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My name is Michael Ellis and I am an integrative medical physician. It is thanks to Lesley Pocock Publisher, that I have been able to realize my aim of creating a magazine which expresses a new vision for Humanity. With the help of Cisilia our Web Designer and the the contributions of our distinguished Authors, artists and musicians I am able to express in form and writing what Einstein described as a substantially new manner of thinking so that we can contribute to a transformation in consciousness.

It is unusual for a person such as me to become involved with the whole process of existence and transformation which this magazine encompases.

However I have been interested in this field for over 20 years and became aware of the irreversible destruction of living and non living resources of the planet in the 1960s with the publication of the book Limits to Growth. At that time there was a wonderful musical composition called Oxygene by Michelle Jarre.

This music was evocative for me in that it expressed the dance of life on the planet and the way the biosphere is like a pulsating matrix--a process which is constantly interconnecting, dividing, living and expressing itself. I realized at the time that we were forgetting to talk with nature and have forgotten our deep connection not only with the earth but also with the cosmos.

Over the past few years I have seen tremendous growth in science particularly with the development of knowledge of the brain and mind and consciousness. This is intimately tied up with the technological revolution in computers and bioengineering. This marks a new phase in the evolution of humanity. However as Peter Russell said in his book The Awakening Earth we are forgetting that we are all connected and have hidden and wonderful potentials that we possess but are not expressed.

He calls current Humanity skin encapsulated egos. We are still unable to realize our common ground of existence with all of life and the global interdependent community of humanity, despite all the aid we give as climatic and natural disasters are increasing.

The aim of this magazine is to enable us to realize that we are connected and to increase awareness so that we begin to understand the deception placed on us by the old system and the old paradigm.
The old paradigm is being forced on us to an even greater extent by the neo-conservative Orwellian, economic rationalist regime of Western Society. This gradual intrusive process is by its very nature eroding creativity and freedom of expression of art and culture.

Leadership when it is narrow cruel and inhuman effects human beings in a very significant way. It is a sad day when Australia a land of freedom, individuality and mateship is being compromised by a neo-conservative regime based on a Washington consensus model.

We are all aware of the illegality of the preemptive strike of America against Iraq and the unnecessary suffering caused to thousands of Iraqi citizens and children by years of trade restrictions followed by the massive air strikes which have left thousands without electricity and water.

Australia indeed is becoming a country governed by economics at the expense of anything else. I am sure this is why I see so many patients with their immune systems compromised by stress and depression and pharmaceutical treatment. Stress and depression in one in three people in Australia are surely signs that in terms of community, support and caring we are losing out. People are competing for survival and work rather than creating friendships and developing mature relationships and families.

Unless governance becomes more participatory and people have a real say at what they want in terms of their dreams and how they can express themselves in terms of real values and positive attitudes our society will become like those dictatorships in Africa run by cruel bureaucratic elites and watched over by a very wealthy minority.

We need to get back to the concept of true education and true healing if we wish to see a society which will flourish in every way including economically.

We welcome articles for consideration on any of the topics listed below. Please see our details covering publication of articles. Please send possible articles for consideration to me at mindquest@ozemail.com.au

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Economics and Politics
Human Rights

Paradigm shift
What was peripheral becomes central
Bringing consciousness back into the equation

Participatory democracy
Exploring New Economics

Communication and Conflict Resolution
The nature of the Global monetocracy, and exploring the nature of all forms of fundamentalism and their causes

Environmental degradation, inequity and exploitation are a vicious circle
How do we treat poverty and inequity. The UN millennial goals

Environment and Resources
Is environmental degradation a reflection of people`s lives like the shadow follows the body

Unity and diversity
In favor of pluralism

Higher creativity-integrating science and spirituality
In favour of progress

Open forums and openness of dialogue
In favour of ordinary words and listening to others as much or more than talking to others

Against the exploitation of illness by the pharmaceutical industry and unnecessary medical intervention
The creation of a healing culture- self responsibility and self healing

Against corporatization of education
Education as a quest for realization and creativity

Against misinformation and media which is tied up with government
The creation of freedom of expression and pluralism and multiculturalism

Against fascism and neo conservatism in all its forms and agenda
For freedom, equality, altruism and mateship

Against inequity and poverty in the community
The social determinants of health are intimately tied with a supportive community and a health environment

In favor of a renaissance in consciousness, conscience and thinking
Think Cosmically and act Globally


There is a new way of thinking occurring in the world. Einstein said that we need a substantially new manner of thinking in order to survive . This was echoed by Vaclav Havel when he said that there should be a massive change in consciousness. As is the title of our new magazine New Paradigm we discuss the significance of paradigm shift within our lives and how this manner of thinking is expressed in the way we navigate our world and interpret the nature of human existence.

