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May 2007, Volume 2 Issue 1

Short Story
Time and Transcendence
by Dr Michael Ellis 2006

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Nonkilling global Political science
by Glenn D. Paige

The Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Transformation
by Vincent Casspriano, Jr.
Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future On Our Planet
by Jim Bell

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welcome from the editor
Dr. Mike Ellis


Poverty and Human Development

The Council of Science Editors
For Monday, October 22, 2007.
Please submit abstracts to Dr Michael Ellis

The Council of Science Editors
is organizing a Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development in October 2007. Science journals throughout the world will simultaneously publish papers on this topic of worldwide interest - to raise awareness, stimulate interest, and stimulate research into poverty and human development. This is an international collaboration with journals from developed and developing countries.

The Approach Of The New Paradigm Journal

The aim of the New Paradigm Journal is to promote a Renaissance in human thought, values and conscience based on healing, eco-sustainability and openness.
The grave situation in which the World finds itself is based on conservative entrenched values linked to political expediency and also the ingrained habits of wealth accumulation at the expense of anything else.

Poverty is intimately related to pollution, scarcity of resources and illness. It is a vicious circle associated with childhood death and lack of education. Childhood poverty is intimately related to illness and intellectual retardation later in more >

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Integral Politics

The Ten Pillars for a Sustainable Peaceful Civilization

Global Citizens for Peace

Global Citizens for Peace is a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which we all live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity.

We have come together as concerned Global citizens realizing that with increasing Global population requiring more and more resources with tremendous inequality of distribution our planet is reaching breaking point in terms of economic and ecological crises.

This is having profound social and cultural effects. We require urgent ecological, social, economic and political solutions to problems which affect billions of people if we are to survive sustainably.

During the last few decades, a radical change has occurred in humanity's awareness of itself. In simple terms, we have, over the millennia, translated ourselves from "oneness to aloneness". The truth is that all life on the planet is connected. This newly acquired state of aloneness and alienation causes considerable discomfort. GCFP attempts to understand what we have become and illuminates our future potential.

The vision of Global Citizens for Peace is to contribute towards the creation of a Planetary Peace Culture looking to life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable society.

Outline Of Global Citizens For Peace
Call for Round Tables for Peace and An Australian Ccommision for Peace and Non Violence

Integral Politics
by Michael Ellis
Humanity Is Us!
by Garry Davi
The Centre For Change - Research and policy analysis for Australia
by Dr Michael Ellis
In a Time of Change
Sir John Whitmore
Reclaiming Our Global Dignity as Human Beings - We must Be The Change!
by Michael Ellis
"21st Century Strategies for Sustainability"
by Hazel Henderson
Copernicus, Darwin and the cure for autistic economics
by Kurt Kobb
On an Environmentally Collapsing, Poverty Racked Planet, the Disease that is Economic Growth
by Dr. Glen Barry
Creative Activism and Joy
by Hank Stone
The Power Of The Elite 84th letter of an Autonomous Thinker
by Joost van Steenis
Understanding Empire: Hierarchy, Networks and Clients
by Prof. James Petras
The evolution of international law
by Lucy Law Webster
Vice Chair of the Council of WFM
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The World Parliament Experiment at ISFiT 2007
The Manifesto of the Earth Federation
by Glen Martin
The Australian Government's Anti-Terrorism Bill
How To Confront Empire?
Human Capacities in the Integral Age
How Value Systems Shape Organizational Productivity, National Prosperity and Global Transformation
by Don Edward Beck, Ph. D

New Paradigm Section
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AUDIO - You Were Born For Such a Time as This

You Were Born For Such a Time as This - article
President James O'Dea The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Peace culture
by Dr Michael Ellis
  Our deepest Fear is not that we are inadequate,
But, that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves-
"Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented?"
Who are you not to be? You are a child of the Universe.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
We're born to manifest the Enlightenment that is in us.
It's not just in some of us; It's in everyone!.
As we let our own Light shine
We give others courage to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.
Nelson Mandela

