Phill Daniel


Our featured Artist

Phill is traveling with world renowned musician, James Twyman, performing a concert every day until April 4th.

The tour is called "64 Concerts in 64 Days" and commemorates the Season for Nonviolence, and the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Please show your support for the tour by attending a concert in your area, and spreading the word to others. Learn more about the concert tour at


When I was 7 years old, I first heard "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. The song spoke to me so deeply, that I knew then I wanted to change the world through song.

Growing up, I had experiences of knowing the lyrics and melody to songs that I hadn't heard before. One of which was my parent's wedding song, "Our House" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

I had a deep appreciation for music, and took up playing percussion at age 12. I continued to play in the school band throughout my time in middle school and high school.

At 17, my uncle gave me an acoustic guitar, and I was instantly hooked. I began composing and writing music almost immediately. In fact, the song "We'll Meet Again" was the third song I ever wrote, and later got to perform at my high school graduation ceremony, one of the most incredible moments of my life.
My experience with music, from very early on has been profound to say the least. It is a deeply intimate experience, an expression of the soul. And my music is an extension of who I am.

I write from my heart, with a vision for inspiring those who hear my music. My intention for each song is to really connect to the feeling that comes through with the music and melody. I am constantly expanding and growing as an artist, reinventing myself, playing with new styles, examining new influences, and pushing old boundaries.

In the past year, I have finally begun to give my music the time and energy it deserves. What I have discovered is that I should have been doing this all along.

My greatest joy in life is to touch the lives of others through what I write, play and sing. I am humbled and honored by all those in my life who have helped me to come this far, and allowed me to share this much.