In Navigating towards the destiny of life Wolfgang Fischer places emphasis on the need for a new science of humanism. This is contrasted with the alienation and non-humanization or even dehumanization, which is so characteristic of our modern world, which seeks to quantify things in terms of Economics and Collateral damage of human beings in wars.

It was Albert Einstein in The World as I See It, emphasizes the need for a cosmic way of thinking and a philosophy of oneness, which sees all life and all things as having an interdependence and connectedness.

Professor John Mack in Deeper Causes: Exploring the Role of Consciousness in Terrorism explores the role of consciousness in terrorism seeking to understand the causes of terrorism and how if we are to eliminate terrorism and wars we have to substantially redefine the nature of humanity and their evolving consciousness.

Although Glen Barry in Earth Meanders sees a positive future ahead of us despite the tremendous challenges we face in terms of environmental degradation and pollution,it is evident that our consciousness and our perception of the way we view reality is being challenged as we are faced with the grim reminder by Michael McCarthy that Global warming has passed its tipping point.

The world Watch Institute proclaims the need for humanitarian political action as we face the rising toll from ecological disasters and we are reminded that this toll of human disaster is contributed to by the vast amount of environmental degradation inequity and exploitation in the world. (United Nations Department of Information) Indeed in the article Weapons: A Trillion-Dollar Trade from the ZENIT Journal - The World Seen From Rome the military industrial complex spends currently trillion dollars a year on armaments and this spending continues to increase.

The mind bogglers as to what the world could do with a trillion dollars devoted to World Peace, ecological Sustainability and supporting the UN millennial goals for eliminating poverty and enhancing health and education for all.

It is evident that we do need new ways of thinking in politics, economics and medicine and indeed why should we constantly allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by the sensationalist media which in Loss of a Legend: George Gerbner --a commentary by Dr. W. Curtiss, Dr Curtiss Priest shows clearly how our minds are changed by the information we get through the channel of the media .

In politics as well as in economics we are seeing news ways of thinking based on new systems theories and new ways of creating societies, which are more sustainable cooperative interdependent and participatory in the democratic process.

Our world is interdependent in so many ways. Environmental change is no respecter of national boundaries. It is conceivable that we need an over arching body which is transnational and devoted to true human values and which is able to play a significant role in contributing towards an interdependent and peaceful planetary society and sustainable global civilization.

The Inauguration of our New Paradigm Magazine is very close to the Equinox and the celebrations of earth and environment day as well as international action day against racism and World Water Day.

The Declaration for World Citizenship and Democratic Global Governance http://www.worldcit.citymax.com states in their manifesto that it is time to acknowledge the inescapable reality that the greatest hope for the survival of life on earth is the establishment of a democratic organization of World Governance, with a World Parliament that is accountable and answerable to the world's people

The Centre For Change www.peace-era.com In its Proposal for Transition to a Sustainable Civilisation expresses a new paradigm, encompassing a consciousness of oneness in which all life maintains itself at the expense of everything else. In other words we are all connected -not separate. The big turning is an integration of the human being with ecology and technology. We need to see ourselves as inextricably connected---mind, body, spirit, society, environment in which we take a holistic approach to ourselves and our relationship with society and the environment.

The World Unity Celebration and Global Sunrise Meditations through Love Flow http://www.loveflow.us/wuc.html and The Awakening project
http://www.intelligentinfinity.org hold World Unity Celebration and Global Sunrise Meditations on Solstices and equinoxes Unifying the world with unconditional universal source love

In The Evolution of Medicine we review the current progress of medicine from the biomedical reductive approach to the ill Human Being classified as as a dis ease and illness to a new view of the Human individual as having pivotal place in the cause and cure of their illness . The new Human Being is truky an integrated Being with a consciousness as vast as the Universe!!

In America ,Medical treatment is the primary cause of morbidity and death. (JAMA) This is an indictment on the pharmaceutical industry, which seeks band aid approaches and whose drugs cost a substantial amount of the GDPs of all countries of the world. In The Eyes Of Truth we observe the way that doctors cope in the third world with climatic and ecological disasters.

Of course personal and planetary transformation, which is the essence of the new paradigm, requires personal work on the self and accessing the wisdom and the spirituality, which is common to all peoples in all cultures.

In the past two thousand years we have somehow lost our way and lost our connection with the cosmic universe and nature itself.

There are now profound changes of awakening and critical mass occurring on the Planet. In every conceivable discipline transformation is occurring in Human Consciousness. In medicine we begin to understand the influence of the mind on the body to heal and to understand the role of focused consciousness in healing and well being. In science we begin to realize that we indeed live in a living universe.

Extrasensory perception ( ESP ), psychokinesis ( PK ) and healing ( Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Reiki, prayer healing ) enabling human interactions with other humans and other organisms are indeed supported by impressive research. This is also the case with the mind influencing random number generators ( RNGs ) We begin to see we are an inextricable part of the universe and that each of us is a hologram of the greater whole.