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Common Ground
We have to move away from the feudalism of our modern society in which people are disempowered by the system and by the nature of the institution.. People are losing there dreams and yet this Millennium has been called the Millennium of the Mind. We need to place value in an absolute sense on human potential. This is essential in a world which appears to be biologically out of control. The Centre for Change in the Third Millennium is an open forum and ongoing dialogue for humankind on key issues affecting sustainable survival and the search for solutions. It is a global 'think tank', a global 'watershed, bringing together humanity's most inspired and creative thinking -a convergence of the spiritual, scientific and humanistic. The aim is the creation of a planetary 'peace culture'.

by Dr Michael Ellis
World citizenship
Transition to a Sustainable Civilisation
Centre for change
by Dr Michael Ellis - Chairman, Convener and Co-Founder
Stop the Slaughter in Lebanon, Israel and the Occupied Teritories!
Conspiracy Against Health and Healing
by Dr Michael Ellis
The consequences of the death of empathy
by Robert Jensen
The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community
by David Korten


Do we wish to create a more cooperative and caring global society or will we persist in ignoring increasing inequity and poverty in a world, which is already in crisis from environmental degradation and climate change. Sustainable survival of the human race is dependent on new ways of thinking. Within the context of our society there is a occurring a major change or shift in paradigm in the way we view reality. The new way of thinking shows that everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else and that at the deepest level we are all connected.

Our Biopolitical Future: Four Scenarios

For Full article please see
by Richard Hayes

Emerging genetic Emerging genetic technologies could radically reshape the world, for good or ill.

Most of us would enjoy being healthier, smarter, more attractive, and longer-lived. But we also know there can be too much of a good thing. If we're overweight it makes sense to reduce, but anorexia can be lethal. A nice haircut can make us feel good, but repeated, expensive cosmetic surgery can bring more complications than complements. Most of us understand this and learn to lead full and productive lives within the natural range of diversity that comes with being human.

But what if that natural range of diversity no longer applied? What if it were possible to radically enhance our looks, brains, athletic abilities, and life span, with, say, injections of customized genes? What if we could design our children with chromosomes purchased from a catalogue?

Development, Concepts & Doctrine Centre (DCDC)

The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) has responsibility for the development of the Joint Doctrine that guides how the UK Armed Forces conduct their operations, for the provision of long-term conceptual underpinning for the development of future capability and for an analysis of the future strategic context.

During the next 30 years, every aspect of human life will change at an unprecedented rate, throwing up new features, challenges and opportunities. Three areas of change, or Ring Road issues, will touch the lives of everyone on the planet and will underpin these processes: climate change, globalization and global inequality (see panels below). Progressive climate change will shape the physical environment within which a rapidly expanding world population will live, influencing variable access to habitable land, food and water. The volume of the world economy will grow more quickly than at any time in human history and, in socio-economic terms, will become more tightly integrated, creating globalized interdependencies and enabling multiple supra-national linkages in all areas of human endeavour.

While life for most people is likely to improve materially, a significant number will continue to experience hardship, and unevenness and fluctuations within a globalized market-based economy will still mean that life will be uncertain for most. In all but the most affluent societies, rapid, large shifts in global markets, which are increasingly sensitive to uneven supply and changing demand, will result in potentially dramatic changes in personal fortune and confidence. Globalized communications will feed aspirations, heighten expectations and will serve to expose differences in advantage and opportunity, stimulating grievance and raising the significance of global inequality as a social and political issue.

This is a brilliant document catalysing creative thinking backed by scientific data about our Global Future

The PDf document below is essential reading for anybody interested in Futures

Change and Transformation
by Dr Michael Ellis
Progressive Urged to Prepare for Post-Human Future
by Richard Hayes
"Whose century is the 21st Century?"
by Immanuel Wallerstein

Science and Religion

The New Paradigm calls for spiritual, ecological and holistic worldviews, derived from perceptions of connectedness and interdependence. There is a need to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine principles and between humanity and nature, that we may recreate a sense of wholeness. The new era needs to use the creative power of the people by respecting the common ground of humanity, understanding the interconnectedness of all life, enhancing female and male creativity and opening the global heart of humankind.

The new physics which underlies our understanding of the world shows that the universe is a biological self referential field of energy and intelligence. We are indeed oneness.

