homes, which saves energy. We don't have to travel miles to the cities. Most transactions can be done with modern communication equipment. This means we have more time to stay in our communities and enhance our communities rather than become isolated and alienated in cities.

Healing our Society

Our society is a very ill society. It is ill because of its nutrition and because of the way conventional medicine works. The new era will see the introduction of traditional forms of healing where people will take more responsibility for healing themselves, and nutrition will be seen to be of paramount importance in enhancing the productivity of health of individuals. In this respect, we have to have very high standards for nutrition production. Large food chains producing fast foods which have no nutritional value but are basically destructive to the health of individuals should be dispensed with.. They have no value. They create illness in previously young healthy people and they increase the spiralling costs of health care. At the same time, the medical profession will have to recognise the value of vitality, life force, the innate ability of the body to heal itself, and ways of preventing illness, rather than pandering to the pharmaceutical companies needed to palliate chronic illness.

In government we have to look at ways in which people have greater input into how the government should function. In this respect, governments should be decentralised and there should be much more access to those people who are representatives of the people, the parliamentarians. Decentralisation means that each community should have a very potent say in the running of government through an intimate relationship with the parliamentarian who represents them and at the same time this representation should be proportional.

We need to promote the recognition of the interconnectedness of life and foster a spirit of respect, compassion, wisdom and amity between ages, communities, nations, religions, cultures and races.. We need to cultivate an attitude of equality and harmony between men and women towards full co-operation in every human endeavour. We need to honour each individual as a unique and valuable member of our human family with the birth right to freedom and a happy life.

Legislation for human rights and true democracy.
Humanistic management to replace bureaucratic management.
Women must be liberated from patriarchal domination.
Decentralisation of government.

Many people today find they are unable to control their own lives through their own efforts. We must restore that power to the community and to the individual. Nothing should be done at a hierarchical level if it can be done at the individual level.

Industrial democracy means that each member of the organisation participates in decision making at all policy levels and has some share in profits. Such an enterprise becomes technically, economically and socially more integrative.

Political democracy

Even so called democratic governments are rigid narrow minded, bureaucratic and authoritarian. They are narrow in that the background and infrastructure of politics is often wholly administrative and economic. We need all rounded leaders who truly represent the voice of humanity. Democracy has to be an active participatory democracy for the individual. Erich Fromin has proposed 'the formation of hundreds of thousands of face to face groups of up to 500 members each who would be permanent bodies of deliberation and decision making with regard to all basic problems, i.e. economics, health, education and means to well being. These groups given the true information would discuss and vote on the issues. The totality of these groups would form a lower house whose decisions along with those of other political organs would have crucial influence on legislation'.

All brainwashing methods in industrial and political advertising must be prohibited. All hypnotical forms of propaganda must be stopped.

A system of effective dissemination of effective information must be established.

Scientific research must be separated from application in industry and defence.

A Supreme Cultural Council, an enlightened group of men and women of goodwill must be established to further the growth of a harmonious, balanced and enlightened society. Their function would be to advise and create debate with government, politicians and citizens on basic ethics and values to be followed in a rapidly changing society.

Policy for Health
Restructuring of health services includes encouraging understanding and co-operation between medical sciences, and traditional, natural, preventative healing modalities and medicines. Increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of calmly eating raw enzyme-rich living food for enhancing human immunity needs be enhanced! We need to practice the wisdom of Hippocrates who said 'let your medicine be your food, and your food be your medicine'. This includes rogressively improving living habits and enjoying eating fresh, locally and organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, sprouted seeds and grains (whole, juiced or blended). Combining this with an optimistic mental attitude enables us to attain and maintain optimum physical and mental heath.

We must restore to people their power to take responsibility for and heal their own lives and bodies. The power of the mind in this modality has barely been tapped and is the key not only to a healthy society but also a healthy planet.

Specifically we must reduce the power of pharmaceutical companies on the progress of medical research and their influence on doctors. An understanding of vitalism and traditional holistic healing methods must be furthered and more research done into these modalities especially psychoneuroimmunology. Just as the Planet`s defences are being eroded due to the destruction of the biosphere, so the human system is also being destroyed by allopathic drugs, pollution, faulty nutrition,. stress, suffering, starvation, aids and radiation poisoning and excess ultraviolet light.

Health education and health care schemes at the local level would restore the priority of preventative medicine. Immediate legislation should be created to ban the use of all toxic substances that impinge on human beings whether from electro magnetic radiation ,drugs, atmosphere pollutants, chemicals from factories, food additives and chemical fertilisers.

Much better facilities should be provided of the physically and mentally handicapped and wherever possible they should be cared for at home on in local hostels.

Education and the Arts

Mind and body are co-ordinated as an integral unity through the inextricable relationship between the brain, the immune system, the endocrine system and the genetic matrix. The role of education is to bring about the realisation of the creative potential of the individual by using the full ability of mind, brain and spirit working together. The emphasis should be on education for life with a holistic positive approach.

The new vision of an enlightened humanity impelled by new myths and new levels of creative experience is propelled by the arts which play a key role in the educational process.

'The preparation of the young for life is the most scared task of each generation. We must see that all imbibe the deep respect for life embodied in true civilisation, in respect and care for this planet Earth as the mother, the preserver, the enhancer of life. Implanting the values of fruit and beauty, encouraging the expression of these values in enhancing knowledge, in art and literature and dance are surely infinitely more important than the teaching of business principles and how to make money'.
Sir Mark Oliphant

A broader curriculum in schools with a greater diversity of subjects and less specialisation. Emphasis should be on 'Education for Life' rather than the constraints of an examination system. Children should be taught how to maximise their brain and mind power and creative potential and how to heal themselves with the use of meditation, contemplation, affirmations, visualisation and relaxation. Simple alternative healing methods should be taught in schools. Every individual is a healer and can heal themselves as well as others. Schools should be integrated much more closely into the community with governors elected from and by the community to achieve this.

The educational system should be more accountable, more community orientated and more responsible to the needs of children from a wide range of courses ..

Schools should be built to incorporate a wide range of community facilities like public libraries, day centres, art centres, sport facilities and adult education and retraining facilities. They would serve as community centres acting as a focus for community growth and harmony. Further educational facilities would be open to all.


Dr Michael Ellis

Dr Michael Ellis is a medical doctor, futurist, and peace worker, living in Melbourne.

Dr Ellis is Founder of The Medical Renaissance Group. The aim of The Medical Renaissance Group is to create a new kind of medicine which integrates mind, body and spirit, society and the environment.

He is also Founder of the Centre for Change which aims to create an openness of dialogue for men and women of goodwill, in order that we can find a way out of the current global crisis. It also aims to contribute to the creation of a planetary peace culture, which affirms our deepest respect for all life which makes up the biosphere.

Dr Ellis has higher qualifications in general medicine, paediatrics and nutritional medicine.

He has a special interest in mind-body medicine and in optimizing the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual. He is a Research Fellow at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Swinburne University, where he is particularly interested in brain longevity and the prevention of dementia.