Bringing consciousness and spirit into the field of science we begin to integrate these processes into a larger, more highly evolved and integrated world view.

It is the aim of the New Paradigm magazine to create a holistic approach to art religion and science seeing them all connected through the context of consciousness on the premise that we all live in a living conscious universe

We welcome art by Anna Kumashov , poetry and The Music of the Cosmos as researched and composed by Darren Curtis http://www.geocities.com/sacredresonance22/music.html as new ways of creative expression, of the global and cosmic paradigm.

A Substantially New Manner Of Thinking

Dr Michael Ellis

If human kind is to survive there has to be substantially new manner of thinking (Einstein) and a massive change in consciousness. (Vaclav Havel)

Humankind has reached a state of development in which old modes of thinking and behaving threaten to destroy our planet. We can either view our present situation as one which can be repaired through cosmetic surgery, with arms agreements and so on, or we can see it as a turning point in history and an opportunity and challenge to create a better world through reappraisal of what it means to be a human being in harmony with the environment.

We reject the idea that the human being is inherently evil, destructive and untrustworthy and believe the time has come to get the heart, head and hand working together to create new ways of thinking, being, communicating and acting. To speak from the heart means to end the domination of cerebral manipulative thinking.

Thirty two thousand nuclear weapons with a destructive force equivalent to several thousand megatons of conventional explosives are still deployed. The risk of nuclear war by accident may have increased and new threats include war between newly declared - weapon states and the construction by terrorist groups by crude but effective devices. It is not enough to remove nuclear weapons. We must remove the ideas, the obsolete thinking, that created them in the first place, and replace them with new attitudes based on respect, co-operation and understanding. As a UNICEF declaration puts it, "If wars are started in the minds of men, then peace must be reconstructed in the minds of men".

We are treating our planet in the same way as we treat ourselves, with no kind of respect. Every day we hear of some new ecological disaster. To give just a few examples,: 3% of the ozone layer of the biosphere has been destroyed by man-made chemicals in the last 10 years; the tropical rain forests and huge tracts of woodland are either being chopped down or destroyed by acid rain with disastrous effects of the health of the planet; arable lands and the genetic diversity of plants and animals are disappearing at an alarming rate.

The New Paradgm Journal believes that it is our thinking that has got us into such a mess and proposes developing a new paradigm - a new vision of reality which will bring about a profound change in our thoughts, perceptions and values.

We live in a culture divided against itself and separated from the natural world, and into thinking that you need money to dominate and control nature. There is a need to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine principles and between humanity and nature, that we may recreate a sense of wholeness. There is also a need for people to work in a mutually supportive community whilst valuing and preserving human uniqueness and diversity. The new era needs to use the creative power of the people by respecting the common ground of humanity, understanding the interconnectedness of all life, enhancing female and male creativity and opening the global heart of humankind.

On a personal individual unique basis our personal wholeness of sovereignty is expressed by understanding and integrating:

  1. our relationship with the material physical universe,
  2. our expression of our uniqueness, creativity and selfhood,
  3. our connectedness with the ultimate principle and life force of the universe, and
  4. our realisation and expression of the multi-dimensionality of human experience.

The global crisis of values and attitudes can change if the following conditions exist:

  1. we are suffering and are aware that we are,
  2. we recognise the cause of our ill being,
  3. we recognise that there is a way of overcoming our ill being, and
  4. we accept that in order to overcome our ill being we must follow certain norms for living and change our present practice of life.

We as unique individuals have to change society. We cannot rely on anybody else. We have to look carefully at all aspects of society - local and global - and then attempt to do tangible things and create practical projects that can change our situation.


If we are to survive as a race, humankind will have to do a 180 degree turn in the way it approaches the ways and means of survival. Old ways of thinking and the way we run businesses and institutions will have to change. Nation no longer being against nation will have to co-operate to create a transnational body that can look after the common good of humankind.

Our planet is ill. There is irreversible destruction of living and non-living resources. It is not infinite in its abundance. The system is no longer working.

The new system has to be placed into position by the ordinary person. This is where people power takes precedence.

We as global citizens have to acknowledge the supremacy and sacredness of each human life on this planet and recognise the infinite potential for creativity, love, growth, transformation and joy in every person.

Each person has to recognise within themselves their responsibility to heal themselves and their land. They have to take responsibility for what is around them. They are prime mover. We can no longer rely on governments to do things. Governments are ineffective, bureaucratic and authoritarian.

The new order has to express an attitude of tolerance, freedom and love if we are to survive.

Within this milieu of fundamental openness and tolerance we can then individually foster an expression of interdependence and co-operation in communities, between nations and over the whole planet. It is fundamentally a new feeling, a new ambience, a new awareness and a new energy.