The Quantum Biological Process
by Michael Ellis
Role of Religion
by Michael Ellis
A New Theory of the Universe(Exceprt)
by Robert Lanza

Renaissance of Consciousness and Thinking

The words of wise leaders have cautioned us about the need for a fundamental shift in thinking and perception. Former Czech President Vašlav Havel and Albert Einstein are two such figures. Havel, in his February 1990 address to the United States Congress, spoke of the "antiquated straitjacket of the bipolar view of the world," and stressed that "without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans. " Einstein warned repeatedly that without a fundamental change in human thinking, our species would drift toward ultimate catastrophe.

Consciousness Timeline
by Steve Dinan
A new paradigm in learning
by Gregory Smith
Natural Inclusion - How To Evolve Good Neighbourhood
by Alan Rayner

The Monthly Emotional Cycle in Every Man and Woman: Rexford B. Hersey's Remarkable Paradigm
by David Alan Goodman

Society in rapid change
by Michael Ellis


The crisis we now face is immediate; the crisis we now face isglobal. In order to face this crisis we need to become a consciouslycooperating global whole, like the ocean currents or the tectonicplates; like the life-web of a forest or like the movements of theatmosphere. We must unite and work together regardless of ourrace, nationality, or personal beliefs, in order to meet this crisiswith intelligence and new solutions.This crisis is a whole system crisis requiring that our entireway of life be critically questioned. What are we doing here? Whyare we here in the first place? We have created a vast machinethat creates more problems than we can deal with, unless we stopand shift gears. We are propagating our population at a staggeringrate, and this vast machine is propagating even faster, at a ratecomparable only to bacteria! Have we transgressed bounds thatmaintain nature in its balance?

We believe the answer to that question is "Yes." But why? If aLL of nature is bound by laws that maintain its harmony, theintegrity of its internal operating structure, how could we havetransgressed those bounds? The answer lies in the fact thatwe have become deeply embedded in an artificial way of life,whose exponential increase is applying an unyielding pressureto the biosphere - the sphere of life on Earth. This fast pacedworld makes it increasingly challenging to experience any sort ofprolonged state of peace, whether within individuals or withinwhole nations.The point is, we have to change. There is nothing else in nature.that uses more than it needs, that creates more waste than it can.manage and even wastes more than it uses!

"We are monumentally distracted by a pervasivetechnological culture that appears to have a lifeof its own, one that insists on our full attention,continually seducing us and pulling us away from theopportunity to experience directly the true meaningof our lives."- Al Gore

Ancient calendars are lunar
by Virginia
Embracing a New Spirituality:The Foundation of Paradigm Shift
by Desmond Berghofer

Environment and Resources

Increasingly I am convinced that the Earth and her humanity may overcome looming environmental crises. Climate awareness and local actions are proliferating, Brazil is belatedly cracking down on deforestation and
environmental sustainability is again moving to the political front burner. But the Earth will only be sustained in the long-term if we get serious now about ending new environmental damage, while restoring
ecosystems that have already been adversely impacted.

Humanity has already destroyed, fragmented and diminished ecological systems far beyond the requirements for long-term global ecological sustainability.

UN Warns of Extinctions, Water Stress From Warming
by Alex Morales
The Last Warning
by Dick Clifford
Vital Signs 2006 - 2007: Economic Gains Mask Underlying Crisis
by Worldwatch Institute
Earth Prophecy - And the way out
by Dr. Glen Barry
Choosing Technology for a Healthier Environment
by Dr. Ashok Khosla
Call for a New Energy Revolution
by Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.
Cities Key To Tackling Poverty, Climate Change - State of The World 2007
by Worldwatch Institute
Physical Limits to Large Scale Global Biomass Generation for Replacing Fossil Fuels
by Helmut Burkhardt
Snapshots of Our Urban Future
by Worldwatch Institute
Peak Oil and Permaculture
by David Holmgren
Here's the Plan For fast and effective action on climate change
by George Monbiot

Global Warming, Climate Change and The Built Environment

The Global Threat of DU
by Dr Robert G Anderson
Vital Signs 2006-2007
by the Worldwatch Institute


ONE CRUCIAL aspect of the rising disaffection with globalization is the lack of citizen participation in the global institutions that shape people's daily lives. This public frustration is deeper and broader than the recent street demonstrations in Seattle and Prague. Social commentators and leaders of citizens' and intergovernmental organizations are increasingly taking heed. Over the past 18 months, President Clinton has joined with the secretary-general of the United Nations, the director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the president of the World Bank to call for greater citizen participation in the international order.

UK government sources confirm war with Iran is on September 11, 2001 Concise Timeline
by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

September 11, 2001 Dr Steven Jones Blows the Rood off a Utah Auditorium
September 11, 2001 Concise Timeline
The four fundamentalisms and the threat to sustainable democracy
by Robert Jensen
VIDEO 9/11 Truth documentary about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center complex.
It's excellent. Pass this link on

Does George W. Bush have a Grasp of Key Foreign Policy Issues?
by Michel Chossudovsky

10 Reasons Why The USA Is Now The Most Dangerous Nation On Earth

History and Political Theory

Towards the New Millennium
by Dr Michael Ellis

The Enigma of Humanity
by Dr Michael Ellis
The Cattle of the Gods
By Don Kean
As Human Beings we are enigmas to ourselves
by Dr Michael Ellis
Another Look at the Modern Dilemma
by Willis Harman


We have to create a "reculer pour mieux sauter" to revalue the human psyche and human being and to bring commitment, compassion and caring back into hospital wards and general practice.

Western healthcare is now the third leading cause of death in America.JAMA ) However this is not a local problem. The British Medical Journal declares that in America alone, 199,000 A YEAR are being killed by errant medical procedures. In the UK, blunders by doctors are killing 40,000 a year. In Australia, 1 in 5 are being killed by their own healthcare, and in China, bad medicine is killing 200,000 every year, with 60-80% of China's 10 million deaf-mute cases related to The use of inappropriate medicine.

HEALTH - The essence of healing is non violence
by Dr Michael Ellis
The New Medicine
by Michael Ellis
The Lessened Flexibility Syndrome
Dr Antonio Rossi


The traditional model of "homo economicus" - that ever-rational individual, always maximizing his self-interest in competition with others is now acknowledged as unrealistic. This bleak model of human behavior at the heart of economics is not only dismal - but increasingly proven wrong by many other scientists and much recent research by neuroscientists, microbiologists, psychologists, anthropologists and yes, game theorists. This is why many recent Bank of Sweden Economics prizes have gone to scientists studying human behavior beyond the economics profession, from psychologists to game theorists John Harsonyi, John Nash and Reinhard Selten in 1994.

Humanity - A Species Out of Control
by Dr Michael Ellis


The instinct of the media is to concentrate only on dramatic events, e.g. delivering warfare as an incident full of drama and excitement. Media never really covers a conflict in entirety. It does not seek to pursue or analyse the situation in any depth, and news becomes just a passing fancy, rather than an ability to open eyes or open hearts. We are censored from information. Just as transnational companies become few and powerful, there are only several powerful news agencies in the world, which give information which is often politically or system-biased. We need to learn from events, and even now the Australian Government is thinking of limiting our access to the Internet by charging more for the telephone services that we use.


The Stupefaction Of A NationCorporate Media Propaganda And Its Weapons Of Mass Distraction
by Manuel Valenzuela

Decide to Network
by Dr Robert Muller


Our new feature section for the New Paradigm is on men and women who combine successfull careers,w ith outstanding community involvement. Chris McCrae is a Social Entrepreneur, writer, Economist, Mathematician and Cambridge Graduate who has a passion to create a Global sustainable Society and Environment.

Chris McCrae

Wisdom, spirituality and personal transformation

A new era and a new millennium can bring us exploration of our inner world. It can be a more harmonious era of peace, cooperation and sensitivity - with emphasis leaning towards feminine energy. Although scientific and technological advances will continue, emphasis will be more on the exploration of the relationship between peoples, surroundings and the cosmos ("relationship" being the key word). During the 2000s Arts will be emphasised and people will become much more intuitive and creative and operate on this level. It will be a time of beauty and goodness. It has the potential to be another Golden Age.( Quote from Dr Jager Holly Co Founder Centre For Change)

Rupert Sheldrake's theory of Morphogenic fields suggests that it is consciousness that moulds the DNA. Conceivably we can mould and change our own DNA within our life time. Stuart Litvak and A Wayne Senzee in Towards a New Brain quote evidence of holonomic systemic influence from brain to body to gonadal cells - inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Awakening to The New Paradigm The Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra
by Michael Ellis 2005
Top Ten Things to Think About If You Want to Change the World
by Michael E. Angier


"Toward Holistic Human Relationships"
by Hazel Henderson


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